tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


24. chapter 23

-harry's p.o.v-

I sat uncomfortable with my family. I should be happy, and I was. But I missed
Lou. It was Christmas eve, and that was also known to me as Louis birthday.
My mum eyed my sad expression. She sat down beside me, as I stared into my
glass of champagne, or some bubbly alcohol.
"You okay honey?" She asked.
"Just thinking about Louis." I mumbled. Her eyes softened and she clutched my
hand. I had told her about Louis as soon as I arrived. She understood
completely. She was very supportive. When I showed her a picture of him, she
wasn't judgemental either.
"Do you wanna talk to him?" I shook my head.
"He's out. He won't be back till late." I confess. She sighed.
"Harry I wish I could help babe, you know that." I nodded. Just then my phone
Loubear: No fun without my cupcake xoxo love you loads.
I smiled at the small message.
Me: Happy birthday baby. :) Wish I could see u. We'll celebrate at home. Love
you to Loubear xoxo
Loubear: talk in the morning, the girls will b up early for gifts. I'll call u I promise.
Me: I'll be waiting :)
Loubear: Bye cupcake. Have a good sleep love you! <3
Me: Bye love you too.
I turned my attention back to reality, my mum was smiling at me like an idiot.
"What?" I asked.
"He calls you cupcake?" I blushed hid myself in my arms. She chuckled. "It's
okay, you love your Loubear"
"Mum! Stop it!" I groaned. She kissed my head before getting up. I did as well
and went over to my baby cousin. Her name was Lux. I was quite fond of the
little girl. I picked her up. She was sitting on the floor, begging to be played with.

"Hally!" She cooed. I smiled at her attempt to say my name. She took my large
finger in her small fist.
"You won't judge me, will you Lux?" I asked the small child. She was immune to
my words. I sighed and let her play with my fingers. "I miss my Lou Lou."
"Lou who?" I smiled at her widely.
"My boyfriend Lux, Lou Lou." I told her.
"Lou Lou!" She looked up at me with her big eyes. The people in the house
started looking at us as I taught her to say his name.
"Yeah that's his name. Lou Lou. Lou Lou and Hally." I told her. She giggled.Gemma, my sister, came over to us and smiled.
"You should video this and send it to Louis." She smiled as I rocked Lux lightly.
"Why, she's my baby cousin." She rolled her eyes.
"Because it's cute. Duh. You act like you have never gushed over Lux before."
Lux rest her head on my chest. Gemma took out her phone and snapped a
picture. I shook my head at her.
"You're so weird."
"Well what are you gonna do when it actually happens to you and Louis?" She
asked. I nearly choked.
"Wha-What? Louis and I... We aren't even like..."
"Married? Engaged? I think it's obvious he owns you in the bedroom. But still,
you never think about it." My eyes widened.
"I do. I actually do a lot." I confessed. "Why do you think it's gonna happen?" I
asked her.
"Because, you are heartbroken right now. Because you missed his birthday And you're not with him right now. When you talk about him, your whole face
brightens. And when someone says how cute the nicknames are, you blush until
your the color of Satan." I bit my lip.
"You actually think we'd end up being parents together and stuff?" I asked. She
"Your the happiest you've ever been." I smiled.
"Thanks Gem."
"For what stating the obvious?"
"For making me think."

-next day-

I woke up the next morning, to the sound of my computer ringing. I lazily
stretched out to get it. I opened the screen and instantly greeted by a tattooed
black haired boy that I call my world.

Hazza!" He happily smiled.
"Hi Louis." I replied rubbing my eyes.
"Did I wake you?" I nodded. "Good I wanted to hear your morning voice." I
sleepily smiled. I heard a little moan come from the door. I looked over and saw
Lux, standing up, pacifier in her mouth. All alone.
"Lux where's mummy?" I asked. She ignored my words and crawled over to the
side of my bed. I hoisted her up and sat her in my lap.
"Who's this little cutie?" Louis asked.
"This is Lux. She's my cousin."
"Hi Lux!" Louis waved at the camera. Lux pointed at the screen and let out a
"That's Lou Lou. He's my boyfriend." Lux made another sound, then cuddled
into my chest. I cradled her as Louis and I talked.
"So how's it in the grand Cheshire home?" He joked.
"Lonely." I groaned.
"Aww. No fun!" I nodded. I adjusted Lux before speaking.
"Yeah, how was last night?" He laughed.
"Alcohol...y? I'm surprised I'm nit hung over." I shook my head

