Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


45. Almost Ready

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Some started shouting, before their feet started bouncing around me, making me bounce in response.


    “It’s your wedding day! You’re getting married in a few hours and you are still asleep!” Ashley said excitedly as she bounced around me. 


    I groaned and sat up, rubbing my eyes and pulling my hair up in a pony tail so it was away from my face. Who in the hell let her in here?


    “Let’s go, get your ass moving. We have tons to do with little time to do it!” Ashley said, yanking the covers off of me. 


    I stumble out of bed and stretch, smacking her hand away as she tried to poke me in the tummy. She chuckled before leaving the room. I followed her before I strayed from her path, following my nose to the kitchen. Cinnamon filled my senses and made my mouth water. Fer smiled at me before placing two pieces of home made french toast on a plate and sliding it across the counter to me.


    “Eat up, doll. We will have to start getting ready soon. Did you sleep good?” she asked, pointing to the cabinet that held the syrup. I grabbed the large bottle and closed the cabinet.


    “Yeah, I guess so.” I say, pouring the sticky substance over my toast and shutting the lid on it.


    “You still look tired.” She observed, turning the stove off as she put her own breakfast on a plate and the pan in the sink.


    “I just woke up!” I said, shaking my head as I cracked a smile. 


    Today was the big day. I become Mrs. Styles, the wife of Harry Styles. How do I feel about this? Excited. Scared. Happy. Terrified. After today, I will have a family of my own to take care of, to look after.  I will have two beautiful kids and a loving husband. I can’t run to anybody after today. I will have to start figuring things out on my own, be a real woman and mother.


    “I’ll take your plate. Go take a shower. We have a few hours to get ready, we better start while we can. Everything is being set up and all that. All you have to do is get ready. Ashley picked up your dress and is on her way.” Fer said as I popped the last piece of food into my mouth.


    I handed her my plate and stood, stretching one last time before shuffling towards the guest room. I grab some underwear and a towel,heading towards the bathroom.


    “I’m going to take a shower.” I shout through the house, not waiting for Fer’s muffled reply.


    I stripped down and turned on the water on, letting it run over my hand until it was hot enough before turning on the cold to mix it in. After it was the right temperature, I turned the shower on and stepped in, smiling slightly at the hot water ran over my back and through my hair. 


    I let my head fall forward so the water could beat against the back of my neck and run down my back, calming my nerves and massaging the tension out of the back of my neck and shoulders. I rub in the strawberry scented body wash and matching hair shampoo and conditioner. 


    After I shave, I rinse my body off and shut the water down, wrapping one towel around my body tightly before wrapping another in my hair. I towel dry my hair and put it up in a bun to keep it off my neck and out of my face. I dry off and quickly get dressed before rubbing lotion into my legs.


    “Nichole, you’ve been in there for almost an hour! It’s time to start getting ready. Good thing I got my shower last night.” Fer said, mumbling the last part through the door.


    I open the door and smile at her, taking in the surprised expression.


    “Let’s get started.” I say cheerfully, brushing past her to go to her bedroom. The other three bridesmaids were there along with my mum and Anne.


    “Ah! There she is!” Anne said excitedly, rushing at me. She wrapped me in a tight hug, kissing my cheek before pulling back.


    “Hi, Anne.” I say, lightly chuckling.


    “Did you sleep good?” She asks, brushing my damp bangs away from my face.


    “I did, actually. You?” I asked as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder and lead me further into the room.


    “Great! Now, hush. We have to start with you. Gemma, Fer, your mother and I will help you. We already have everything we need, so just sit down here and let us do all the work.” She said, lightly pushing me down into a chair in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I nodded my head and let them work.





        I felt my hair come down out of its bun, wincing and earning many apologies from Gemma as she brushed out the wet tangles in my hair. My hair was blow dried and put into a pony tail. A curling iron was taken to it, along with many bobby pins being pushed into my head. 


    “Oh, her hair looks wonderful, Gemma!” Fer said excitedly as she stood in front of me.


    “Thanks.” Gemma gushed, the excitement easily heard in her voice. She reached around me and grabbed a can, shaking it up before spraying it over the top of my head.


    “So, I’m thinking something with a little brown in it.” Fer said as Anne stepped beside her, both examining my face.


    “Make it a tad dark so it will show her eyes off.” Mum said, smiling at me as Fer nodded her head and grabbed a tiny rectangle beside her on the counter. 


    She popped open the lid and grabbed the small brush inside it. She rubbed it across something and commanded me to close my eyes. I did so, sighing as she brushed something against the back of my eyelid. She did that two more times, over the crease in the lid and then across my brow bone. 


    The same process was done with my other eye before the blended it into each other and let me know I could open my eyes. I blinked up at Fer, Anne beside her with a curling iron attached to her hand as she wound Fer’s dark hair around it and counted silently. She looked beautiful already and wasn’t even half way done.


    “Now a little mascara and eyeliner and you’ll be done for the time being.” Mum said, handing Fer a little brown stick. 


    “Open your eye wide and look up.” She said.


    I obeyed and did as I was told, opening my eyes wide as they would go before forcing my eyeballs upwards. Fer leaned close to my face, her breath warm as she focused on lining the bottom part of my eye. Once both eyes were done, she trading the liner for mascara, brushing it against my eyelashes. Fer smiled at her work before stepping back and away from the mirror.


    My eyes slightly widened at my reflection, taking it all in. I looked completely different. I looked older, prettier. My light brown eyes were lined in a light brown, the same color that was on my eye lids. My lashes were longer and thicker looking, framing my eyes wonderfully.


    “Put this on.” Fer said, handing me some clear lip gloss to make my lips shiny. 


    I grabbed it and applied the substance, rubbing my lips together before smacking them loudly. Fer smiled through the mirror at me, leaning across the counter as she done her eyeliner. Gah, she’s pretty.


    “You can get up down, stretch your legs. You’ve been sitting there for a while, I know you bum must be hurting.” Gemma said, smirking at me. I smiled and stood up, reaching for the skies as I stretched.


    “Once Sarah is ready, we can go. We will get to the place and then you will change into your dress.” My mum said, fiddling with a curled piece of hair that was left down to frame my face. I nodded my head and took a deep breath. 


    “Alright, let’s blow this popsicle stand!” Sarah said as she smiled at me. The girls were already in their dresses, looking beautiful and elegant with their curled hair and charming smiles.


    “Let’s go.” I breath, following Fer out to the car as Ashley grabbed my dress.





    “Something old.” My mother said, slipping a simple vintage silk ribbon around my banquet before handing it to me.


    “You’re something new will be at the wedding waiting for you.” Ariel said, grinning at me as we made eye contact.


    “Something borrowed.” Fer said, holding up a simple necklace. She handed it to Anne who stepped behind me and hooked it around my neck.


    “Something Blue.” Sarah said, handing me a blue garter. My cheeks burned as she squatted, sorting through the layers of my dress to grasp one leg and slid the garter up into place.


    “And a sixpence in your shoe.” Ashley said, showing me an old silver coin. She placed it in the middle of my banquet before stepping back.


    “Thanks guys.” I say, grinning at them as someone knocked on the door.


    “Ten minutes, ladies.” A male voice said through the door, making butterflies erupt in my tummy, flapping around like crazy.


    It was quiet for a moment before I was attacked in hugs.


    “You look beautiful, Nichole. See you out there.” Ashley said, kissing my cheek before following the others out the door. 


    I face the mirror and watch my reflection. I take a deep breath and send a shaky smile at my reflection.

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