Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


18. Christmas

It’s been a while since Harry and the boys have left. Ashley has temporarily moved in with me, staying in one of the spare bedrooms. She helps me with the house and with the twins when she’s not working. Harry has called me maybe twice since he’s been gone. I know he’s busy but I can’t help but wonder why he can’t make the time to call me for five maybe ten minutes. The babies have been missing their daddy. Every now and then one of the twins would say “Dada” and look around the room for the tall figure that won’t be there. Christmas eve came around and Harrys family came over, helping em watch the kids and cook the evening supper. Gemma helped me clean up while Anne played with her grandkids. Soon after I had to say goodbye to everybody, Ashley having already left for her families in the US a few days ago. I shut the door and locked it, sighing as Dylan started to cry. I walked into the living room, picking up the sleepy baby. I gave him a bottle and changed his clothes before putting him in his crib. Darcy was laying on the couch asleep, her little curls sprawled out over her small forehead. I picked her up slowly and just put her in her crib, the clothes she wore was comfortable enough to sleep in. I covered both of them up and shut off the light, leaving the door cracked open. I set their christmas presents underneath the christmas tree, sighing as I looked up at it. I remember laughing at Ash as she had to get a ladder in order to put the angel on it. I yawned, stretching a little before getting up off the floor. Shutting off all the lights, I made my way to my room, making sure to grab the baby monitor before shutting the bedroom door behind me. Placing the little walkie talkie thing beside my side of the bed, I changed my clothes and went to bed. ****************************************** A girly giggle cut into my sleep, a high pitched baby laugh. I sluggishly rolled over, placing the pillow over my ear. She wasn’t supposed to be up this early. I listened to the giggle until another voice came through on the, one that I didn’t recognize right away. I shot straight up in my bed, snatching the little plastic box off of my night stand. I held it to my ear listening closely. Another giggle came through followed by the deep voice I had heard earlier. I couldn’t make out what it was saying, but it sounded like a guy. I threw my covers off of me and lightly got out of bed, making my way to the closet. I grabbed the little black box the the bottom of the tiny room. I kneeled down at the entrance of the closet, opening the tiny box. Inside was a silver pistol, one Harry had gotten me a few days before he left, telling me to aim small, shoot small. It was to protect me and the twins incase something happens. I grabbed the cool metal, its handle heavy in my palms. I tip toed out of my room and down the hall, my heart racing in my chest. I took a deep breath as I neared the nursery, gripping the gun tightly. I quietly stepped into the doorway of the nursery, holding my gun in front of me. I slowly pushed the door further open, seeing a male figure with a black beanie standing in front of me. He was tickling Darcy, not making any sounds as he did so but a snicker every now and then. I stepped further into the room, tip toeing up to right behind him. I clicked off the safety and cocked the pistol, pressing it into the center of his back. The man froze, hearing the click of the gun. “Don’t you dare move. Don’t speak. Step back away from the baby.” I commanded, my voice sounding stronger and braver than I felt. Inside, I was terrified. I backed him up slowly, keeping the tip of my gun into his back until we were in the middle of the nursery. Taking the chance, I planted my foot into the back of his knee, while I removed one hand from the gun to press back hard on his shoulder. He hit the floor with me straddling him, the gun pointing directly at him. Blue eyes stared back up at me, his hands by his head like he was surrendering. “Niall?!” I said loudly, staring down at the boy between my legs. He gave me a shaky smile. “Hi, Nichole.” Was all he said, his voice squeaking. “Well, at least we know she can take care of herself while we are gone.” Another voice said from behind me. Louis was leaning up against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest, an amused expression plastered to his face. I removed the metal from Niall’s face, un-cocking it and putting it back on safety. I quickly let Niall up off the floor, letting him get a good stance before throwing myself back at him. “I’ve missed you!!!!” I say loudly, wrapping him up in a tight hug. He hugs me back, chuckling. “I would have thought different a few seconds ago. You are one scary girl, Nichole.” He says, his voice still a little shaky. I pull away from him and hug Louis. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be home.” I said, before something clicked in my head. He’s home. Louis’s home. They are home. HARRY IS HOME. I run to the bedroom and tuck the gun back in its case and throwing it into the closet before running through the house to the living room. I looked all through the house, finding nobody else. I walked back into the living room, huffing. I really thought he’d be here. Louis and Niall came out carrying the babies in their arms. “Maybe you should open the first present, Nichole.” Nialler said, motioning towards the only place my eyes have neglected to check. Harry was sitting criss cross underneath the christmas tree, a giant red bow on his head as he grinned up at me. He stood up and began to slowly make his way over to me. My impatience got the best of me, sending my feet running across the living room. He opened his arms just in time to catch me, my legs wrapping securely around his waist as my hands held his face. I kissed him hard on the lips, fisting his curls in my hands tightly. I pulled back, looking at his beautiful face. “Well, hello, love.” He said, his british accent thick and deep. I grinned at him. “Hi.” I responded, kissing him again before wiggle so he would let me back to my feet. He automatically reached for Darcy, giving the little girl a tight hug. The same was done with Dylan, Harry’s long finger tickling the babies tummy. He placed Dylan back on his feet, grinning at me. “Shall we open presents?”
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