Falling down.

She wants you to see her smile, she wants you to see her laugh, she doesn't want you to see her in pain. Can it really be that someone could be in such pain because of one little thing that got out away from someones lips? Could one life be torn apart because of a mistake that everyone knows about? Could you save her, before its too late?


3. Everything is okay.

*Ding, ding, ding.* the bell went for home, she left the school after everyone else had so she didn't have eyes on the back of her, she knew what was going through everyone's head, she knew why they hated her so much, she wanted to cut so badly, she wanted to overdose so badly, she wanted to be 6 feet under the ground with Tate, she wanted to be loved, missed, noticed...

4:30am, her arms were covered in blood, the knife was near her throat for the 10th time since 2:30am, she wanted to do it so badly, she wanted to end everything, she wanted to end this book called life. She slowly dragged the knife across her neck, small dots of blood came up but she stopped because she wanted to win this war for once.

She found her laptop and went on Facebook finding messages calling her "attention seeker", "slut", "whore", "hoe", "worthless bitch", "useless". She cried... The whole screen was blurry but she managed to read every single message she had. She checked the clock, an hour had gone past since she last checked, she walked into the bathroom to have a shower, relax and wash off the blood. Half way of washing the blood off her mum woke up to go to the kitchen, she quietly but quickly ran out of the bathroom and went back to her room before her mum caught her.

The next day was a weekend, she wanted to spend the whole weekend in her room, reading all the hate messages and looking through the photos of her and Tate and Aubrey. She wanted to cut an overdose, but her mum dragged her to her Nan's house where no one left her alone. She played board games, talked about school and how she is coping. Madeline's nan used to be a social worker and knew what she was going through ad helped her through everything. She didn't leave her side even when she screwed up big time.

Madeline's nan took her back when the weekend finished, she went through her room and threw out all the sharp objects and put her on some pills that she was only to take when she has suicidal thoughts.

Days went passed she was getting better and better, Aubrey saw her around school finally Madeline had friends, she kept things to herself because she was scared what they would think, with Aubrey she could tell her anything and she would be there whenever a tear was about to fall down Madeline's cheek.


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