Story of My Life

Just something for the contest


3. The Summer

I always love summer time. I can get away from all the bullies and go home to my family in Virginia. For most of the summer time, I go and live with my dad. My dad is a DJ and he's the reason why I love music so much. He would always introduce new types of music to me and new tv shows. If it wasn't for him I wouldnt want to ever sing. Every summer I practice a song with him, in hopes of performing at one of his gigs. I'm pretty good at singing Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, and some Adele songs.

Some of my Spanish side of the family lives in Virginia. It's always fun to go there because they introduce me to different types of food. My cousin Diego and I always play video games like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and Halo often. When I go over there, I feel comfortable and happy. My dad is one of the few people I tell everything to. When I get bullied I would call him and we would talk about it. We have a lot of fun. We go see movies, go to arcades, and go to really good restaurants.

Another good thing about summer is that there's no bullies. I feel more comfortable wearing shorts and dresses around my family then at school. My cousin Carlos also helps me when I'm down. He makes tons of jokes and sometimes he'll take me out to help me cheer up.

Now when I'm not in Virginia, I'm in Mississippi. I visit my great-grandma there sometimes. It's kind of fun but I love to visit her.

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