tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


22. chapter 21

-harry's p.o.v-

The rest of the day with Louis was well spent. With sex... But also major
cuddling. And a bit of sleeping. I was actually really happy Louis was my first.
He felt so guilty, which I didn't understand at all because Louis, in my eyes, was
perfect. How could you not think Louis was perfect.
I laid across his chest, the covers if his bed up to my waist, although we weren't
clothed under the sheets.
"Hazza, when do you have to go home." He whispered. I looked up at him.
"You leave tomorrow, I leave the next day." He nodded and ran his fingers
through my curls.
"Harry?" I looked up at him again.
"I love you. So much." I intertwined our fingers and pressed a kiss to his
"I love you too. Love you loads." He pulled me closer to his body.
"What am I gonna do when I leave. I'm gonna miss you." He smiled against the
nape of my neck and placed a kiss on my shoulder blade. It sent shivers down
my spine. Good shivers. Louis only shivers.
"I know. I'm gonna miss you too. Maybe we can Skype chat or something. But
it's only until the 27th. We always have New Years together." He nodded
against my skin. Leaving endless pecks to the bruised skin he gave to me.
"You know what I just realized?" I turned to him.
"Your bruises are gone." I looked down at my body. It was just pale milky white
skin. Soft. The skin I was born with. I smiled widely.
"Yeah. They are! No what I realized about you?" He smiled.
"Waiting." He replied. I chuckled.
"You haven't had an attack in a long while." His eyes flashed with a bit of fear,
then he relaxed and placed his body right up against mine.
"Maybe it's the Xanax... Or maybe it's the fact I'm with you." He smiled and I smiled back. He closed the small space between us when we pressed our lips
together. It was long. Meaningful. No lust involved. That was until Louis
straddled me and ground his ass against my bits. I let out a mangled moan
against his lips before pulling away.
"Louis, no more." I told him.
"To much for your widdle weenie?" He said in a baby voice. I let out the breath I
had been holding in.
"Louis-" His hands traveled underneath the covers. "Louis! Please-" He tugged
on it once leaving a yelp from my lips. He laughed and tugged once more
before stopping and getting off.
"I have never hated you so much!" I yelled at him smiling.
"Over stimulation? Note to self, Hazza's form of torture."
"LOUIS!" I shouted.
"I'm surprised you didn't do it in my h-"
"Will you shut up!" I said rolling over, grimacing at the contact, but burying my
head in the pillow. I felt to arms wrap around me.
"I'm sorry for teasing you and your dick baby." I turned towards him.
"No you aren't." He smiled.
"Your right I'm not-" he leaned over and pecked my cheek before getting out of
bed. "But I love you. And I need to take a shower, as do you." I nodded. "And
unless you want to walk, I suggest you wait for your own shower. I laughed a bit,
but nodded once more and rolled over to sleep.

-louis p.o.v-

I'm not sorry. I can't keep my hands of my boyfriend, and I'm not sorry. If
anything, the way he looked made me do it.
His curls all stuck to his forehead. His lips nearly red and all swollen from the
aftermath. His pupils were blown to saucers. And when I touched him, he
screamed. Loud. That was all I had to do. And it was quite joyous to watch him
flop around.
We finished our showers and we looked relatively normal. We sat at the table,
eating bowls of cereal, even though it was nearly 4 in the afternoon. I eyed him.
Taking in the beauty he had, which seemed to be endless, when his phone
vibrated, sending me out of shock.
"It's Liam, on sec." I nodded and spooned cereal into my mouth as he left to talk
to Liam in the hall. I observed his walking. It seemed okay. Although I did smile
to myself about wrecking him to pieces. He returned a moment later.
"Everything alright babe?" I asked. His eyes focused on me.
"Yeah, he's just wondering where I'm at. Apparently, he's with Niall." We both
smiled stupidly at each other.

"If they aren't dating in a week, I don't even know what I'd bet." Harry laughed
loudly before covering his mouth. I laughed at him laughing, and before we
knew it, we were laughing so hard we were nearly crying. Our laughing
suppressed when my phone rang.

