tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


19. chapter 18

-harry's p.o.v-

"Louis?" I asked. He was silent. He slid off my lap. He didn't touch me. My heart
pounded out of my chest. I could feel it through my fingertips, it echoed through
me head.
"Louis please say something." I begged. He stared into his trembling hands.
"Louis please." I whispered. I placed my hand on his thigh. He flinched and
pushed it off.
My heart shattered into tiny pieces. He didn't love me. it was obvious. I'm an
idiot. I fell for him, I fell for him in a vulnerable state. I fell in love with him when I
was broken. Now, in just a fool.
"Louis. Louis please speak!" I begged, my voice was weak and shaking,
threatening to release sobs. But he sat there. Zoned out and motionless. I got
up and grabbed my coat. His dull blue eyes followed me. I wiped the tears that
were falling. I opened the door with my coat barely on.
"Har-" I slammed the door. I ran down the stairs, tears streaming down my
"Harry are you alright son?" Marty called out. I shook my head and ran put the
building. I ran. I ran to the place I should've stayed. I should've never left that
damn dorm that night and went to Anna's with Liam. I'd rather get hit by Ryan
everyday, then experience Louis pushing me away. His bitter silence when I left.
But it seemed like the day wanted to get worse and worse.
"Hey faggot." Ryan and his followers snickered.
"Awe he's crying." I saw Bella out of the corner of my eye say. She was nice to
me a few days ago. When we were with Bridget.
"Your boyfriend break up with you Hazzykinz?" People chuckled.
"He's such a fag!"
"F*cking homo!"
"What a joke."
It was to much right now. It all just built up. Tears overflowed my eyes. I sobbed
and pushed past them. Some shoved me. Others laughed and continued to call
me slurs. I rammed my way through and escaped to our dorm. Liam was inside.

I slammed the door and slid against it fully breaking down. Liam sprung up off
his bunk and hurried over to me.
"Harry what happened? Tell me why your upset." I just kept sobbing but I leaned
into his shoulder. He rubbed circles into my back. I nearly soaked Liam's shirt
through. "Harry talk to me. It's okay. Did Ryan hit you?"
"I wish he did."

-louis p.o.v-

"Har-" He slammed the door. "Harry." I whispered softly. I felt a tear in the
corner of my eye.
I sat there. I don't know for how long. I didn't cry. Just that one tear fell. I was
numb. Just numb all over. Harry's cologne still hung faintly in the air. His warmth
was gone. His tea, still the way he left it. A teardrop on the coffee table. The
night came quickly. The city lights were the only light in the living room. My
phone on the table, vibrated nearly 10 times. 6 times from Niall. 4 from unknown
number, I assume to which is Liam. None from Harry.
Was he gone?
Did he hate me?
He hates you Louis. Everyone hates you.
You broke a poor kids heart.
I remembered when He first came into the parlor. So innocent. So fragile.
Unsure of himself. I remembered how he picked out his own tattoo, and not
Niall's. How when he pulled off his shirt, his skin was so bare. Not tan, but not
pale. How we kept a conversation going. How it only hurt him a tiny bit. His
laugh. His big green eyes, that turned a bit gray from the winter weather.
How he came back the next day battered in bruises. Cuts all over him. The
defined fist on his abdomen. How he was so much like me. How he didn't want
to tell me who hit him. When we texted the whole night. How I became his
security blanket.
How he was sleepy on his concussion. How he leaned all over me. How fragile
and cuddly he was. How he came to me and wanted me. How I stayed with him
most of the night. How I lulled him to sleep by running my fingers through his
How we went for a walk the next morning. And ended up kissing. How soft his
lips were. How we were closer than ever. How his hand fit in mine, despite how
large it was.
How he came over at lunch. How he could steal kisses so easily from me. And
that I didn't mind. How he took me on a date. And it was perfect. How he was
the best cuddler. How we fell asleep together.

