Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


3. Annoying Reminders

Liam’s POV

    I closed the front door behind me, locking it as I kicked off my shoes. Well, today was a very exciting day. Had our last interview and it was going good until the twins decided to come. So we will probably have to make that one up. We start recording our album next week, having already picked the songs. Then, if they sell, we will be on tour. My life has really been busy for the past few months. 

    I sighed, walking into the kitchen. I wasn’t really hungry but I needed to eat. I grabbed some stuff to make a sandwich with and a coke. After making my turkey sandwich, I cleaned up my mess, taking a large bite out of it. I watched t.v until I couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore, shutting it off and going to bed.

    My alarm clock went off, making me groan and roll over. I slapped my hand around randomly until it hit the snooze button. I sleepily made my way out of my bed, walking through my dark room. Flipping on my light, I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the light. Changing into a pair of gym shorts and a white wife beater. My shoes were laced up and my gym bag was thrown over my shoulder, consisting of a change of clothes, wallet, iPod and phone. 

    The gym was just about empty this time of day, with the exception of two other people who like to work out in peace. I nodded to the regulars, waving once as I headed into the guys locker room. My iPod was taken out of the bag and the bag itself was placed in my assigned locker and then shut with a padlock. Placing the key in my pocket I headed back out to the weight room. Placing my earbuds in and my music on loud I started my routine with sit-ups as I hummed to myself.

    Three hours later the gym started to get a little crowded as the day started, sending me into the locker room for a quick shower. Drying off and getting dressed, I spiked my hair, approving of my look before stuffing my dirty clothes into my bag and shutting the metal door, heading out. 

    Once I was home I put my sweaty clothes into the washing machine, checking the time. It’s almost nine so Nichole should be up, unless the doctors gave her something for the pain to make her sleep more. I was about to head out of the door when I heard my phone ring. Looking at the picture, I slid my finger across my screen and held it to my ear.

    “What’s up?” I asked Harry, standing just behind the front door. 

    “Don’t forget to bring Nichole a fresh pair of clothes. I doubt she will fit into the clothes she went in and I doubt she’d want to even if she could.” He said. Oddly, I found this reminder aggravating, having me backtracking into the house towards Nichole’s room.

    “I know this, Haz.” I say lightly as I shifted through her clothes. Finding her a random pair of under clothes, I grabbed a pair of sweatpants that looked the right size and a jumper.

    “Don’t forget to get the babies a change of clothes as well. I doubt the hospital’s baby clothes is very comfortable for them.” He continued, sounding a little worried. I sighed and went into the nursery, finding a bag and stuffing Nichole’s clothes into the bag first. I found two little outfits and put them in there when Harry’s voice was in my ear again.

    “Make sure the two car seats are in right and to have blankets for the babies, just in case. Please make sure to have at least two diapers and wipes before leaving the house, I don’t want them to have a bad diaper or anything when they go home and that be the first thing to get done. You do have everything you need, yeah? If you don’t, let me know. My mum thought it would be a good idea to stock up over here as well.” Harry continued, making me mentally groan. Oh my gosh. I never knew kids could be so much work.

    “Okay, blankets, diapers, clothes, wipes and car seats. Anything else you think I might need?” I asked, letting my aggravation seep through my voice. 

    “Yeah, actually, one more thing.” He said. Just byt eh way he said the words I could tell he was smirking at me.

    “What else then?” I asked, mentally making a list as I waited for his reply.


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