tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


2. chapter 2

-louis p.o.v-

You know, I'm used to the glares Niall and I get. The small talk that happens
when we enter a public place. Besides our shop. Personally though, It's
annoying. People just sit there and gawk at us like we're some type of rare
species. We have eyes. We can see you staring at us.
"Lou! Ni! How are you guys?" Megan greeted. Megan was Anna's daughter.
She was a waitress and she was also, a good friend. We gave her 3 tattoos.
Her mother wasn't exactly happy about how We specifically gave her the
Tattoos, but eventually, she gave in.
"We're alright Megs." Niall replied giving her a half hug. I did the same. I noticed
people snickering about us.
"Off to table 7 then shall we?" She smiled ushering us into the back. As we
passed the customers, I heard a conversation that wasn't particularly favourable
on my account "Ugh Those boys are disgusting hood rats. That girl is gonna end up in jail if
she hangs around those people"
A man muttered. I stopped and clenched my fists.
"Care to speak up gentlemen? WE ALL HAVE EARS!" I bitterly replied. The
men at the table faces changed dramatically. I noticed Niall give me a pleading
glare not to start a fight here.
"Uh.. Um no. Sorry." He gulped. I nodded, giving them dead eyes, and walked
back to Niall. Megan stood there waiting for me.
"Not tonight Lou, please?" She whispered to me as I slid into the booth.
"Sorry Meg, won't happen again." I sighed and slouched down into the booths
leather-like structure. She gave a small smile before heading off back to the
front. Niall stared at me as I ran my finger over a tattoo on my hand. "What?" I
asked smiling. He grinned
"You love to start fights don't you" He laughed slightly looking at the menu.
"No! Those guys were being dicks about us." I defended. Niall shook his head.
"Whatever you say Louis"
-1 hour later-
-Harry's Point of View-
"That was good. Thanks Li." I smiled. He returned the gesture as we waited for
the bill.
"Hey that's Ni!" Liam grinned.

"Who?" I asked confused.
"Oh Niall. He did my tattoos. One sec." Liam got up and walked over to a blond
boy, with purple streaks in his quiff and gauges. He looked intimidating. He had
his hands in his pockets and he and Liam strolled over. "Niall, this is Harry.
He's thinking about getting a tattoo." I stuck out my hand for a shake, but Niall
went in for daps, which was a bit awkward.
(If you don't know what daps is, I can't really explain it)
"Nice. Whatcha thinking?" He asked. I felt like I was 2 inches tall. My mouth
opened but no words came out. Niall grinned. "Undecided. Hey what's your
favorite song bud?" He asked.
"Free falling" I replied quietly. Niall grinned at Liam then scratched the back of
his neck.
"How would you feel about writing 'Free' on your inner wrist or forearm?" He
asked. I pondered it. I looked at my wrist and rubbed it. "We can always do
stencils if you aren't sure yet" He replied. I nodded.
"I like the idea" I smiled, Liam nodded.
"It'd look nice" Liam added. Niall agreed.
"Alright, swing by tomorrow and I'll whip up a design for you. I'll catch you later
okay boys?" Niall gave daps to Liam before jogging off. I noticed Niall meet up
with a boy. His hair was died black and he had like a BILLION tattoos. He had
gauges too, but little ones 8 mm maybe? 
"He seems nice." I said. Liam raised his eyebrows as he took a swig of his soda.
"Don't be judgemental Harry. He's wicked nice.... Cute too." My eyes popped
out of my head.
"Please tell me you aren't crushing on your tattoo artist." I moaned. Liam
"I don't think he's gay anyways. Hush up." He signed the bill and we went back
to our dorm.
I can't believe I'm gonna get a tattoo tomorrow
"Nervous?" Liam asked me as we approached the same area as last night. I
"Does it hurt?" I asked.
"Sometimes. it depends where you get it. I think If you get it on your forearm it'll
hurt less than your wrist." I agreed. A bell chimed as we entered the shop. Niall
was tattooing a young man in a chair.
"LOU!" Niall called as we came in sight of him. A boy jogged in. He was.....
His eyes were an intoxicating color of blue framed with a smudge of black
along his eyes. He had the British flag as ear stretchers in his ears. He wore a
fitted black t-shirt that showed off his arms coated in tattoos. Skulls, birds,
flames. His body told a story. A gun tattoo peaked off his neck and he greeted
us with a bright smile.

"Hey Liam nice seeing you here. Harry right?" The boy asked. I nodded. "I'm
Louis. People call me Lou. Niall calls me whatever nickname he comes up with
for the day. Alright, lemme give you a design." I followed Louis as Liam gave
me a reassuring smile and sat in a chair by the front desk. Louis pulled out a
note card and a sketch pad. "So tell me about it."
"Umm well, Niall said since my favorite song is free falling I should get free on
my arm." Louis gave me a look like I had 10 heads.
"Harry, what do you want. Not what Niall suggested, what do you think you
want?" He asked. I racked my brain for something that meant a lot to me.
"Won't stop til we surrender"
He smiled.
"That's better." He told me. He wrote it out in a cursive font. "Whatcha think?"
He asked. I smiled wide.


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