A Day To Remember

A guy really loves this girl, but he finds love complicated, and is afraid of such a commitment. He also fears rejection as he has tried a few times but didn't get a chance to, years later found out she liked him also, but rejected her. Now a year later after falling out and her moving on he wants her back in his life, not just as a friend, but as a girlfriend. But he has no idea if she still likes him in that way, and she may already have a boyfriend now. He once again fears rejection. But he manages to befriend her slowly over the months by chatting shortly whenever they meet. Soon he takes the plunge and asks her to his birthday party. He is planning on asking her out. Will he spend christmas alone, or will he kiss that special girl beneath the mistletoe?


2. Getting To Know Her

Tutor was something Justin had to go to every single day. But he didn't mind. He was on a mission, to become friends with Jessica. Over the days she put the book down, and chatted a little more, everytime he tried to maintain the conversation. She was a littlecless shy every day. Like a blossoming flower. She was a winter rose, now regaining her beautiful red petals, as spring came around. Justin was her spring, she just didn't know it yet. When he was around, it was like the perfect summer all year round.

Justin found out he had a lot in common with Jessica. They both loved animals, went bird watching, obsessed over wolves, and enjoy a good laugh. They liked togo on adventures, long walkd, and both enjoyed reading. Jessica liked to draw mythical creatures, along with other animals such as unixorns and dragons. Justin loved draw large beast like creatures such as t-rex's and dragons. They had so muxh in common that it seemed like fate had brought the two together. Justin really felt something special around this girl, but he hardly knew her at the time.

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