Something Great

Harry Styles Fan Fiction, Warning: Contains self-harm


1. Sneak Peek!!

Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Hey anybody who is reading this! First of all I wanted to say thank you for clicking on this story, and that I'm testing out an idea that came to mind a few days ago. If you have any suggestions please share them, they are highly appreciated!! And Here's a sneak peek!!


Peyton's P.O.V

It's been a week since the photos were published and I still haven't figured out what to say to him. I could hear him break everything in the bedroom that he could get his hands on. I don't think it made him feel any better, but I do know the one thing that will.  The first thing I did when I saw the pictures circulating twitter was race to the bathroom and take all of the razor blades and then I ran around the house collecting every sharp I could find, I even took the butter knifes, throwing them into a garbage bag and getting it as far away from the house as I could. I know the pictures are old but they're enough to push him over the edge that I've been struggling to keep him from falling off of. I found him sitting on the bed that we share with a blank look on his face, like everything has left him, every once of energy and will power. The emptiness that had taken over not only his face, but every inch of him was a million times scarier than him yelling and screaming. I couldn't read him; I had no idea what he was capable of in this state. I know even now he would never hurt me but all bets were off when it came to himself. I have no clue how far he would go this time, how deep he would cut to release the anger and pain that was running through his veins. He won't talk to me; hell he won't look at me, but I know I have to do something now before he takes it that extra few centimeters to deep. 




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