tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


6. chapter 5

-louis p.o.v-

I went into work the next day with a brave face. After last night, Alex was all I
could think about. He hurt me in ways sometimes I don't even understand.
But I remember what he did and why no sane human being could forgive

"Hey Lou." Niall smiled. As usual, he was strumming his guitar strings. He
played it slow and even. I liked his soft slow strumming. It almost gave me a
sense of happiness.

"Hey Niall. When's first tattoo?" I asked. He stopped plucking on the strings.

"Tattoo 12, Piercing, 10, 15 minutes" He shrugged. I nodded at his
information and began set up. "So guess who I talked to this morning?" Niall
smirked jumping off his usual counter he sits on.

"I don't know who" I said without anticipation.

"Woah don't get so excited geez. But Liam called and said he'd be around
with Harry later." I froze for a second but then continued getting out supplies.
"Why are you telling me this?" Niall frowned, even though my back was to
him, I could feel it.

"I just thought maybe you two could talk. He did leave his beanie here maybe
you should give it back. Check on his tattoo. make nice maybe?" He
chuckled at the last bit, but I still didn't react much to his words. However, my
heart skipped a beat at the sight of seeing the curly haired boy again along
with his friend. They seem nice, but everyone seems nice now a days.
Everyone has two faces. The "Hello I'm the best friend you are looking for"
and the "You hood rat with tattoos you unloved malediction. You worthless
waste of space." Words I had heard from Alex numerous times.

"I don't really make nice anymore Niall. If I were to make nice, it'd only be
with you or Megan or Anna, I'm not very trusting in case you haven't already
noticed." I replied in a low voice. He sighed and I felt two hands on my
shoulders moments later.

"When are you gonna believe me when I say they're not like Alex in any way,
shape, or form. They're two cuties in college. And Liam shouldn't even dare
hurt a fly!" Niall assured. I removed myself from his slight grip.

"I wasn't talking about Liam in that bit I said. You can love up on Liam all you
want." Niall smiled slightly.

"You like Harry don't you? I wouldn't blame you, he's cute."

"He also seems like the type of guy that makes you think you're important
then throws you in the dust"

"Louis, He isn't Al-"

"You don't nor will you ever know that until you learn what is going on in his
head. You won't know what goes on in his head if you keep digging into his
personal life. And the more you did Niall, the deeper shit you're in." I told him.

"That may be so. But my mum always said you gotta dig to find the
diamonds. And if you quit, somebody's gonna take that golden opportunity

"Are we still talking about Harry?" I asked. He and I chuckled

"Sure. Harry can be your diamond. Make sure nobody takes him from you or
drops him. He may seem strong, but he's fragile" Niall told me.

"Yeah whatever." I mumbled. I heard the familiar ringing of the bell at the top
of the door, sure enough in walked one of my favorite clients. I was actually
pretty good friends with him. His name was Zayn. We gave him loads of
tattoos. Not like ours. Nowhere close to our amount of ink on his body,
however he did have a half sleeve, a couple of tattoos on his other arm. And
a few little ones sprawled around his tanned body.

"Ey Z" Niall called out to him.

"Hi guys" He said in his Bradford accent. He wasn't from around here exactly,
but he spent the last few years of his life here. He walked in with a girl, she
had purple hair. I didn't dare question it though. She was still gorgeous

"Who's your lady friend mate?" I smirked. He wrapped his arm around the
girls waist.

"My lady friend is my girlfriend and her name is Perrie." He proudly stated.
She gave us a small wave.

"Hello there Perrie nice to meet you." I said shaking her hand gently. She
seemed so fragile. Sweet and innocent. I don't really trust people at first, but
Zayn knows not to pull shit on me. So even if she was gonna be rude, he
would have stopped it within a 10 mile radius of the parlor.

"So what do ya need today mate?" I asked. Niall was setting up his piercing
things in the other room.

"Erm do you have time for a quickie? Like literally 1 word?" He asked. I
cocked my eyebrow at him.

