tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


14. chapter 13

-louis p.o.v-

(well i promised you guys a cute chapter so here you go, enjoy)

I brought Harry to the Doctor, and Liam and Niall stayed at work. I refused to
leave Niall alone, I feel like he needs protection. And Liam and Niall seem to be
getting along well, so I mine as well set them up to watch the shop while I'm out
for a few hours.

"Louis Tomlinson?" A young nurse called out to me. My head lifted up. "Harry
would like you for the report" I nodded and got my awkward tattooed and
pierced butt out of that waiting room. Not that I didn't expect it in a hospital.

Although maybe its because it's because at My mum's hospital, everyone knows me as the Tattooed Tommo kid. When your mum's head nurse, people treat you with more respect. Not here. I followed the nurse to a small blue room where Harry was sitting on a bed, drumming his fingers in his lap. His face was all red.

A small smile fell to his lips as we entered the room. I returned the smile
and sat down in a similar chair, almost exactly like the ones in the waiting room.
Harry looked at me and when I looked back, I couldn't help but notice how giant
his pupils were.

"Okay Mr. Styles." The doctor entered the room. I didn't even realize that the
nurse left Harry and I alone. I was too focused on the large eyes. "So, your nose
is broken, fortunately we've already put something up in your nose to basically
speed the healing process up. And you do have a concussion. So Mr. Styles,
do you drive?"

"No. Not usually." He lowly replied. That boy was very sleepy. His eyes were
droopy and he kept yawning. Poor Boy.

"Well that's good because I advise Mr. Tomlinson to watch your habits. You
might wanna make sure he gets some rest." I raised my eyebrows at the

"What do you mean me? I have work all day." I answer coldly.

"Well I assume that you would want to help your boyfriend get-"

"What!? Harry's not my boyfriend, that's insane!" I laughed. I looked over at
Harry, wondering if he was laughing too, but he wasn't. At all. He had a broken
appearance. Not even from the fact he had a concussion and broken nose, but
the fact I said I wasn't his boyfriend.

"Oh well I'm sorry for the miscommunication lads, but does Harry have a caregiver?" The doctor awkwardly asked.

"Not technically, but he has his roommate Liam." I told him. I looked over at
Harry, his head was slowly moving to the right. I put my hand on his leg, and his
head went back up. Stay awake Harry, stay awake. The doctor nodded.

"Alright Harry, you're free to go. You've been signed out, so you can leave
whenever you're ready." Harry sleepily nodded. As the Doctor left, I got up and
helped Harry off the bed. His head immediately fell onto my shoulder.

"Harry, stay awake. I know you're tired but don't sleep on me." I smiled. He
groaned softly and kept his head there. I sighed, realizing I wasn't going to win
with a sleepy 6 foot tall boy. I wrapped my arm around his waist and brought
him to the desk, getting whispers and snickers from the people watching us.

"Awe look at those two lovebirds. So cute." I heard a woman whisper to a nurse
as they walked past.

"They are so adorable. Tattoo twins. That's the cutest thing ever." 2 nurses

"Louis. Can you take me home?" Harry asked into my shoulder.

"Yeah sure." I replied. I felt someone poke me, I turned around to see a young
girl, no more than 11 standing there. Harry tilted his head so he could see her.

"Hi." He sleepily mumbled to the girl. She smiled.

"You and You are cute together." She said pointing to each of us. She was
honestly adorable. She reminded me of my little twin sisters. I smiled.

"We aren't together babe." I told her. Her smile weakened.

"You should be." With that she walked away. Sassy little girl she is. I've honestly
never seen an 11 year old girl flip her hair at me and walk away.

"Harry you're wearing scrubs?" He nodded mumbled 'mmhm' into my shoulder.

"Take my hoodie it's cold out." With that I took off my hoodie and slipped it over
his head for him. I swear on my life I heard 4 people squeal in that room. I rolled
my eyes and brought him outside. My bare... My tattooed arms were instantly hit
by the cold December air. Goosebumps spread over my body. I got Harry and I
a cab quickly, and we got back to his college in easy time.

I took Harry inside, my hands still around his waist for a guide. I noticed a lot of
stares coming from students, I assume. And teachers, which once again I

"Harry where's your dorm room?" I asked.

"50...51" He mumbled. I guided him through the halls until I got to his room. I
unlocked it for him and set him on a bed. "I'm sleepy." He told me.

