Little White Lies.™ [Harry Styles AU]

I couldn't help it.

I love him.

I always have, and I always will.

I can't stand it, though - all he gives to me, in return, are little white lies.


3. "He's Dangerous."


Chapter Two: "He's Dangerous."


Kali Davis


He chuckled, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "If I want something," He said, "I get it. Point. Blank. Period." He smirked. "I wanted you."

I mentally cringed. I thought Harry was pretty hot, don't get me wrong, but... He wasn't my 'type'. I've never had a boyfriend like him before, and I've never been this nervous around a guy, either. I felt my cheeks get hot, and realized I was blushing over Harry's last comment.

I spent the whole time during first lesson trying to focus, yet Harry kept trying to gain my attention. It pissed me off, a little, because I just got caught. Yet, here he was, talking off a storm, and nobody noticed it. I jumped when the bell rang, dismissing us from our first class, and I stood up.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Miss Doyle quickly said, before we filed out of the door. I noticed several people staring, and gossiping, about Harry and I, as we walked through the hallway. 

I nudged Harry's side. "Why didn't I ever see you around school before?"

He shrugged. "I just transferred, actually."

I nodded, and left it at that.

I was more than surprised when Harry stopped in front of my second lesson, pushing me lightly against the lockers. "I'll see you at lunch, right?" I nodded, and he leaned down, pecking my neck, in the exact spot where the hickey was hidden. He chuckled when I tensed up. "Kitten, why'd you cover it up?"

I blushed - again - at his nickname for me. I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything at all. He grinned. "I'll see you around."

I smiled at him, and he stalked through the hallway, to whichever class he had to go to, taking his tattoos with him.

* * *

I threw my head back as I laughed, allowing my long, blonde hair to fall behind me. I looked at Maya, who was also cracking up.

"Y-You're j-joking, right?" I managed to say between laughs. She nodded.

I could tell Maya and I were going to be really good friends. We walked into the cafeteria together, and although I wasn't hungry, I stood in line with her. We were talking about the most random things, until she turned semi-serious.

"So... You and Harry?" I blushed a little, and shrugged. She continued. "I don't think you should be around him."

I snapped my head up, frowning at her. "Why?"

"I mean, he's... Harry. He's bad. Hell, he's the very definition of dangerous," She muttered. I raised an eyebrow. "I swear, Kali. He's a criminal in disguise."

I stopped for a second. I thought of Harry. I could see where the 'bad' and 'dangerous' came from, but a criminal? I shook my head. "He's not like that," I defended. I then doubted myself. I didn't really know him, anyways. I met him yesterday - yesterday - at a damn party, while I was partly drunk. 

"How long have you known him?" She asked. I hesitated.

"I, uh, met him yesterday..." I mumbled, hoping she wouldn't hear. I watched as her mouth fell open.

"See! You don't know him," She continued, reading my mind. "He could be a killer, for all you know."

I shook my head. "He isn't like that."

"How do you know?"

I sighed. "Let's drop it, okay? I don't want to fight over him, so let's forget it."

"Forget what?" I flinched when I heard the familiar, raspy voice from behind us. I rolled my eyes as Maya's expression turned from surprised, to shocked, to frightened.

"Nothing, Harry." I muttered. He looked at me.


I nodded. "I'm sure."

* * *

I finished up the last lesson, and smiled. Finally. I hated school, I really did. I did well, but I just didn't find it enjoyable. I took my time as I walked past the lockers, and I spotted Maya by one. I walked over to her.

"Hey, Maya." I greeted. She smiled.

"Hey, Kali." She looked at something behind me, and her eyes brightened. I stepped aside, and I was a little envious of her as she hopped into someone's arms, being twirled around in the air. I looked at the guy she was hugging, and I was surprised. He looked like somebody Harry would know. he had a few tattoos scattered on his arm and neck, and probably in places I couldn't see, and he had an eyebrow piercing. His hair was blonde, with brown roots showing, and his eyes were a beautiful shade of azure.

"Kali," Maya grinned, "This is Niall. He's my boyfriend."

I smiled at him, and he returned the favor. I swear, a hint of something passed in his eyes - I had no idea what, but it was something - yet I couldn't exactly put a point on it. I ignored it, though.

"Hello, Kali," Niall said. I noticed that he wasn't British; he was Irish.

"Hey," I replied. Maya turned to Niall, speaking excitedly to him, and I stepped away, leaving them alone. I walked out the school doors, alone, and wondered what it would be like to have a boyfriend like Maya did. Instantly, Harry popped into my mind, and I smiled faintly. I doubted we'd ever get in a relationship, though. Frankly, Harry didn't seem like the type who dated, and I don't think I was his 'type', anyways, if he did date.