How he told me he loved me.
I'm a coward.
Nothing less.
I was just afraid.
Afraid of all the things I was taught by Alex.
That I was scum. How Nobody would ever love me.
But I do.
I do Love Harry.
I just don't know how I can say it.
Especially now

-liam's p.o.v-

Harry was sick the next day. I don't know how, but he was. Maybe it was from
crying in the middle of winter. Or walking over to Louis so many times this week
in only a light jacket. When he laid on his bed, he would just cry silently. You
couldn't hear a sniffle or a sob or anything. I went to pull some blankets over him
last night when I got back from practice, his sheets were stained with tears. As
well as his cheeks. I felt so bad for him. I took his phone last night too. I
managed to pick out Louis. I called him 4 times. He didn't pick up. I assumed it
was hard for Louis. I hoped, and also didn't hope, he was the same way as
Harry. I hoped he was because that'd mean he wasn't picking up for a reason. I
didn't hope he was, because Harry was honestly a horrible sight right now.
The next day, I knew I only had night and afternoon classes. I decided, I was
gonna take matters into my own hands. I looked at Harry's tired and coughing
body, and I knew this was my motivation.
I scurried out the college building early. 7:30 early. I was gonna make sure that
Harry and Louis would be okay. In a relationship? Yes. No friendzones here. I
went into the café, only to be greeted by a familiar, loveable, pair of bright blue
"Niall!" I called out. His head shot up and he smiled. He jumped up.
"Liam!" He grinned. He went in for daps, that ended with a hug. He pulled me to
a chair in front of him, and I ordered a quick drink. "How's Harry doing?" He
asked taking a drink of his hot chocolate. I shook my head.
"Terrible. And Lou?" Niall frowned.
"A shut out. He just isn't the same. He doesn't even talk." We sighed.
"How are we gonna make this work Li?" I smiled at the use of my nickname.
"Well one has got to talk to the other." I stated. Niall nodded.
"But which, is the real question." I agreed.
"Guess the Niall and Liam get back plan is underway." He grinned.

"The Niam get back plan." I smiled wide.
"The Niam get back plan. I like it."

-harry's p.o.v-

Liam left. I was sick, I really was. Although I really don't want to do anything right
now. I sat up, wrapped up in my covers. I leaned across the table and grabbed
my phone.
Not a call.
A text.
Nothing from Louis at all.
I guess he really didn't love me. He really didn't want to know how I was. How
much I love him. How much I thought about him. How much I wanted to be back
at his house and cuddling with a cup of tea on his couch. I laid my head back on
the pillow and pulled my blanket closer to my uneasy body. I closed my eyes for
what seemed like 2 minutes when I heard...
*Knock Knock*
I turned my head. Realizing now that I was just crying again.
"Harry?" I watched as Sophie slowly emerged into the dark dorm room. "How
ya feeling?" She asked with a small smile. I turned over.
"Why are you here?" I sighed. Her eyes got dim. "Sorry I just..." I apologized.
"It's okay, I know you aren't up for talking to little old me. I just wanted to make
sure that you are doing okay." She said. I shifted my eyes up to her' s. "Awe
Harry are you?... Harry I'm sorry your sick!" She dropped her stuff down and ran
to my side.
"I'm fine." I mumble.
"Are you sure? Do you want me to call Louis?" She asked. I felt tears hit me
like a bus. "Harry what happened with you and him? I've seen you upset but not
"Louis broke up with me." I sobbed. She stopped.
"Why?" She asked.
"He doesn't love me."
"Did he say that?" I was silent for a moment.
"Not exactly..."
"Harry, maybe Louis just doesn't-"
"HE PUSHED ME AWAY!" I half yelled, half sobbed. Sophie hugged me.
"Shhh Harry I know he didn't mean it. He loves you. He just doesn't know how to handle it. I'm sure of if." I shook my head.
"No you aren't. You don't know Louis." I sniffled. She rubbed my shoulder.
"Harry, I know you're hurting. But why don't you come to Liam's game with us
tomorrow. I'm sure he'd love to see you cheer him on." She said, trying to get
my mind off things. I shrugged my shoulders.
"I'm not up for-"
"Please?!" She begged.
"I- I guess." She squealed.
"Yay! I'll be by tomorrow!" I sadly nodded. "Don't worry Harry, it'll all work out." I
flashed fake, but believing smile. She walked out the door.
"Niam get back plans a-go!" I heard her whisper. Niam? Who's Niam?


ahhh guys im so sorry i didnt update, soo busy but anyway i will probably update again, okay bye guys love you



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