tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


11. chapter 10

I'm gonna warn you this had Niam in the beginning so for Larry skip ahead. :)

-liam's p.o.v-

Niall and I walked around the base of town for a bit. It was quite the beautiful
scene to be honest. Snow was delicately falling adding silently to the
snowbanks. Niall looked effortlessly good. He was wearing a gray beanie and
a gray and black heavy and hooded jacket. His hands snug in his pockets. The
beanie shielded the blue and black that was now in his multicolored hair. And
his jacket hid his array of tattoos that coated his arms. Besides his lip ring,
Clover tattoo on his neck, and his love tattoo on his thumb, he would pass as a
normal 19 year old boy.

"So, Liam. What do you even do at UNI?" Niall asked bringing me out of my
concentration. I cleared my throat.

"Well I'm studying the music arts. That's my major." He nodded his head. His
cheeks now a rosy color from the cold and his lips a dim pink. " Well what about
you what's your story behind all those tattoos?" I asked with a smile. Niall
grinned. He looked up at a small coffee shop ahead of us.

"I'll tell you over a cuppa" He told me. I agreed as we walked across the street
to the shop. We opened the door and I was hit by the warm heat. Niall rubbed
his hands together as I pulled off my jacket leaving me in just my green hoodie.
Niall snagged us a table in the back. We both got piping hot cups and sat back
at our table.

"It all started in 9th grade. I was more into darker things. I listened to Nirvana,
guns and roses. My mum jokingly called me a rebel child. Then at the beginning
of 10th grade, I went against my parents will and got a tattoo. At first they
freaked, but since it was small, they didn't let it get the best of them. Slowly and
surely I began to wear guyliner. I got my lip done. I got plugs. And I graduated
High school when I was 17 with a half sleeve." I urged him to continue rubbing
the paper cup for warmth on my hands.

"Then I met Louis. And he was wicked at drawing. Not normal people but like
words in a unique font. Little tattoos. One thing he drew he actually got tattooed.
I guess you could say I found my long lost brother cause I could do the same.

About 6 months after I graduated Louis and I moved into the area of the shop.
We don't live 'round here. I'm Irish, as you know, an Lou's from Doncaster.

Anyways. We took all our saving and bought it. It was a dream come true. We
both wants it. One of our first customers was Megan, Anna's daughter. The waitress at Anna's?"

"Yeah I know her!" I told him. He smiled and went on with the story.

"Yep well. She's a good friend of ours now, as is Anna. So we eat there loads."
I chuckled as he continued.

"Over time Lou and I got more and more tattoos. Louis sisters and Mum Want
him to stop, but I don't think he will. I just gave him a new one last night." I

"Well that was an interesting story Ni" I told him.

"Ni?" He smirked. I blushed in realization I just gave Niall a nickname.

"Yeah... Ni... Sorry" I told him still blushing.

"Its okay. I like your nickname."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Ni. I like it"

-louis p.o.v-

I wiped the ink off his skin as I worked for hours at a time. We managed to keep
a conversation going and I was surprised Niall wasn't back from his 'date' with

"How you holding up?" I asked. His skin was red from the slight irritation of the

"Perfect. Just pleasant" He replied. I smiled at the sarcasm.

"Lotta pain?" I asked. He moved his head side to side not giving me a yes nor
a no.

"I expected it. So what's this date with Liam and Niall?" He asked. I chuckled.

"Nialler is a bit of a flamboyant switch." I told him. He have me a confused look.
"He's pansexual Harry. He can be gay or strait" He nodded His head in

"Oh." He dimly replied.

"To bad Liam's strait huh? they'd be cute." I mumbled the last bit. Harry
chuckled to himself. "What?" I asked.

"Don't tell anyone but, Liam's not a ruler." He whispered. I laughed.

"You serious? Liam's closet gay? Man that sucks!" He nodded his head.

"Yeah what about you. You seem like the girl type." I stopped tattooing for a

"Girl type as in flamboyant or girl type as in I like pussy?" He blushed at my

"Pussy" He mumbled. I grinned.

"Sometimes. Not all the time." His face brightened.

"So your bisexual?" He asked with a strait face. I shrugged.

"Never gotten to far with a guy." I lied. I hate lying but I do not want this kid hitting
on me. Even if he is the cutest thing to walk the planet.

"How far have you gotten?" He hesitantly asked. I pressed my lips together so
my ring was pressed against my top lip so tight it almost hurt. I continued to
trace the whimsical designs over his skin and wiped the ink. Horrible back
images glossed my head as I payed the question no mind.

