Our Little Secret

Harry Styles is misunderstood from the rest of the world. They think he's stuck up and full of himself, but he needs to prove them wrong. That's when Ali comes along and somehow sweeps him off his feet. Will it last , or will something terrible tear the two apart?


2. chapter 2

Once at the club, I could smell the sweet aroma as I stepped out of the car. I felt a breeze blow bast me and looked over to a group of boys laughing. One was over powering the others and I swore I had heard it before. I just ignored them , walking past them and into the doorway on the club. A whistle stopped me in my tracks and out of instinct I spun around, slapping a face. "Ow!!" an Irish accent screamed. " Did that hurt, mate?" another said laughing. They both sounded so familiar. Then the one I slapped looked up at me. In the light I could see his blues eyes , blonde hair, and...... wait . I gaped at Niall Horan in front of me. I started breathing fast, thinking I was going to have a asthma attack. Luckily, Tiffany came back out and grabbed my arm. "You guys are hot, " she smiled at the boys. She dragged me back into the club. I finally caught my breath and questioned, " How did you keep you're cool?!?!?" She glanced back at me and smirked," Thinking you were so famous , I thought you could too." " Tiffany, I wasn't -" I was cut off by a tap on the shoulder. " Aye love, my friend Niall thinks you should apologize." Harry said through a smirk. I briefly remembered what Tiff had just said . I stood up to his ear and whispered " Maybe he should apologize for being a perv, but you know call me cutie ." I made sure he felt my smile in his hair before tuning around and slowly walking away. I came up to my smiling Tiff who shouted, " See I taught you well!!" We didn't see any of the boys in the club the rest of the night. But, once we walked outside to leave I felt huge arms wrapped around me and I gasped. I looked over to Tiff , who had Niall's face buried in her neck . Harry whispered in my ear ," I forgot to get your number ." " Did you now," I said smiling . This is how it usually happens. He hits on you, you play hard to get, and POOF you are irresistible. I've had a couple of one night stands, I mean who hasn't. I glanced at Tiff with a " I want him now  " look and she nodded. " We should go somewhere, I mean the pap could show up any minute," I said as he began to sway with his hands my hips. He removed himself from me and waved to his friends. WE walked up to a black car and he opened the door for me. "What a gentleman." "I try ," he said closing the door. After a while, we arrived at a huge flat. Once inside I immediately began to regret my decision. I couldn't do this. I promised myself I wouldn't last time when  this guy turned out to be some politician and I ended up in the papers for weeks. It would be even worse if it was with HARRY FUCKING STYLES. He came up behind me, kissing my neck. " Mhhmm," I said trying to remove myself. " You are soo sexy ," he growled in my ear. Complete and utter turn on right there. "  You got any tea?" I asked awkwardly. He looked up at me with a curious look and busted out laughing. I gave him a questioning face. " NO one has ever not wanted me. " He said plainly.Turn off. " I'm sorry." " No, I mean no one." His voice and eyes turned into something dark that sent a chill through me.....

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