My mum?
"Hello?" I asked.
"LOUIS! My baby boy how are you?" I smiled as my mum nearly screamed out
my eardrum "Louis? Is that Louis mum? Let me talk." Background voices filled
the phone as I pulled it away from my ear slightly.
"I'm alright, how are you?"
"I'm good. I'll be picking you up tomorrow afternoon."
"Tomorrow afternoon, sounds like a plan."
"Louis?" Harry asked. He reached towards my bowl, waiting for my approval to
take it.
"Go ahead Haz,-"
"Who's Haz?" My mother's voice asked. "Louis am I interrupting something?"
"No I just... Well yeah." I sighed. She chuckled.
"Louis, it's okay I'll call you back later when you're alone."
"That's kinda the thing mum, he's here for a while."
"Oh so it's a boy? No pretty girls Hun?" I could feel the smirk in her voice, which
brought a blush upon my cheeks.
"No. You can meet him tomorrow though." The sound of plates clattering filled
the air. Harry turned to me nervously. I signaled him over, he sat in my lap and
rest his head on my collarbone, my free hand wrapped around his waist.
"Oh I can? That'd be wonderful. I'll see you tomorrow love. Bye! Love you!"
"Love you too! Tell the girls I love them!" With that the click signaled the ending
if the call.
"I'm meeting your mum?" Harry asked nervously. I pressed a kiss to his curls.
"Yeah. Unless you don't want to. You can leave in the morning if you'd like and I
can say you left for holiday-"
"No babe it's fine. It's just... I'm gay and your my boyfriend and-" I kissed him
lightly on his still swollen lips.

"She knows I like guys. You'll be fine. I promise." He nodded and I brushed my
fingers through his curls. "Hey, look at me." He did. With worried eyes. "I love
you, she'll understand." He smiled.
"I love you too." I pressed our lips together. He knotted his fingers through my
hair, I slipped my tough in his mouth and he did the same. He pulled away.
"Since when?" I gave him a curious look.
"Since when what?" I asked.
"Since when have you had a tongue ring?" He asked with wide eyes.
"Oh, well I've always had it I just put it in today." He shook his head. "What why
do you want me to take it out." He shook his head.
"No. No no and no. Just.. Just kiss me again I like it." I smiled as we started
where we left off. Our heads tilted and my hand rested firmly against his neck.
He pulled away.
"What?" I asked.
"You don't know how good that feels." Heat sprung up to my cheeks. "Jesus
that is so hot." I grinned and we proceeded. I tried to make it as intense as I
could for him now. He pulled away again.
"Oh my... How... F*ck." he panted. I smiled and let out a laugh. I wrapped my
arms around his waist.
"You like that?" I asked leaving a kiss against his skin. He nodded, still panting.
"So... What was that about waiting love?" I winked. He pushed my chest
playfully and got up.
"No teasing me!" He winned, I followed him up and eveloped him in my arms.
"But your fun to tease!" He pouted. I placed a kiss to his pout. He smiled slightly
and continued, just as things were getting too heated, there was a knock at the
door. I pulled away giving my boyfriend a confused look. He went off into the
kitchen as I got the door.
"LOUIS please help me!" He shouted. He tugged at his hair. I gave him a
concerned, confused look.
"What's wrong?"
"I.. I kissed him."
"Kissed who?"
"I kissed Liam I just don't-" I hugged him lightly.
"It's okay. Everythings alright Ni. Just tell me what happened." I asked. The
blond boy sighed.
"We went out walking and got coffee then we were walking back and It got dark
and his hand brushed against mine and then I slipped on ice and He grabbed my hand and... It just happened." Niall sped out. I nodded at the jumble of
information. I heard the door shut. "What was that?" Niall asked.
"It's just Harry." Niall put his head in his hands.
"Louis. What did I do? Liam likes girls." Niall asked. He looked at me with
broken and watery eyes. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders.
"No he doesn't" A deep voice inturrupted. I looked up and Harry gave me a
small reassuring smile.
"He's not Gay Harry he told me." Harry shook his head.
"He is. He is closet gay Niall. He doesn't wanna be judged is all." Harry told

"Why wouldn't he have told me then?" Niall asked. Harry smiled at the ground.
"Well, maybe because he doesn't wanna get beaten at school like I did?" Harry
suggested. I rubbed Niall's back lightly. Harry's eyes flashed with sadness and
hurt. I knew he hated talking about his beatings.
"Where is Liam?" I asked Niall. Niall's eyes went wide.\
"I... I don't know I just kinda... Ran off." Harry went into a panic. He ran around to
get his stuff as did Niall, but Niall was quicker and was gone in a flash. I got up
and jumped in front of Harry.
"Don't leave. Please don't leave." I begged. He shook his head.
"I'll be back." He promised. I grabbed his wrists. "Lou, I'm not going to war. I'm
just going to find Liam." I shook my head.
"Just be careful okay?" He looked at me worriedly.
"Louis, is there something your not telling me?" I shook my head. "Yeah there
is. Tell me."
"You don't know the area I just want you to be okay." I whispered.
"Louis. That's not it. Now tell me what's wrong." 
"I just don't wanna be alone." I confessed. Harry grinned.
"I'll be home soon I promise." He said tilting my chin up to meet his eyes.
"Home?" I asked smiling a bit.
"Home. Where you feel loved the most." I smiled and pecked his lips.
"Love you."
"Love you too Loubear." He pecked my lips again before leaving. The flat was
Harry'd be home soon. He promised


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