Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


14. Birthday

Apparently Harry’s revealing of his two kids and girlfriend made it around the world over night because the very next day my twitter was blown up with followers and hate. I ignored the negative comments, not letting Haz know the negative reaction to the whole thing. He doesn’t need to stress about anything else.
Harry and his family took up the first two pages in today’s paper. They were shocked about the sudden outing of the twins and was eager to know about the reaction that got from the fans of the growing super stars. Multiple interviews were set up after that, each one drilling Harry about his home life me with and the babies. He took each question with a smile and the boys even butted in on some points if things were to personal.
Niall and Louis commented the most beings they were the one’s that came over the most. Zayn and Sarah had their own place across town and did their own thing. I don’t blame them, there’s usually a lot of commotion over here. Liam is still with Sophia though I heard that they were having problems and that he caught her cheating on him twice. I shook my head at the thought. I would kill Harry if I even thought he had someone on the side.
Sighing, I shut the paper and laid it on the kitchen table before walking into the living room. Niall was sprawled out in the floor with Darcy, her sweet little laugh ringing out as the irishman made a face at her. Ariel was entertaining Dylan, holding him in her arms as she cooed at him. I smiled happily as a pair of strong arms wrapped around me, kissing my shoulder has he looked at the scene before us.
“You did a wonderful job. They look beautiful. Just like you.” Harry mumbled against the skin on my cheek as another sweet kiss was planted.
“You helped to. I couldn’t have made them without you. Even if it was an accident.” I say, nudging is head with mine.
“It was never an accident. it was a gift. It brought me back to where I needed to be. Ya’ll will be what keeps me earth bound and level headed as this whole fame thing gets crazy.” Harry rasped, holding me tightly. I smiled as turned my head, looking up at him as I kissed his cheek.
Months past and October rolled around, the first Halloween for the babies. Instead of going out and getting attacked, we decided to just throw a small halloween party with the usual friends and family. We had the decorations up and the baby’s put in their little costumes.
“Dylan doesn’t look to happy.” Niall said, picking the 7 month old up. I sighed and took off his spiderman mask, knowing that was the problem. We fought about it earlier. His little face lifted as the mask disappeared, looking around the room. Shaking my head and turning around just in time to see Harry bring Darcy out in her little outfit.
“Aw, look at my little princess!” Niall said, handing Dylan to me and taking Darcy from Harry. Well, it obvious who his favorite is.
“You’re not supposed to have favorites!” Ariel said, making me laugh as she read my mind to the exact words. Niall stuck his tongue out at her and started playing with the little blonde girl.
Harry and I matched costumes, deciding to go as a couple instead of separate ideas. The candy table was in place along with the food table. The drinks were in the kitchen and the telly was on and prepared for the scary films Harry had gotten for tonight. I smiled at our success has family continued to come until a little after dark, all dressed up for the season. I didn’t give the babies any candy for the fear of them choking on it so I just fed them apple sauce and a little bit of yogurt. Harry and the boys dove into the candy, having a handful of it every five minutes.
After multiple bags of popcorn was popped and placed into seven different large bowls, were were all sitting down and prepared for the scary movie marathon to begin.
November was on us before we knew it, the babies getting bundled up to keep warm as I broke out my sweaters and Keep Warm clothes. I love cold weather. Darcy and Dylan were both walking and crawling now, forcing us to baby proof the house a little bit more. Everything that was cornered or glass was replace by soft curves and plastic. They have both gotten into the habit of talking a little, learning both momma and dada.
Darcy made a happy leprechaun out of Niall, picking up the start of his name. Every time she sees the boy, she smiles and crawls over to him before standing up on wobbly legs and reaching up, calling out “Ni”. The first time Darcy ever done that to him, he couldn’t stop grinning at her.
Today is my birthday and nobody has said anything to me about it. No happy birthdays or anything. Maybe they forgot about it, even with all the hints I’ve dropped all last week. They seemed excited for something though, like a big gift giving holiday or something. Then again, Thanksgiving isn’t to far from today. I frowned and continued folding clothes, sighing. My back hurts and I still have to put all of these up. After standing up I stretched, gathering the clothes and putting mine and Harry’s away before going into the nursery to put up the twin’s clothes.
Niall and Ashley had them for today, claiming that once again they were deprived of private family time with the kids. I let them go after giving love and kisses, the house sounding weird when they was gone. It was to quiet. I went back into the room me and Harry shared, looking at the clock. It was almost five in the after noon, making me yawn. It was definitely time for a nap. I crawl onto my bed and lay on my tummy, sighing happily as sleep instantly takes me in a warm, comfortable hold.
I was awoke to a deep hum, warm fingers pressing into my back as they massaged. I smiled and hummed, letting him know I was awake. His fingers pressed deeper into my lower back, knowing all to well the tension that was there. It felt amazing. He slowly made his way up my back, rubbing hard in tough spots and soft in others. He pressed his palm into the center between my shoulder blades, pushing up to pop my back. I let out a happy sigh, relief pouring over my back as the tension and stress finally wore off. I felt brand new and ready to go now.
“Mm, thanks babe.” I say, rolling over to look up at him. Harry grinned at me, laying on his side next to me.
“I figured you needed one. How is my wonderful girlfriend?” He asked, brushing my hair back away from my face.
“Wide awake and happy.” I replied, stretching. I giggled has he poked me in my side, sitting up and sliding off the bed.
“It’s almost seven. Go take a shower and put on something pretty. I’m taking you out tonight.” Harry said, smiling at me. I grinned back and nodded my head, eagerly sliding off the bed to get into the shower.

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