A Day To Remember

A guy really loves this girl, but he finds love complicated, and is afraid of such a commitment. He also fears rejection as he has tried a few times but didn't get a chance to, years later found out she liked him also, but rejected her. Now a year later after falling out and her moving on he wants her back in his life, not just as a friend, but as a girlfriend. But he has no idea if she still likes him in that way, and she may already have a boyfriend now. He once again fears rejection. But he manages to befriend her slowly over the months by chatting shortly whenever they meet. Soon he takes the plunge and asks her to his birthday party. He is planning on asking her out. Will he spend christmas alone, or will he kiss that special girl beneath the mistletoe?


3. Silly Games

Justin, Jessica, and Joe would play silly childish games on their own little table. Justin would either sit next to her, or in front of her. They woyld play card games such as snap, and flick pencils off the table. They would dig through their pockets and find anything random to play around with. One time they even decided it fun to karate chop toothpicks. Jessica began bringing in little figures that they would flick through targets, and try and score as many points as they could. They would have drawing competitons, and rate one anothers drawings, and have a good laugh every day.

Jessica really began opening up to both the boys. Justin hearing Jessica laugh for the first time was something that made him smile. He continued to make her laugh every single day. Seeing her enjoying herself even more each day made him very proud of himself. This girl now interacted in Tutor, and was now brave enough to voice her opinion. The trio tended to get on the teachers nerves every day because they don't hear their names called out on the register because they are always talking while is. Infact Jessica wouldn't stop talking now. She went from a quiet little mouse, to a roaring lion.

One day while the three were talking the teacher interupted them saying "what did I just say Jess?" Jessica said awkwardly "be quiet?" The teacher sighed and then said "no, I said that there is a paper aeroplane competition coming up. Tewo prizes will be given. One for the best design, and one for the one that flies to furthest". Jessica And Justin's eyes lit up. Rhey loved making paper aeroplanes. Actually beinh aloud to was a bonus point.

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