Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


40. Burlesque

“Oh, come on! It’s just one night! Pack a bag, we are about to leave.” Ashley said, giving me a gentle push towards my room. 


    I sighed and handed Darcy over, walking the trail of defeat to my room. I grabbed a small over night bag from in the closet, packing extra under clothes, nightwear and an extra set of clothes for tomorrow when I come home. I grab my make up bag and my tooth brush, shoving them both in the bag before zipping it up and making my way back to the living room.


    “Say goodbye, Harreh, I’m kidnapping her.” Ashley informed Harry as he came from the kitchen with Dylan’s sippy cup.


    “What, why?” He asked, looking confused.


    “We are going to have a girls night one last time before she gets married. Deal with it, you’re watching the kids.” She said, kissing Darcy on the cheek before handing her to me again. 


    I loved on my little girl, showering her face in kisses before trading her in for Dylan. I laughed a little as Harry put up a small arguement with Ashley, sighing in defeat much like I had when she didn’t give in. 


    “I hope you have fun, babe. I love you.” He said, taking his son from me as he leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. 


    “I’m going to miss you.” I said, kissing Dylan’s cheek before standing on my toes and kissing his lips again.


    “I’ll miss you more.” He said, kissing me again as I giggled.


    “Ew, okay. It’s just for one night, you two will live. We have to go, we are on a timed schedule.” Ashley said, making Harry chuckle and me pout as she grabbed my wrist and drug me outside to her car.




    “What the hell have you signed me up for.” I gasped as the other girls laughed, dragging me inside the studio.


    “Not just you, she signed us all up for this.” Fer said, shaking her head in amusement as we joined the group the was gathered in front of one lady.


    This women was tall with long legs and dark hair. Her piercing blue eyes landed on each of our faces, making my cheeks blaze as she shot me a smile. I smiled back, elbowing Ashley in the side as she giggled.


    “I have quite a group of lovely women here today! I understand that we have a soon bride to be with us?” The woman called out, looking through the crowd. I felt Ariel’s hands on my back as she shoved me forward, out into the open.


    “Ah, let’s give her a congratulations, yeah?” The lady asked, making my face blaze with embarrassment as she started to clap.


    “Thanks.” I mutter, ducking my head as I was allowed to go back to my orginal spot. I shot Ariel a playful dirty look and she winked at me. I rolled my eyes at her, shaking my head.


    “Alright, ladies. Now, who’s ready to start?” She said loudly, excitement pumping through her voice. At least she loves her job.


    Loud hollers were made, the small crowd sounding twice its size as the cheers echoed off the mirrors in the large room. Is this some sort of dance class?


    “If you follow that door, you will find costumes. Do not worry, they are all new and have never been worn before. Find what you like, quickly changed and meet me back here! Go!” She said, motioning for us to go to the door.


    Ashley looped her arm through one of mine as Sarah grabbed my other one, tugging me forward to follow the crowd. My jaw dropped as I entered the room, my wide eyes looking over the “costumes” in the room. 


    “Ah! I love it!” Sarah said, grinning excitedly.


    “What exactly did you sign me up for,Ash?” I asked, looking at her.


    Her cheeks turned red but she grinned at me, totally confident that I would love what ever she has gotten me into.


    “Well, it’s a burlesque dancing class.” Ashley admitted excitedly, unhooking her arm from mine as she found a black corset with green silk laced through it.


    “A what?” I asked, making sure I heard her right.


    “You know what. Now, stop looking at me like I’m crazy and go pick something out.” Ashley said, ushering me towards a rack of clothing. 


    I shook my head and started looking through the different outfits. It took me a few minutes but I found one that I actually liked. It was like Ashley’s but kinda different, the corset cut a little lower than hers. The red silk laced through the black fabric, soft to the touch. The bottoms were solid black and cheeky, making me blush as I thought of how large my bum is. My face got even darker when I thought of how large Ariel’s bum was. She’s probably going to look the best out of all of us.


    I sigh and head off towards the dressing room, shutting the curtain before stripping down bare and putting my clothes in the bag provided. I slid the bottoms up over my bum, wiggling around a little to get them to fit right. Oh gosh, I could just die. 


    “Nichole?” Ashley said through my curtain.