"And what is that '2 worded tattoo' you want then?" I asked. He looked at his

"Not him. For me." Perrie spoke up. He proudly smiled .
"Sure babe, what words?" I asked. They both shared a smile.

"Wings" They said unison. I smiled. They were a cute pair.
"Big or small and where?" I asked.

"Medium, big. Upper back." She politely informed. I nodded and motioned
them over to the desk. 

After a minutes of drawing out designs I heard another jingle by the door.
Liam's voice rang through the air.
"HELLO!" He loudly sang. I heard a laugh near him, but not from him at all.
It was Harry.

"Hey!" Niall replied. Niall went up to the two and gave them daps. "I gotta
piercing in a few and Lou has a tattoo. Can you wait a few?" I heard Niall ask
in a hushed tone. The two chorused a 'yes' before the bell rang again and in
walked a 19 year old girl named Jade with black hair and a long fringe with
choppy and long layers. She had come here for her ears a few months ago.
In once more for double earrings and now she's visited for cartilage or
septum. I can't remember what Niall said, but she was a cutie pie. She
always said thank you and had a smile in her face. Along with the biggest
and brightest blue eyes you've ever seen. She and Niall would make a cute
couple.... you know... If he didn't like Liam at the moment. To be honest, I
think Liam seemed a bit sad that Niall was busy. He didn't have anyone to
talk to at the moment. Harry was looking through the book of tattoos paying
Liam no attention. I studied Harry every so often looking up from Zayn and
Perrie who seemed to loved up at the moment to notice the lack of
concentration I gave to them. Harry flipped carefully through the pages. He
seemed so fascinated. His eyebrows were slightly scrunched together and
he licked his lips every 2 or 3 pages he turned. He seemed very innocent.
Almost damaged in a way. Like someone had hurt his feelings or something
before he got here. But I didn't see a reason to second my thoughts.

-harry's p.o.v-

"Hey Harry? Where is your boyfriend?" I heard a voice behind me as I
walked out of my dorm room.

"Leave me alone Ryan Liam is at practice and I'm not in the mood for your
craps comments" I told Ryan and his crew. I heard a chuckle behind me.
"Awe Harry wants to be left alone?" He said in a baby voice. I felt myself
being shoved up against the wall. My tattooed area of my arm was shot with
a slight pain as my arm made the most contact with the drywall. "Not gonna
happen today faggot." Ryan growled. I gulped. Seems ridiculous that I'm
getting beat up in college and I can't fend off for myself. Sadly, college is just
like high school in this place. Still filed with the cliques and arrogant people like Ryan and his followers. We may all be 19 but their is nothing mature about these kids here. It's a performing arts college. What'd you expect it to be like?

"Faggot isn't speaking now is he?" Ryan laughed to himself. I clenched my
fists together. I got another shove to the wall. "Do something fag."

"Why don't you do something homophobes. I don't see you doing anything
either" I smiled. The group's smile disappeared. Ryan swung for a hit, but I
ducked in the knick of time. "Missed me." I grinned. One of the other guys
pushed me to the wall as Ryan took a swing at my stomach. The oxygen in
my lungs flew right out as I groaned. They smirked and took another set of
hits. 2 to my stomach. The guy let go and I slid against the wall. I rested my
head on my left arm.

"Look who missed now." He laughed. He gave me a kick. Right to my new
tattoo. I yelped in pain. "Pathetic little Homo Harry." Ryan chuckled as he and
his gang walked off. What the hell. Why the hell are college kids like high
school kids. Like are you 12 or 20. The fact that I just got my ass kicked by 3
20 year old's made my thoughts worse. How I'm 18, nearly 19, and I can't
fend for myself. I rolled on the floor still unable to get up from the pain in my
stomach and just to much pressure on my tattooed arm.

"HAZZA!" I heard someone yell. I heard a bag drop and before I knew it
Daddy Payne was at my side. Like always. Liam to save the day. However,
this time he was a little late. "Are you okay?!" Liam asked. I placed my head
in his lap.

