tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


7. chapter 6

-louis p.o.v-

There was not a doubt in my mind that Harry was lying. I hate Liars. I hate
them with a passion. But what Harry was lying about concerned me. It
brought back horrible memories. Memories of pain and hatred.
Bruises. Cuts and Bruises.

The kind you get from people, Not stairs.

And if that wasn't bad enough there was a defined fit to his abdomen. Red
and purple. Some blue already but these were fresh. He was beaten today.
Hours ago. I felt it in my blood.

I pulled an icepack out from the freezer in the back. For the customers who
have EXTREME pain and we have to numb with ice sometimes. I don't
understand why they do it if it's so painful they scream. Harry leaned against
the sink as I wrapped it in a paper towel to prevent him from being injured by
the immediate rush of frozen air. I brought it to the fist and Harry's breath
nearly stopped.

"Its okay it's just... cold" He assured. I sent him a sympathetic smile but it was
useless. All I could see was pain and horror in his eyes. Nothing but a
beautiful pair of green eyes, filled with sadness and anger. Hurt and disparity.
He looked as broken as a dropped Snow globe. I scanned the rest of his
body. Fingertips dragged across his skin were clearly evident. He showed
me no sorrow no pain. Very little mercy was given to him. I wanted to rub his
markings like my mother did as a child. Run her fingers over them and kiss
them better. No simple bandage could heal this type of injury. The damage
couldn't be fixed with a simple, flexible, plastic sheet with antibiotic cotton on
the inside. No this was a beating.

Oh many I've been rewarded with.

I may not say I have received them but no doubt I have received many. And
my tattoos hide the scars those beatings left behind.

"Harry, how did you fall down the stairs?" I asked. Harry's eyes darted to
everywhere but my figure. His mouth was dry anyone could imply that.

"I was.... I was just walking when clumsy old me just... You know... fell." He
choppily placed the excuses together. Lies all Lies. A foolish man. Can't he
see there is a prominent hand Mark on his body. Surely one does not slap
themselves. Surely this was no accident. Yet he gave no courage to admit
his beating he had received.

"No that isn't the case now is it Harry." I told him. He gulped and turns his vision to the tile floor. "Harry look at me." I begged. His eyes remain the same. I sighed and fished out another icepack when it came to me his tattooed arm was in neglect. 

I didn't bother wrapping it. I needed to know. 

i hoped in my head he wouldn't hate me for my next action. I abruptly forced
the iced object over his arm, causing him slight pain as well as immense
discomfort. He winced as it came into contact with the area of his tattoo. His
eyes shot up to the ceiling as he clawed at his loosely hanging, but tight on
the legs, jeans.

"Harry!" I shouted. He jumped and looked at me. His eyes showed tears he
didn't want to release yet. "Harry, who hit you?" I asked quietly.

"Nobody. Nobody hit me-" I cut him off.

"I've been hit like this Harry. Who the hell beat you this bad?" I asked. A tear
spilled over his eyes.

"Why do you want to know." He whispered so quietly it was less prominent
than a pin dropping. I sighed. I didn't know this innocent boy. But nobody
deserves this. Not the kind of pain I've encountered.

-niall's p.o.v-

"Hey Niall can I ask you something?" Liam asked. I was expecting my next
customer but I didn't want to have Liam just sit there. So I sat with him on the
counter as I tuned my guitar.

"Sure what's up?" I asked looking up from my guitar into his intoxicating
chocolate brown eyes. He looked away from mine as it caused a bitter
silence after staring into his eyes for a few seconds to long. I didn't mean to
make him uncomfortable.

"Do you... Do you have a girlfriend or a... boyfriend or something." I fiddled
with the pick in my hand. Suddenly finding much interest in its red plastic
form. Liam seemed to find interest in his blue rubbed bracelet around his
wrist as well. I cleared my throat.

"Um I had a boyfriend a few weeks ago. But we broke up." I managed to spit
out. My heart still ached to be honest. After Josh... Nope. Niall don't think
about him. He left you. He left you without a goodbye. Forget him. It was
nearly 2 months ago. Why am I still bugging out about it?

"Sorry to hear that." He dimly flashed a small smile that lasted no more than
.2 seconds. "I know what that's like" He sighed. I gave him a look.

"How would you? You don't like guys. Do you?" I asked. Liam tensed up.
"No. No I just had... I had bit of a falling out with my girlfriend a while ago in
October. It's funny how I'm still hung over on it because it's the 8th of
December. I don't know we were together for a while." His eyes turned to a
lighter brown. Not a happy lighter brown either. A very dim and sad brown.
Who ever this girl was he cared about.

"Tell me about her." I urged him to go on. I could see the pain behind his
eyes so clearly.

"She was amazing. She just... She... She's gone now it doesn't matter." I was
confused. What does he mean she's gone? Did she leave him like Josh left
me? Or did she move away? It's clear he loved her. But she left him?
Suddenly? That doesn't sound right. In my concentration I noticed Liam
sniffle and push his hands to his eyes. He was crying? He looked at his
damp sleeves he pulled from his now red and watery eyes and chortled. Why
is he crying? 

"Liam? Are you okay?" I asked. At that last syllable of my sentence Harry
returned and Louis joined him. 

"You're all set boy's. Harry's all fixed up." Louis smiled. Louis and Harry did
daps as Liam got up shielding his face. 

"Liam are you-" I was interrupted by the sound of the bell above the door. My
next customer, Cassie, was here. And she was my customer. Not Louis... 
"Ni, can you help me with something in the back?" Louis asked. I looked
back. Liam was already gone and Harry was walking out. 

"Yeah. I guess I can now" I sadly stated.

What happens to Liam?

Did I do something wrong?


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