tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


23. chapter 22

(long chapter just to say sorry for not updating, love you guys, enjoy!!)

-louis p.o.v-

I woke up to a pair of arms hung heavily around me. I didn't try to move out of
them. I knew it was Harry. I played with his long fingers as I thought about last
I was lonely last night. Harry didn't come back till late, and despite our
drowsiness, we still made love. And it was meaningful. Very meaningful. We fell
asleep right after exchanging "I love you's". We were both still bare underneath
the sheets, which I should probably wash considering my mum might notice all
the 'naughty things' we had been doing ever since Harry had slept here the first
night. I felt his leg shift and a groan escaped his lips.
"Loubear? Are you awake?" He mumbled sleepily. I turned over towards him.
"Hmm" He kissed my forehead. Lingering his lips longer than expected. "My
mum's coming today." He nodded, his eyes still closed. He pushed his head
back into the pillows. "Still tired?"
"You wore me out." He mumbled. I smiled.
"I'm gonna take a shower. You sleep. Deal?" He nodded and I pecked his
bright pink, yet again swollen lips.
I got into the warm waterfall also known as the shower. I started thinking.
Thinking about Harry. My mum my sisters. I started to wonder how Harry would
act around my sisters. He's such a loveable little cupcake... I just called my
boyfriend a cupcake... Well add that to the pile of nicknames for my baby then.
Baby. I couldn't stop myself from having my mind wonder. I thought about Harry.
What if I had a family with Harry. I obviously loved him to bits and pieces. He
was my world for f*ck sake... But, what if we adopted a baby. Like a baby boy
or a baby girl. We'd be dads. What kind of eyes would he or she have. The
color of their hair. What their voice would sound like.
"Louis?" A knock at the door brought me out of my thoughts. "Louis you alright
you've been in there for a while babe." Harry called out. I pushed my thoughts to
the back of my head.
"Yeah, I'll be out in a second babe." I called out to him.
"Alright, if you aren't out soon I might join you." I could here the smirk in his
voice. I washed the soap off my body, before turning off the water and stepping
out. I wrapped My towel around my waist before stepping out the bathroom. I
walked into the bedroom only to see Harry peeling off the sheets on the bed.

"Whatcha doin Haz?" I asked. He didn't even turn around he just gave me an
"I don't think your mum wants sexy sheets does she?" I smiled before digging
through my drawers. I pulled out a plain gray long sleeved kinda baggy shirt,
blue boxers, and black jeans. I went into the bathroom again and got black hair
dye. Harry gave me a suspicious look when he passed the bathroom. "What
are you doing?" He asked.
"Dyeing my head, putting blue streaks in it." He nodded once before going into
the bathroom. "You're taking a shower?"
"Do you not want me to?" He asked. I but my hands up in defense as He pulled
the small pair of boxers down. He turned on the water and watched me dye my
hair. Naked.
"Harry your seducing me again." I smiled. He chuckled before jumping into the, I
assume now warm water. I massaged the hair dye into my roots and other parts
as he was in the shower. He hopped back out when I was waiting for it to set. I
pulled on my boxers and he gave me a cheeky squeeze. I shot up and shot him
a glare. He grinned and skipped off, still naked, to get dressed. I washed my
head out in the shower then styles my hair up into a quiff and got dressed with
We laid on the sofa. I was packed. I just was spending Lazy time with my
"Hazza?" I asked quietly. He was close to falling asleep again. I think me
stroking his shoulder as we watched T.V was getting him tired. He hummed at
me in reply. "Do you ever want kids?" I asked. He nodded against my chest. He
looked so vulnerable in this state.
"I've always wanted a little boy." He mumbled sleepily. I smiled and placed my
hand over his.
"What would you name him?" I asked.
"I think we would name him William." He confessed. I smiled widely at him.
"We?" I pointed out. He blushed.
"Sorry. It slipped." I kissed his curls.
"I don't mind. Williams a good name." He smiled. I heard a knock at the door
and his smile drooped. I gave him a quick peck on the lips then got up to get
the door.
I swung the door open, and was attacked at the legs by 2 little blond girl, also
known as my sisters.
"Louis!" They squealed. My mum was next. I caught one of the girls, specifically
Daisy and held her to my hip.