"Baby are you coming to bed?" Alex asked. His dark lustful eyes signaled me
he was going to have his ways with me. I gulped as I poured tap water into my

"I- I have to work in the morning with N-Niall" I scratched out. My voice was
horrible sounding and filled with fear. I felt to arms link around my inked over
body. I wasn't wearing a shirt so I felt weak under Alex's touch.

"Niall can wait can't he? Just a quickie before bed yeah?" Alex smirked into
my, now pale from terror, white skin. His hands traveling slowly down my
stomach and stopping at the strings of my flannel pajama pants.

"Alex please not tonight. I'll do it tomorrow but not tonight." I begged. I was lying
for sure. I would never give myself to him. But I knew he'd make me.

"Louis don't make me angry" He warned digging his fingertips into my hips
making me wince. "Just do it." He told me biting my neck trying to give me love

"A-Alex stop." I pleaded. His hands traveled to my upper thigh.

"Louis I know you wanna take it. My big c-" I jumped away from him as his hand
inched towards my crotch.

"I SAID STOP IT!" I yelled at him. His hands turned into fists. He grabbed the
nearest knife of the kitchen counter and glared at me.

"Don't f*cking play with me Louis I'm not in the mood." He violently told me.
"Alex please I just don't want it tonight I'll do it tomorrow come on baby don't.
Just drop the knife." I cooed. He shook his head and walked towards me. I was
against the wall and now I was cornered. He traced the knife gently over my skin. Leaving white lines over my skin.

"But you're so pretty tonight." He told me. I gulped as my eyes were trained on
the knife. He pushed it into my side as he giggled a bit. I wanted to push him off

He had the knife

He was in charge

"I'll be prettier tomorrow. Alex don't, you're hurting me." I whispered. His
fingertips locked on my bottoms.

"I want you tonight and I'm gonna get you tonight now come upstairs." He
warned. I didn't move. His eyes grew with anger as he thrust the knife to my hip.

My breath cut short.

"COME UPSTAIRS!" He screamed. I nodded as I followed him up the stairs.

Only looking back to see the knife shoved into the wall.

«Flashback over«

-harry's p.o.v-

"Louis?" I mumbled. He was completely out if it. Thankfully he pit the tattoo gun
down, but I was getting nervous. His breathing was rapid. I suddenly felt the
familiar dinging of the door and Niall and Liam's voice flooded the parlor.

"Louis?" I whispered quietly.

"HEY LOU YOU IN HERE?!" Niall shouted. I noticed Louis shaking and
decided I had to get up. I got up as he didn't even seem to notice and went to

"Harry?! What the hell are you doing to your arm? are you getting a sleeve?!
WHY the hell would-" suddenly I heard wheezing instead of Liam's complaining.
Niall's eyes widened.

"Crap!" Niall bolted to the back and I followed only to see Louis gasping for
breath. Niall quickly grabbed a paper bad and put it over Louis mouth. "it's
alright Lou. shh. You're okay just breathe." Niall coped. He rubbed Louis back
as he slowly regained his breath. His breathing was still short when he stopped
using the bag but he also looked insanely sleepy.

"What happened?" Louis rummaged out.

"You had an attack Lou." Liam and I exchanged looks. Niall was so calm about
this like it happened all the time. "Do you need to go to the hospital?" Niall
asked. Louis shook his head distantly. 

"No ill be fine. I think I'm gonna lay down. I feel funny." Niall nodded and watched
Louis wobbly get up and go to the back.

"What happened to him?" I asked after a moment. Niall motioned me over to
where I was sitting when Louis was tattooing me and turned the gun back on.

"Anxiety attack." Niall casually told us. Liam's eyes widened as Niall began to
tattoo me again.

"Does it happen often for him?" Liam spoke up. Niall nodded.

"Sadly yes. He's not exactly been well. His mum said he had flare ups as a kid
but now it just happens when you say the wrong things." Niall told us. I gulped.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Did you mention a guy or his past relationships?" Niall asked. I sadly nodded.

He sighed. "Lou wasn't in the best situations when it came to that type of stuff.

So if you mentioned it, I'd think that's what set him off." Niall told me.

"Was he an abuse victim?" Liam chipped up.

"He'll tell you his story when he's ready. You just gotta be patient.

I felt so guilty. I set off Louis anxiety attack. What if Niall wasn't here and it was
just me. Why'd he have one when I said something about his relationships


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