Falling down.

She wants you to see her smile, she wants you to see her laugh, she doesn't want you to see her in pain. Can it really be that someone could be in such pain because of one little thing that got out away from someones lips? Could one life be torn apart because of a mistake that everyone knows about? Could you save her, before its too late?


5. running away.

Everyone at KFC was looking at me, I looked back, then at Aubrey, she tried to sit me down but I ran off like I was about to be killed. I ran all the way to my house and packed a few things, nan rushed in "Aubrey told me you ran out of KFC" nan said really puzzled, I pushed nan out and locked the door. I finished packing, spare clothes, money an food and climbed out the window.

~3 hours later~

It was dark, I was cold, I was lost, I wanted to go back home.. But I was sick of everyone and everything. I found a nice spot under a tree, I put on a jumper and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I woke up in a bed. I rolled on to my back and looked around, the walls were a pale pink, the room smelled like roses and there were posters and teddies everywhere. A girl around my age but maybe a bit older walked In with a medical kit. I watched what she was doing, "who are you?" Was all that Madeline could manage. "I'm Sarah, I found you last night asleep under the tree outside my house. Running away hey? What from? Regrets? Family or friends?" Sarah asked to many questions, all I could say was "it's a long story". She left it at that.

"I remembered when I ran away, it was horrible, my dad and mum were always fighting, I was always crying.. I would cut and cut till mum tried to put me in the mental ward." Sarah stopped to breath. "I ran off and was found dying on the road, because I lost too much blood. That's when I moved here and was adopted." Sarah said helping me out of bed, she stood still for a minute waiting to see if I wanted to tell my story.

I breathed, "I had 2 best friends, Tate and Aubrey. Aubrey had a massive crush on Tate but he secretly liked me an we were pretty close.. In 2012 we were at the beach, Noah which is Tate's brother was surfing and got pushed off his board, he went to have a go at the guy but he had a gun.. Aubrey, Tate and I ran to Aubrey's house to drop her off, then Tate and I went back to Tate's and something happened.. But a few days before all that happened Aubrey hid her camera in Tate's room with it on recording."

I breathed trying not to cry, "a few days after it happened Aubrey and I went over, she found her camera went home and uploaded what Tate and I did on YouTube. It went around the whole school and it was all Aubrey's fault.. Tate started to get bullied and couldn't handle it, so he killed himself... No one in my family would leave me alone, I was so suicudal.. Aubrey came back to me after she found out about my 10th attempt, we went to KFC but everyone was staring at me. So I ran out and went home packed and ran off.." I could see she had tears in her eyes and I knew she wanted to help..

But this wasn't the end.. Not yet anyway.

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