"Then go to sleep Haz." I replied.

"I don't wanna sleep alone." He whispered. I sighed.

"I'm not sleeping with you." I argued.

"Fine. But just stay until Liam comes back. Please?" I half smiled.

"Okay, that's all then." I sat on the bed. Where Harry instantly put his head in my
lap. I smiled. This boy definitely was cute when he's tired. I ran my fingers
through his curls, and after 2 minutes He was out cold. I didn't stop though. it
was equally as relaxing for him as it was for me. I turned to my left and saw 2
girls drooling over my position with Harry. I smiled and raised my eyebrows

"You guys are so cute. Are you dating? Is he your boyfriend?" They shot questions at me like I committed a crime.

"No we aren't dating, nor is he my boyfriend." I quietly replied.

"Ask him out. Do t you see how perfect you'd be?"

"Why does everyone say that? Harry and I are just friends."

"Friends don't run to the other after they just got beat up. Friends don't run there
fingers through the others hair until they fall asleep. And friends don't let friends
wear there hoodies, fall asleep on them, and bring each other home and stay
because the other is lonely." I blushed. I had really bought that whole couple
rumor onto myself.

"He's blushing! Oh my God you do like him!" One squealed. I rolled my eyes.

"He's gay you know."

"I do know that."

"And you're bi aren't you?" I looked at the girls with suspicion.

"How did you know that?"

"Cause Harry only likes gay guys."

"He likes me?"

"Isn't it obvi!"


"Obvious. Why don't you just ask him out, he'd say yes no sweat."

"I'm just not ready for a relationship right now" Alex flashed in my mind.

"Listen, what's your name?"


"Well I'm Bridget and this is Sophie. Anyways, Harry isn't exactly in the best
position either. But he still wanted you. He ditched Liam for you when he got
beat up earlier. And in the lounge he always has his phone. I bet he is texting
you. 12 pm right?" I nodded slowly. "All I'm saying is, Harry like you. A lot. And
Ryan doesn't like that about him. If you are there for him, Ryan won't hurt him

"He won't?"

"No! You're to intimidating."

"I am?"

"Yeah, you're tattoos, your gauges. Your scowl."

"So because I have tattoos and piercings and that makes me intimidating?"
The girls nodded.

"Just go out with Harry. Harry is so cute and you and him just make

"You think Harry is cute?"

"What girl doesn't! Look how innocent and sweet he is! When Ryan doesn't
bother him he's just that little quiet boy in the back of class that is gay and he's
just HE'S CUTE!" They gushed. I looked at the boy and smiled. He was cute.

Very cute. Especially when he slept. He didn't even snore. He just was
breathing a little loudly cause of his nose.

"I don't know..."

"Just ask him out please please please. He needs you. And in his phone your
name is Loubear..." They whispered.

"How do you know this?!"

"We see him text you all the time. Now we know who you are." I guess that's not
as creepy? "Just say you'll ask him out"

"I can't promise you anything."

"Louis! He likes you!"

"Guy he's cute. He's cute as hell in fact. And it's not like I wouldn't want to date
him, I just physically can't."

"Why not!?"

"I can tell you."

"Louis why? Tell us! Louis! Lou! Louis! Tell us! L-"


The girls were shocked. I felt tears run down my cheeks. Louis leave. Get out
now. You just screamed out the biggest secret of your life to 2 people you don't
even know. I got up quickly and went to push pass the girls

"Louis?" I heard a voice whisper. I turned around and saw Harry, his eyes half
closed his arm out. "Stay. Please. You promised." I wiped my nose on my
sleeve and turned back at him. The girls felt uncomfortable and left. I looked at
the vulnerable boy, while closing the door. I kicked off my Vans and sat back on
the bed.

"Did I wake you up?" I asked. He nodded. I sighed. I felt his arms snake around
my waist. "Harry, what are you doing?" He pulled me closer to him. He put his
head on top of mine.

"Just sleep. That's all I want is sleep. I don't care what they said and I don't care
what you said. I just want you to sleep." I was surprised. My heart fluttered and
my stomach untwisted it's knots, and was now filled with butterflies.

"Harry do you like me?" He mastered out a small yes. My heart seemed to be
beating at the speed of light. 

"Do you like me back?" I was silent for a few moments.

"I think I do."


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