    “Yeah?” I asked, holding the corset up against my chest. I’m going to be so embarrassed. I put “Kill Ashley” at the top of my mental to do list, shaking my head. 


    “Are you going to come out? We still have to get shoes.” She said, amusement lacing through her voice.


    “Yeah, yeah. Give me a minute.” I said, unzipping the side of the clothing and putting it around my waist before zipping it back up. 


    I shimmied the piece up, making sure my boobs fit right and wasn’t about to fall out. I turned towards the mirror and mentally died. I looked like a stripper.


    “Nichole.” Ashley said impatiently.


    “I’m coming.” I snapped, snatching the curtain back.


    She ignored my sudden angry outburst, her eyes inspecting my outfit. She nodded her head once before taking my hand and leading me to the other side of the room, finding her a pair of black stilettos and stuffing her feet into them. I shook my head and looked around, finding that most of the girls here were also in black heels as well. 


    I spotted a pair that stood out and grinned to my self, grabbing them. I sighed in relief as I found they were my size. I decided to be different and slipped on the heels, my height growing another five inches. Holy hell, how can someone dance in these?


    “Hey! I like! Red looks good in you. The shoes look great.” The instructor said, grinning at me.


    I grinned back, holding out one foot so everybody could see that the red in my top matched the red heels I wore. It felt good to be different.


    “Everybody ready? Great, let’s go back out to the studio!” The woman yelled excitedly over the chatter.


    We all strutted confidently out to the floor, our heels clicking agains the hardwood floor. 


    “I need all of you lovely ladies to spread out, give each other a little room. Do not stand directly behind the person in front of you, stand to the side so you can see me and I can see you.” She said, placing her firm hands on my shoulders before scooting me over a little. 


    Me, Ash, Fer, Sarah and Ariel took up the first row with two other girls, prancing in our spots. I giggled nervously, my stomach doing flips. Why was I so nervous, it’s just a class.


    “Alright. I’m going to do this slowly the first few times so pay attention.” The lady said, her accent thick. She turned around faced the mirror, taking a deep breath before starting.




    An hour later we were all following the moves correctly, making me smile to myself as I dipped down slowly, rolling my hips. Ashley whistled at me and Ariel made cat calls, making me laugh as I rose back up, running my fingers through my straightened hair seductivly as I swayed my hips from side to side to the beat of the song. 


    It was getting to the very end when the instructor started passing out chairs, shouting over the music to use our imagination and do our own thing, put our on twist on it. I took mine and grinned at my reflection, twirling the chair around in one swift movement of my wrist, plopping down on it.


    I placed my hands on my knees, slowly opening my legs as I roll my hips in the chair, leaned forward to whip my hair in a quick circle. I dropped out of the chair, dipping down in front of it before slowly rising, swaying my hips in the process.


    Just has the music was about to end, I turn my chair back around, the back facing the mirror. I do a quick twirl before straddling the seat, letting my head drop back and my eyes close as the music stopped. I sat there for a minute, trying to catch my breath as the instructor cheered for us, telling us how “hot” we looked. 


    “Wow, Nichole. I didn’t expect that.” Fer said, making me giggle as she wiggled her bum at me. 


    “You lovely ladies did wonderful! Is it hot in here or what?” The woman said, fanning her face as she looked over the crowd. 


    We grinned back at her, all of us now sitting in our chairs.


    “Okay, well. I hate to say this but the time is up! Ya’ll did wonderful and I hope to have some of you in my next class!” She said as she changed the c-d in the radio.


    “What do we do with all this?” One girl with blonde hair said, standing as she shimmied her body and pointed to her outfit.


    “You get to keep them! Shoes and everything! Actually, we have a new order coming in later today for some new things. If you like, all of you can go back there and pick out what ever you want. That’s the props for being my last class until tomorrow! Now go and get your things.” she said, dismissing us.


    “Yay!” Ashley cheered as she basically ran towards the back room.


    When we left there, we each had a large bag of lingerie and seductive clothing and shoes, thanks to the ever so giving lady from the class.


    “So what’s next?” I ask, putting my bags with the others in the back of Ariel’s car.


    “We are going back to mine to get changed and then we are going out.” Ashley said, leaving it at that as Ariel headed back towards Ashley’s place.


    I sighed and shook my head. There’s no telling what she has planned out for tonight.

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