Our Little Secret

Harry Styles is misunderstood from the rest of the world. They think he's stuck up and full of himself, but he needs to prove them wrong. That's when Ali comes along and somehow sweeps him off his feet. Will it last , or will something terrible tear the two apart?


1. Chapter !

Hi, my names Ali. I have dark brown hair that falls right at my waist but sometimes covers up my hazel eyes. I live in New York and I spend my time at home writing, trying to publish my books. I am now 19 heading on 20 but I moved away from home at 18 to live a wonderful life in the big city. I have lots of friends because once upon a time I was a model for Hollister Co. I try to make light of me getting fired just because my hair had started to break.  Yeah. Living in the big city, small apartment , and my cat Woody. I love to run because I was overweight as a child and it was really rough for me. I've never slept with anyone or even had a boyfriend. It was either " She's too fat " or "She's like a mega freak!" I stepped above those who thought of me so low. The kids that realized over the years I was started to slim down, get pretty, and even bumped up my style. Of course, I rejected them. But I had new friends now and they arent gonna bring me down. In fact, I was going clubbing with some of my girlfriends. It's going to be so fun. Tomorrow night though, we are going to a One Direction concert together. They are SOOO gorgeous. I started to get ready, picking out a cute tight pink dress that stopped at the knees and some black pumps to go with it. I curled my hair so that it fell on my boobs and applied make-up that made me look golden. I heard a honk from below and sensed it was for me. I grabbed my phone, wallet, and lip stick while pacing the house. I ran down the steps , tripping occasionally on my heels.  Tiffany smiled at my appearance and we took off.  

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