Don't make me choose..

This is my first please be honest..tell me if you like it or if i should die in a hole for thinking it was good...

What happens when you fall in love with someone your parents would kill you if they saw you with them? Do you tell them you can't help who your heart loves? Or do you tell them fuck off this is my life I'll live it how i please? Well we all wanna say the second one but can you bring yourself to do it when alls they have ever done is give you what you need and what ever they could that you want and love you like no one else ever could? Well thats the toughest decision i have to make.....believe me it ain't easy..


2. Packing

My best friends, Zienah,Izzy, and Autumn, were over helping me pack.

"So do we get to have what you leave?" Izzy asked sadly yet some what hopeful.

"What about when i come back for holidays? I won't have anything here."

"Really. Do you really think we believe Ms. Hotshot college queen is gonna come back to little ole Fred for holidays when she's gonna be in The Big Apple?!?!?"

"Wow. And the award for most sassy in a depressing/serious conversation go to.... Drum roll please!!!" Autumn and Izzy start patting on their thighs as i take this moment to make dramatic pause...which irritates Zienah.

"ZIENAH IZHAQ!" Me, Autumn, and Izzy start laughing and Zienah just turns red from anger. But she knows she wants to laugh. Next thing you know we are all laughing really hard. It's amazing how we didn't pee ourselves.

"Im huuungryyyy!!" Autumn complains when the laughter dies down.

"Tell me somethin' I didn't know.." Izzy said.

"RACE Y'ALL TO THE KITCHEN!!" I yelled and ran off. Alls i could hear was the thumping noise of three pairs of feet close behind me and heavy breathing.

Once we got our snacks we went on the porch swing and talked for hours..

When the girls were saying goodbyes it was then when I finally realized I wont see them again until Thanksgiving..thats four months! I couldn't help but cry during our group hug because it was the last one for a long while.

"I'm gonna miss y'all so much...its not even funny...." I sniffled.

"Us either...what are we gonna do?" Zienah cried.

"I'm gonna skype, call, text, facebook message y'all, what ever it takes to make sure we don't loose contact in any kinda way, ok?"

"Ok.." They all mumbled at the same time. I stood on the porch until I was sure they all left and went back inside to finish the last if my packing and sleep in my bed for the last time before college...

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