tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


4. chapter 4

-niall's p.o.v-

At closing time, I walked into Louis tattooing area as I noticed Louis playing
with a dark green somewhat gray piece of fabric in his hands.
"What's that?" I asked sitting on his wheelie stool.
"Oh nothing. I think it's Harry's beanie. He must have forgotten it today." Louis
mumbled. I smirked.
"Not to be straight forward, but... Do you like Harry?" Louis eyes widened.
"Niall I thought we went over this." He groaned. I spun around.
"So you don't think he or Liam... Is the slightest bit cute?" His eyes darted to the
"He seems nice, but you know how I am. After Alex.... I don't trust anyone." My
heart shattered at his ex 'lovers' name. You see, Louis didn't break Alex's heart.
It was the other way around. Alex used Louis for one thing and one thing only.
Frustration. Not saying Alex hit Louis, although he did rough him up quite a bit, but he didn't punch Louis across the face. He didn't pull out knives on him, He
didn't He didn't physically harm him on most occasions at all. Until you found out
the real Alex. Alex was.... Is a fucking psycho. He hid Louis from his parents
and verbally trashed his reputation. He even told some of Louis friends he
hadn't seen in a while that Louis died.
At least that's what Louis said. But what kind of sick person does that?! I have
no Idea what Alex did to Louis, because Louis doesn't like to get into details,
But I see it in Louis eyes whenever someone refers to 'Alex, the charming
boyfriend' His eyes panic. He'll start to sweat, on some cases, he'll have panic
attacks. Its terrifying.
"Louis, Harry is a nice guy-"
"You don't know that you just met him." He interrupted.
"You're right Lou, I did just meet him. But, I didn't just meet Liam. And Liam
wouldn't be friends with people like that. You know Harry loves to sing? Just like
you. Even though you never do, when you do. You have a knack for it. And Harry
gets bullied. His family separated when he was so young. Liam is nearly his
body guard because, Harry can't always fend off on his own. Harry is fragile.
Just like you Louis" I told him. Louis shook his head.
"But Alex-"
"Alex is in Jail for what he did to you! He isn't coming back. He will never come
back. I won't let him!" I promised. Louis is one to hide emotions, now it was all
coming out. His body showed confusion. and anger. His eyes showed fear and

"But he's always there Niall look!" He pulled up his shirt to reveal Alex's name
tattooed on to the side of him. I nodded. "He made me get this. As proof Niall.
As proof he owned me as proof he was my master and I was his slave. He will
find me one he gets out I know he will. Whether he has force this time or not, I
can guarantee you. He is going to hurt me again. He is going to make me Pay
for this!" That's when he broke down. I grabbed his arms.
"You'll be okay. Shh. He's not here now, He can't hurt you now. I've got you. And
I promise you. I, Harry, nor Liam will ever hurt you. As long as I shall live, Alex
will not hurt you anymore Louis do you hear me?" I asked.
"I want to believe you. But I can't"
-Harry's p.o.v-
"Whatcha thinking Hazza?" Liam asked me. I was staring at the ceiling for the
last 10 minutes. Completely phased by my thoughts. Usually when I do that,
Liam says he can smell smoke coming from my brain thinking to hard.
"I don't know what I'm thinking. What do you think I'm thinking?" I asked. Liam
shook his head and grinned.
"Yep." I replied. Liam nodded.
"Hey do you think Niall's cute?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and sat up.
"So you do have a crush on him. School boy much?" I giggled.
"No I'm just saying he's attractive. I never said I liked him. But I did find out he's
pansexual" Liam happily added. I gave him a confused look. "He's not gender preferable, he's personality preferable." I raised my eyebrows.
"And you know this how?' I asked.
"I told him you were gay." He flatly stated. I groaned. "What? You aren't
suddenly closet are you?" He asked.
"I just wanted to make a good impression on them. They seem nice but, I don't
know how they'd react to people like us" I told him. He sighed and joined me on
the bed. I sat up.
"Louis likes guys and girls. Niall likes guys and girls. You like guys and I like
guys. I don't think there is much more than the fact we all like guys. One way or
another. If you wanna impress Louis, chat him up. Earn his trust." Liam
"And how do I do that?" I asked crashing my head back to the pillow.
"I don't know it's not like you can get another Tattoo right now" He chuckled. I
pondered his advice, even If he was kidding.
"What If I want to?" I asked. Liam gave me a dumb look.
"You can't be serious." He stupidly replied. I gave him a signature dimply smile.
"You're gonna get more Tattoos to impress a guy?" He asked.
"You'd Come with and get to see Niall hush up" I smirked. He gave me a smug
look, but didn't reply.
"I'm gonna go to sleep. Night Hazzabear" Liam yawned. I yawned as well
before hopping into my bed.
"Night LiLi"



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