Falling down.

She wants you to see her smile, she wants you to see her laugh, she doesn't want you to see her in pain. Can it really be that someone could be in such pain because of one little thing that got out away from someones lips? Could one life be torn apart because of a mistake that everyone knows about? Could you save her, before its too late?


7. it's all gone.

First day of a new school, I had my fingers crossed that no way knew anything of my mistakes, but I was wrong.. The Tate thing had gone virual and now what happened between Dylan and I had too.. A bunch of girls came towards me, one of them a fake Barbie doll, I was guessing that it was Dylan's girlfriend.

"Heard you forced my boyfriend into having sex with you the other night" yep I was right! Dylan's girlfriend, but I didn't answer. She leant over pushed me, kicked me, punched me until I was unable to move.. I lied there like I was dead. No one helped me up, they just all called me names, and laughed.

Not even the teachers, once i could feel my body again I ran to the bridge, I knew I had a razor or rope in my bag somewhere, I found my razor and started to cut my wrists really deep, so deep they got to my vain. I was going fast, then slow, really slow... Till I dropped to the ground, pale, everything went dark, all I could hear were people and the ambulance, then.... Nothing.

It was too late, they couldn't save me, I was gone, I was with Tate now. And everyone was right, heaven is the most beautiful and peaceful place ever! I felt alive, but I was dead. I saw Tate, he looked happy then ever like in my dream.

Not many people knew about my death, till a year went by, everyone was crying and wanting me back, Dylan's girlfriend was up here because he broke up with her for what she did to me. We haven't looked at each other or spoken a word. But one day I will be able too, just now today.

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