"I guess so" I managed to get out through my heavy, uneasy breathing.
"Can you get up for me?" He asked. I attempted to, but after a moment of
groaning just to get on all fours, Liam made me lay back down. He sat me up
against the wall. I squeezed my eyes shut during the process. "I gonna kill
them. Jesus Christ Harry what the fuck happened?" He questioned.
"Usual. Beating" I panted out.

"Where did they hit you?" He asked. I gulped, my eyes still closed as I tried to
get my breath back.

"Stomach" I mumbled. I felt Liam pull up my hoodie and shirt.
"Damn, no wonder you can barely breathe. There's a bruise on your lung. My
God Harry." He traced his fingers slightly over the wound. I winced at his
actions and he frowned. "Come on, I'll get you cleaned up back in the room."
He told me. I nodded as he helped me up. I growled with each movement he
helped me take towards the room.

That's what I get for being gay I guess.

*End of Flashback*

That was just this morning. 3 hours ago. It's nearly 11 now. Yep people hurt
me all the hours of the day. 8 o'clock on the dot. I had today off and it wasn't
the best morning I've had but sadly, I've seen a lit worse. However this
morning's beating was rather more intense than the others. I'm still amazed at
how normally I'm functioning. Liam's a whiz with injuries though. He could be
a doctor, but NO! Liam Payne wants to be a singer. He is an amazing singer.
Beyond amazing actually, but he could do a lot more than singing. Like.... I
don't know something professional. A basketball player? Sure let's go with
that he could be in the NBA if he wanted to. No denying that.

"Thanks Lou, see ya later" A guy with black hair and a girl with purple hair
called out to Louis. Despite their appearances, they looked utterly adorable
together. The bell above the door jingled as the couple walked out.
"Afternoon boys, what can I help you with?" Louis asked discarding his
gloves in the trash bin.

"Erm Harry got into a sticky situation and we kinda were hoping you could
check his tattoo." Liam told him. Louis gave me a confused smile.
"What'd you do?" Louis asked almost chuckling. I gave him a sad look and
Liam spoke for me.

"He fell... Down a flight of stairs?" Liam said in a questionable tone. Louis'
face turned serious.

"Geez, you okay?" Louis asked me. I nodded shamefully and he brought me
over to the familiar chair I sat in not to long ago. "Jacket and shirt off buddy."
He told me. I gulped and began to take off my hoodie. I tried not to show pain
as I pulled off my hoodie, but when I got to my shirt I let out a whimper. Louis
eyes scanned my face as he then helped me pull off my shirt. He took one
gaze at my stomach and his mouth fell open slightly and the color drained
from his face.                                                                                                                                   Bruises. Bruises all over my abdomen and chest. About 5 large bruises.

Louis eyes completely fixated on my chest and stomach. For me it was
awkward, so I decided to make him pay attention to my arm.
"So basically, I landed on my arm at the end.... of the... stairs" I told him. He
blinked a few times and then gulped. He carefully took a look at my arm. It
was red, and it hurt the most.

"Ouch. Um, I'm no doctor, but maybe you should get that checked out. The
tattoo seems okay. I don't know about you though. You seen pretty banged
up Harry." His eyes trailed all over my upper body, searching for bruises.
"Funny Liam said the same." I sadly smiled. He glanced over at Liam who
happily talking to Niall. 

"Listen, my mum's a nurse. You don't look very good. Maybe I can help you
out because Nialler over their, seems to be fond of your friend Liam." Louis
whispered. A smile fell on my lips.
"Liam over their is fond of your friend Nialler." I chuckled. Louis gave me a
sheepish smile.

"Come on, I have ice packs in the back" Louis told me. I nodded and he
helped me off the chair,grabbing my hoodie and shirt in the process, he
pulled me into the back.

Frankly, I seriously hope he does fix me because this fucking hurts.


hey guys probably could have made this into 2 chapters but oh well, like, fave and tell me what you think, it would mean alot thanks guys love ya 







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