Don't make me choose..

This is my first please be honest..tell me if you like it or if i should die in a hole for thinking it was good...

What happens when you fall in love with someone your parents would kill you if they saw you with them? Do you tell them you can't help who your heart loves? Or do you tell them fuck off this is my life I'll live it how i please? Well we all wanna say the second one but can you bring yourself to do it when alls they have ever done is give you what you need and what ever they could that you want and love you like no one else ever could? Well thats the toughest decision i have to make.....believe me it ain't easy..


3. First Night In NY

I don't know what was harder, looking back right before i got on the plane and saw my mother with tears streaming down her face or that i know that that is the last image i have of my mom before I left for four months to replace it with a happier one... For all I know they're both just as hard just they hurt in different ways.

Well at least I'm finally here in New York but theres one problem... I don't know where to get my bags OR a cab/taxi (whatever you call it)

I'm just gonna ask someone that works here..if i can find one..

"Excuse me..Sir?" I asked politely.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes...umm I don't know where to get to the baggage claim..I'm not used to this big of an airport.."

"No, it's quite fine. And I'm guessing by your accent your from down South?"

"Yes sir. Texas." I said like a proud texan.

"Ah I figured it was either Texas, Louisiana, or Tennessee.."

"Haha yes sir."

"Well the baggage claim is on the first floor by the exit.."

"Thank you so much sir! It was nice to meet you!"

"Pleasures all mine!"

I gathered all my bags and looked for the doors to get outta's way to crowded.....

I found an empty taxi/cab out front and ask the nice man to take me to the university..

"So is this your first year at uni..?" He spoke with, I'm guessing, an English accent.

"Yes sir. How'd you guess..?"

"You look a bit nervous.." He smiled. And let me tell you, his smile can brighten up your day just like that(i snapped my fingers in my head but i forgot you can't hear it too)

"And did you just call me sir..?" Do they not say that here? Oh god I hope I didn't offend him!

"Y-yes sir, I did..was I not supposed to?"

"Oh no its not that, it's just I'm not that much older than you and I don't hear that everyday.."

"Oh thank god!" I sighed. "I thought I did somethin' wrong!"

"Oh no.. I'm just not used to it..well here we are. NYU. Good luck!!"

"Thank you so much for all your help!!"

"No problem, lovely!"

After I got my bags out of the trunk and he drove off, I turned around and saw all the student walking around the front and sides, coming in and out, and sitting all around on blankets, since it was sunny and warmish out, all around the building. I grabbed my bags and walked up the sidewalk, into the building and to the administrators office to check in.

"Hello, how may I help you?" A nice middle aged woman asked.

"Yes um I'm a new student here. And I don't know where to get my dorm room key and number."

"Well I can help you here, dear." She smiled warmly at me and started typing on her keyboard.

"Whats your name?"

"Kevay Moore." She gave me a look but I already knew what that meant.


"That's a beautiful name,Kevay. What is that. German?"

"No ma'am. Its French. It means lovely and charming."

"Very lovely!" She smiled as she handed me a key. "Room 412. Fourth floor. Elevators are down the hall to the right.. Do you have any more questions..?"

"No ma'am. Not at this moment.."

"Okay then dear. I do believe you have a roommate but I'm not sure on who it is.. I hope to see you around Ms. Moore!!"

"Okay thank you so much. You were lots of help!!" I smiled and left the office to search for my room.

As I walked in I noticed there was a nicely made bed on one side of the room and an empty mattress on the other.. So I'm guessing I do have a roommate but she is no where to be seen. She must be out with friends. With the thought of no one being around, i plugged in my mp3 and started singing, dancing, and unpacking.

I finished unpacking about an hour and a half ago and there was still no sign of my roomy. So I decided to go and get a bite to eat at the food stand I saw a few blocks away on my way here. I put my combat boots back on and slipped on a hoodie and locked the door behind me.

As I'm walking down the hall to get to the elevators, I see this group of guys, and they ain't small in height or muscle. So I try my best to keep a distance but it doesn't work to well when I hear one of them whisper and see him point at me. As they walk closer to me I turn around to try and get away but its to late. One of them had their hand wrapped around my bicep.

"Where do you think your going sweetcheeks? Huh?" He asked. "Away from y'all panzies.." I retorted. But it only made them laugh. There were four of them. They all had at least three tattoos visible and piercings. There was a blonde, two brunettes, one with long shaggy hair the other a shorter cut, and the last one had blackish-brown hair with blonde highlights.

"We got us a country girl here fellas.." The black haired boy said.

"Oh really now." Said the blonde. "Why don't you speak for us babe. Let us here that pretty little voice of yours."

He slurred a bit of his words so I'm guessing they're drunk..or just buzzed but you never know. I didn't say anything and It was easy to tell it got the one that was holding my arm, the one with shaggy hair, mad because next thing I knew I was slammed into a wall and he was a LOT closer then he was five minutes ago.

"Speak or you will regret it." He hissed. I still didn't say anything. So he started getting closer and his eyes kept darting back and forth from my eyes to my lips then my eyes again. He was less then an inch away from my lips when he went to my ear and whispered.

"I mean it baby, you might wanna start talking." He pulled back and looked in my eyes. I still didn't say anything because one I didn't think he was really gonna do anything to me and two, I didn't trust my voice to be very strong..When I still stayed quiet he laughed but in an irritated way.

"I tried to warn you babe.."

After he said that he started grinding his crotch against mine.

"Pl-please.." I whispered.

"So you can talk..interesting..." He said.

"Yes I can. Please. St-stop."

"I think she's begging you Harry.." The one with short brown hair said.

"That's what it sounds like to me..what do you think Zayn?"

"I agree Harry. That's exactly what it sounds like." Zayn answered.

"It even looks like she's enjoying it. Look at how red she is.."

"Please stop! Please.." I practically beg.

"Niall loves girls with accents..lets see if he wants to stop.." He turned to the blonde and gave him a questioning look. I took this as an opportunity to get away. So I ran as fast as I could. I ran for the elevators and thanked god someone was coming out. I slammed right into them knocking them back and pressing the close button so the guys couldn't come in. Right before the doors closed all the way I could see just how close they were. Zayn almost had his hand in but it closed just in time.

"Are you alright?!?" The voice came from behind me and startled me. I turned around to speak to this person face to face but when I made eye contact I froze completely. I got so caught up in his eyes I didn't realize I was staring. It wasn't until he cleared his throat that I blinked and answered him.

"Oh um sorry.." I looked down at my shies and blushed. He used his thumb and index finger to lift my head so I would face him.

"No problem. I just wanted to make sure you were all good seeing as how you literally just ran into me." He chuckled and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Do you mind I make it up to you? Say dinner?" I asked.

"Sure thing beautiful." He smiled cheekily. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks at the sound of him calling me beautiful.

We sat and ate and talked for about three hours before we left. He kinda looked like the guys from earlier, tattoos and piercings, dark brown hair, but he was nicer. So much more polite. NOT a drunken idiot. He walked me to my room said good night and then left. I changed into my pjs and went to the bathroom down the hall to brush my teeth then went to bed. Right when I was about to fall asleep, someone came barging into the room.

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