I noticed somebody leaning against my car, scrolling through their phone, and I would recognize those curls anywhere. "Harry," I smiled. He looked up, and the corners of his lips puleld upwards as he brought me in for a tight embrace. I pulled back. "Um, Harry, what are you doing by my car?"

He shrugged. "I was just waiting for you, love." I blushed, and he just laughed. "I can make you blush so easily, he teased, pulling me close. I shook my head.

"No," I argued. "You can't." 

He smirked. "Really?" I nodded, and his eyes turned a shade darker, and he brought his lips to my neck again. "You're so sexy." He whispered into my ear, making the hairs on my arms stand up. I tried to stop my cheeks form heating up. "You're so fit," He continued. He nipped on my ear, which made me blush even harder. "You're so... innocent."

I looked up, glowering at him, while he smirked. "You're red, kitten."

I pushed him back playfully. "Stop it," I mumbled. He smiled. "I'm not innocent, either." I added. He raised his eyebrows, and licked his lips as he looked over my face.

"Hm." He responded. "Nope. I'm pretty sure you're the most naive, innocent person I've ever met." 

I rested my head against his chest. "Stop it." I whined.

"Should I?" I nodded, and he chuckled. "Okay, I will. I don't want to ruin your innocence, though."

I rolled my head. "I'm not innocent, Harry."

"I'm sure you aren't."

* * *

I walked into the front door of my apartment, and took off my shoes. I flicked the light on and continued upstairs.

I couldn't get Harry out of my head. I found him intriguing, mysterious, and extremely attractive - but I barely knew him. I sighed, and started to make dinner for myself. Every time I tried dismissing thoughts about Harry, they just came back. I imagined us in a relationship, me as his girlfriend, and I found myself wanting it.

No. I don't want it. It will only lead me to trouble; I'll only end up hurt.

I planted that thought firmly in my mind, and finished making the sandwhich I made myself. I started to eat it at the table, and as I did so, I switched the television channels through, looking for something interesting to watch. Of course, there wasn't anything, so I turned it off, and ate in silence.

I returned to my bedroom after eating, and pulled my shirt off, leaving me in just my bra.

"I never asked you to strip."

I yelped and jumped back when a voice sounded from the back of my room. I crossed my arms across my chest, so they covered my boobs, and I noticed Harry's gaze, which was planted a little lower than I wanted. I snapped my fingers.

"Up here, Styles." I commanded, pointing upwards. His eyes met mine, and I immediately turned around, slipping another tee on. I felt my cheeks heat up again as I understood what just happened. He walked out of the corner of my room, arms crossed over his chest, and I gasped.

"Harry!" I grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards me. I never realized the extremely small distance between our bodies, but I didn't care. "Harry, your lip..."

I held his jaw in my hands, and I felt his eyes on me as I evaluated the cut on his lip. It wasn't big, no; It wasn't life threatening, either. I knew I was probably making a big deal out of it, but still. I let my thumb lightly rub the sensitive spot on Harry's lip, and he didn't even flinch. "What happened?" I asked, still inspecting his wound.

"It was nothing, love." Harry laughed, and I looked at him in disbelief. Why was this funny? I shook my head, and simply held his head, checking everywhere for other injuries. I felt his large hands grab my wrists, and pull them down. "I'm fine," He admitted. I nodded, and we were so close, I could literally feel him breathing. 

I was the one to pull away. "I, uh, probably should, um, do..."

"Do...?" Harry repeated. I sighed. 

"I don't know, Harry." I sat down on my bed, defeated. "How did you get in here, anyways?" I asked.

I looked at him, and he motioned to the open window to our left. I gasped. "Harry!" I looked down, at the thirty-foot drop, with nothing but pure wall to climb on. "How? What? When?"

He shook his head. "It's easy, love. I just climbed."

I looked away, and played with a little trinket sitting on my nightstand. I felt Harry's presence behind me, and I could feel my heart rate quicken.

"I-" Harry could barely get his first word finished, when his phone started going off. "Dammit," He muttered, reaching for it. He picked it up, glancing at me. "What? Yeah, I'm fine. No, he didn't. I'm good. What? No. I can't. I'm busy." He started pacing, looking at me every few seconds. "No. I'm coming, I'm coming. I know. I know, dammit. I'm coming." He shut his phone off, and I turned to him.

"Where are you going?" I asked. He already seemed frustrated, and I didn't want to annoy him any more than I needed to, if any. 

"Nowhere. I'll see you... Tomorrow, okay?" I nodded. I ignored the feeling of my stomach dropping when I heard that I won't be able to see him until tomorrow, but I knew I was being ridiculous.

"Okay." He turned to face the window, then back to me. I wasn't able to comprehend what was happening until it was over, and Harry jumped out the window. I gasped, and ran up to the window, watching him as he ran over to a black Range Rover. I felt my fingers raise to my lips, where he left a gentle kiss just seconds before.

It was just a crush.

Just. A. Crush.



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