"Well hello my baby sisters." I said to them. My mum grinned, picking up
Phoebe off my leg. Who squirmed out of her grasp and hugged my side. "Hey
Mum." I smiled. She pecked my cheek.
"Hello darling" I pulled the bunch in, which was just the 3. I set the girls on the
counter. My mum caught eye of Harry, who sat cross legged on the couch.
Daisy hopped off the counter and went up to him.
"Hi!" She burst out.
"Hello." He smiled. I blushed at my boyfriend's simple reply. My mum noticed
and Phoebe joined her twin.
"I'm Phoebe, and that's my twin sister, Daisy." The girls smiled.
"I can tell. I'm Harry."
"Why do you live with Louis?" Daisy asked. I walked over to the girls.
"Girls, there are cookies on the counter and milk in the fridge." The girls ran
over into the kitchen. I sighed. My mum approached.
"Hi Harry, I'm Jay." Harry shook her hand. "So Louis, I'm sensing some tension
here." I glanced at Harry.
"Harry is my boyfriend mum." She didn't say anything, until I took Harry's
shaking hand. Her eyes softened. I kissed his curls. He bent down to look at
"Honey, it's okay." She cooed. He looked at her through watery eyes.
"Babe, it's alright she's not mad. She isn't gonna hurt you." He let out a mangled
sigh. I encased him in my arms. Mum went over to the twins. "Harry. Shh. Harry
look at me. Why are you crying?" I asked wiping a falling tear.
"I thought she'd be mad and hit me-" I shushed him.
"She'd never even think of doing that okay? Go in my room alright. I'll be there in
a minute I'll have Liam come pick you up with Niall. You know. Niall his new
boyfriend?" He smiled.
"Alright." I got up and brought him to the bedroom, kissing him softly, and
leaving back to my mum. I sent a quick texts to Liam asking him to come get
"Is He okay?" My mum asked. Daisy hopped on my lap.

"He's not really accepted in school so he got nervous you hit him." I sighed Her
breath cut.
"He's that scared?" I nodded.
"Why would mum hit Harry?" My sister asked.
"Harry gets picked on at school Pheeb. And it's not okay. He's special." I
explained to her.
"Why? What makes him special Lou Lou?" Daisy asked playing with my dainty
"Harry Likes Boys. He doesn't wanna get married to girls he wants to get
married to boys."
"Does Harry wanna get married to you?" Daisy asked. I blushed. 
"I don't know Dais. You'd have to ask him." I joked.
"Can we ask him now?!" Phoebe asked bouncing up and down.
"No. Not now." My mum winked. I smiled.
"When?" Daisy asked. I laughed.
"Don't know!" I blew a raspberry in her neck. She giggled and squirmed. As did
I. I then heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door, as Liam stood
there, happily holding hands with his new boyfriend.
"He's in my room." Niall nodded and pulled Liam into to my room.
"Hi Jay!" Niall called out waving slightly to my mum.
"Hi Niall." She chuckled. Liam waved too. She waved back. I excused myself
from them, as I went to say goodbye to my amazing boyfriend. Niall and Liam
stood in the hallway, and let us have our moment.
"You gonna be okay?" I asked. He nodded. "Hey, she likes you. Don't worry.
Nothing bad is gonna happen to us alright. It'd take a lot of things to break us
up. My mum isn't one of them." He smiled weakly. "Come on, show me love."
He laughed before pressing our lips together. He wrapped his arms around my
neck, not wanting to break away.
"Love you Loubear." He whispered. I kissed his adorable nose.
"Love you too Cupcake." He smiled at the New nickname. "Ah so you do like
that one." He nodded and bit his lip. I gave him a hug and he kissed me once
more. "I have to go. Call me. Every night and morning. I'll miss your cute
morning voice to much." He smiled a giant smile.
"Okay." He sighed.
"Love you!"
"We've established this! I love you too." I gave him a cheeky slap to the bum.

"From this morning. Hope you're still sensitive my little slutcake." I winked. He
laughed before I grabbed my bag. I pecked his lips once more before joining
my mum downstairs. We went out to grab a cab and started the short drive to
the train station. My phone lit up.
Hazza<3: Slutcake? That my sexy cupcake name?
Me: Yes. u like? ;)
Hazza<3: Whatever u say Tomlinbum. :D
Me: ur so cheeky. Why do I even love u?
Hazza<3: Don't know. But I still love u after slapping my bum.
Me: Mm firm. ;)
Hazza<3: Again. I don't know why I love u.
Me: Thanks babe. I gotta go. Call you later?
Hazza: :( Okay. I love you baby

Me: Love you too Cupcake.
With that I turned off my phone as we got on the train. I leaned against the
window. My sister on the other side of me, my mum across from me and my
other sister beside her. I closed my eyes, only to think about my perfect
boyfriend, Harry


hey guys, sorry to say this but its almost the end of this book, like fave and comment what you think and also, should i make a sequel?,bye guys, love you 




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