tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


8. chapter 7

-harry's p.o.v-

Liam hadn't spoken to me since we left the tattoo parlor. He actually just pushed
his face into his pillow once we got back to the dorm. I heard sniffling come
from him and his body would shake from time to time, this wasn't "Liam". Liam
is usually sweet, but over protective. Had Niall said something? If he did this
must have been something pretty big, usually Liam isn't this upset over
anything. Not since October. I had never seen Liam that torn up. Ever. I flicked
the piece of paper in my hand.

It was Louis phone number.

No doubt I probably blushed like a mad man when he gave it to me, but he gave
it to me after I told him...Everything.

*Earlier that Day*

Louis stared at me with his blue eyes. Actually he wast even staring, he was
begging me to tell him silently who gave me a fist to the stomach. Or should I
say, Fists. Being more than 1.

"It... It was nothing Louis. Why do you care anyways?" I stuttered out. He ran his
warm fingertips over the imprint of Ryan's knuckles, making me wince.

"Who hit you? I know someone his you and I will not let you leave til you tell me."
He demanded. I sighed. His eyes were pleading me to tell him.

"I'm gay okay? Happy I admit it I'm gay. You may have thought I was no but
whatever. Some people don't like me being gay. Some people think "Hey let's
kick the gay kids ass!" and that's what they do. Liam was at practice and Liam
told them off the other day. So what did they do? got their revenge. Happy?
Now you know. Now you can stop asking" I bitterly stated. I had tears in my

"Harry, some people are just that fucked up. I'm sorry that happened to you. It
shouldn't have." His eyes scanned the room for something, What is it? I have no
idea. He suddenly went over next to the cabinet by the sink, and got a notepad
and a sharpie. He scribbled something down. "I have a feeling I may regret this,
but if they hurt you again, or they intend on it, text me. You can come here and
we can talk. Go to Anna's or something" He told me handing me the piece of
paper. I looked at it. His handwriting. His number. Louis number. Who would have thought a beating could get me his phone number?

*Present time*

I guess I got Lucky. I sighed and unlocked my iPhone. I dialed the unfamiliar
number. It rang twice before I heard his voice.

"Louis Phone what goes on?" He asked.

"Louis? It's Harry" I said into the phone. I heard shuffling then I head a door shut.

"Hey Harry. You okay? Something wrong." I drummed my fingertips on my lap.
"Yeah I'm fine. Are you busy I can call back later if you-"

"I'm not busy mate. What's wrong?" He asked.

"When we left... Liam and Niall were talking." I whispered. I got up and went
outside the door to prevent Liam from hearing. I checked for Ryan first, and
when the coast was clear I continued. "Liam is pretty upset and I was hoping
maybe you could ask Niall what happened."

"Really? Liam's upset? How bad?" He asked.

"Tears" I mumbled.

"Wow. Yeah I'll text you what he says. Sorry to hear about that. Let me know if
he's okay." I smiled sadly.

"I will. Thanks. Bye." After He returned a bye, he clicked me off. I went back
inside and Waite for Louis to respond, but when I did, I heard soft cries coming
from Liam's pillow.

-liam's p.o.v-

I couldn't help but cry. How could I not. Niall brought up one of the worst
moments of my life. One of the most horrible memories I ever encountered.


I waited for my girlfriend. My beautiful magnificent girlfriend. We had been
dating since the start of college. Nearly 2 years. Possibly the best 2 years of my
life. But I started to question the last couple of months. Maybe because I had a
boyfriend before she came along. Yeah he was sweet, but he and I felt mutual
about splitting up. Guess I was just an experiment to him. I don't mind though,
that happens a lot. I sipped on my coffee as I saw her approach.

"Hey babe." I smiled. She returned the smile but not the greeting. That's odd. I
went to kiss her, but she moved away and went to cheek. Did I do something?
"Are you okay?" I asked. She sat down on the stool across from me. Her eyes
kept darting the floor and she had tears in her eyes. "Babe?" I asked once
more. Her bottom lip trembled.

"I have to tell you something" She choked out. Her tears flew freely.

"You can tell me anything" I grinned. She shook her head.


hey guys, sorry for the short chapter, just wanted to do a little one.

IMPORTANT!! ohhh cliffhanger haha leave it  the comments what you think it might be, if you get it right i will put you in the story for like a brief paragraph, may the odds be ever in your favour, love ya





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