Story of My Life

Just something for the contest


2. 3rd Grade

I had just moved to Crestview, Florida since my step dad is in the military. I had always gone to private schools but this time I wanted it to be different. Since we couldn't find any good private schools, my mother enrolled me in a public school not to far from my house. Seeing as I'm half spanish and half black, my hair is different from normal girls so I do my hair differently. At the time I just had them in poofy braids and I was happy with them. Until the first day of school.


I was nervous when I walked into the classroom. I didn't know anybody and some of the kids looked really mean. I introduced myself and some people were nice to me. The first person was Hannah Smith. She had medium length brown hair that was blonde at the bottom and pretty brown eyes. She was my best friend then and still is. I learned that Hannah is a really nice person and will do anything to make people feel welcome. I was glad for that since I didn't think anybody else liked me. I was partially right about that.

That same day I met Hannah, I met Austin French. I tried to be friends with him and be nice but it was impossible. I didn't even know the guy and he hated me! The thing about me is, I'm quite the sensitive person. Little things and words can easily get to me. Like most girls I had hair on my arms and legs. That was one of Austin's main points for bullying me. He and his best friend Bryson Childs would always make fun of me. 

I didn't like it so I would tell the teacher. That just made things much worse. They started to tease me about being a tattle tale. One day I had to go the bathroom. Our classroom was in a trailer so we had a small bathroom in the corner. The bad thing was it had a really heavy door. Bryson came out the bathroom and I reached to hold the door open when he pushed the door in and crushed my fingers. I obviously cried out in pain while he acted all innocent. The teacher made him take me to the office to get some ice and he glared at me the whole way there.

That type of torture went on for the whole school year. Each day they just got meaner. I stopped wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses because they would make fun of my hair. I begged my mom to let me shave and change my hairstyles but she wouldn't let me. From then on, I always wore jeans and t-shirts but I had a jacket over it. Even when it was hot out I would wear a jacket because I felt so ashamed and insecure about myself. My friends knew what was happening and even though they tried there was nothing they could do to stop it. I had the same class with Austin and Bryson all year. They always found a way to hurt me, physically and emotionally.

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