You're unbelievable."
"Hey, be nice cupcake." We stayed silent for a moment. "I'm taking in how cute
this is." He finally confessed.
"What me and Lux?" I asked.
"Yeah she's just like asleep on you and your just letting her and holding her."
"Yeah, I got her to say your name last night. It was cute." He grinned.
"LOUIS! PRESENTS!" Louis sighed.
"Gotta go?" I asked as Lux played with my fingers again, bringing them to her
"Yeah I'm sorry baby. I'll text you okay?" I nodded.
"Bye Harry. I love you to bits. Merry Christmas."
"Love you too Lou. Merry Christmas babe."
"Bye Lux!" Lux pushed the pacifier from her mouth.
"Lou Lou!" He waved at the screen. I smiled.
"Bye Cupcake. Bye Luxxie!" With at, the video call ended. I held Lux above my
"You know I'd be scared if I were you. Louis already gave you a nickname." She
gurgled. I got up, Lux held tightly into my torso. I went out to the abandon kitchen
and turned on the radio. Little Things by Ed Sheeran was playing.
"Lou can't go to bed without a cup of tea. Maybe that's the reason why he talks
in his sleep. And all his conversations are the secrets that I keep and it all
makes sense to me." I smiled to myself at how a little tweak of the words could
fit his personality so much. I set Lux on the floor in her playpen as I listened to
the rest of the song. I started choking up. The song reminded me of Louis too
much. I really did miss him. I sniffled and wiped away any threatening tears. But
then another song came on.
"If I don't say this now I will surely break 
As I'm leaving the one I want to take 
Forget the urgency but hurry up and wait 

My heart has started to separate
Oh, oh, oh 
Oh, oh, oh 
Be my baby 
Oh, oh, oh 
Oh, oh, oh 
Oh, oh, oh 
Be my baby 
I'll look after you
There now, steady love, so few come and don't go 
Will you, won't you be the one I'll always know? 
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around 
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down-"
I literally raced to shut the song off. It was Louis favorite song. I had listen to him
sing it, hum it, everything countless times. It hurt. It actually hurt. I couldn't listen
to it anymore, because I started crying. I missed him that much?! Yes. Yeah, I
miss my Lou Lou that much.
"Harry? Are you okay?" My sister asked. I hadn't even noticed she was in the
room. "Harry are you crying?" She asked.
"I'm fine just. Just leave me alone I need to be alone." With that, I ducked out the
room, back into my room. I locked the door and buried myself in the sheets and
let myself fall apart.
I, Harry Styles, am crying over my boyfriend. I am crying because I haven't seen
him in two days. Harry, you are under some serious love spell if you are that

-Louis p.o.v-

"Louis open this open this!" My sister Daisy shoved a gift into my lap. It felt
weird. Being without my Hazzabear. My cupcake. It made me feel pretty bad.
My birthday was fun, but it would've been better with Harry. No matter what we
would've done.
"I opened the box, it was a cologne. It was Harry's favorite one I had, I didn't let
him use it because I was running low, but he used it anyways, and ended up
spilling in. I smiled at the memory.
"Thanks babe." My sister smiled and sifted through the gifts. It was rather cold. I
excused myself from the corner and went to grab my hoodie. As I came back
downstairs, I stuck my hands in the pockets. I felt something. I stopped and
pulled out a small box.

Happy birthday babe! Love, Harry.
My heart fluttered. He got me a gift for my birthday? How sweet. Oh God I
sound like a girl. I sat down on the couch and debated weather to open it or not.
"What's that?" Lottie asked.
"Don't know it's from Harry." Fizzy, Dais, and Pheeb let out an 'Ohhhh' I glared
at them.
"Well open it babe." I nodded and pulled off the red ribbon. I opened the box,
and my heartbeat seemed to stop.
It was a necklace. A dog tag to be specific.
'Forever.' was written on the front in transcript. And the day we started dating
was on the back with H+L above it.
"AWW!" Lottie let out. I bit my lip, trying to hold back happy tears.
"THAT'S SO CUTE!" Fizzy added. My mum smiled as I showed her what it
"He really loves you, you know that?" I nodded. I forced my head into my hands.
"I'm gonna kill him when we get home." I smiled.
"Why?!" Daisy asked.
"He's too nice. He shouldn't have done that. He's making me cry." I said. My
mum pulled me into her shoulder.

Is Harry gonna marry you?" Pheeb asked smiling. 
"I hope so!" Fizzy chimed in.
"You don't even know him!" I called out.
"We stole your phone." Lottie shrugged casually.
"Mum!" I shouted, begging for her to make them stop.
"Well, they aren't lying at least. And It would be a good match." She winked. I
pulled my knees to my chest and sunk my head down. 
"It's only been a few weeks." I told them.
"Yeah, but you act like it's been 2 years at the rate you're going Louis." I sighed.
"I love him okay. Shut up." The girls squealed. I clipped the necklace around My
neck. I shot him a text.
Me: What kind of birthday present was that!? I cried!
Hazza<3: Whoopsie :D did I put that in it your pocket?!
Me: Yes, and remind me to kiss you when we get home.
Hazza<3: Kiss me over Skype. I miss you more than you'd think :(
Me: Only tomorrow, then we're back home until January 2nd.
Hazza<3: WOO! I gotta go baby. I LOVE YOU 
Me: Love you too!! Bye Cupcake! <3 :*


almost the end guys, crying, anyway keep commenting, and please like and fave. thanks guys, love you byee




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