The Daughters Of One Direction...

Meet Naomi Horan, Ruby Malik, Scarlett Tomilnson, Megan Payne, and Darcy Styles are the daughters of one direction. There all cousins/friends. There all 13 years old. There very popular at school because the daughters of 1D. There in middle school in 8th grade. The parents are only 30 years old. The parents our still very popular.
I can't say it all so READ THE DAUGHTERS OF ONE DIRECTION......


4. Chapter 4:

Megan's POV:

" Ok just to say I think you Darcy and Damien should apologize to ruby " I said interrupting thier conversation. " why should we " Damien said. " because that was mean " I said. " so she deserved it " Darcy said. " god you're such a bitch " I yelled realizing what I just said. " you little skank get out of my house " she yelled. " I will after this " I said. " ok everybody that is on side ruby come with me and who ever is on side Darcy go with Them " I yelled again. " I'm going with Megan I'm on team ruby " I said. " I'm going on team ruby also " my bf Riley said. " im also going on team ruby " Jason said." By the way she is my GIRLFRIEND " he said popping the word girlfriend. " I'm going on team Darcy " Scarlett said. " fine to with her ugly ass " I spat. " who cares meg good luck wiping years off you're shirt from the stains from rubys crying " she said harshly. " I'm going on team Darcy also " Blake said. I knew why Blake went because of Scarlett. " um I'm going on team ruby " Naomi said and walked over here. " I'm on team ruby " David said wich is Naomi's bf. " ok see ya later losers " I said and walked out with mostly everybody in the back of me. We went to rubys house well it was a mansion. Naomi pressed the speaker so they would let the gates open and let us in. Once the gates opened we went in and walked over and knocked on the door. My uncle answered it. " hey girls come in " my uncle zayn said. " thanks you uncle can we see ruby? " Jason asked. " we'll she is in her room crying wight he door locked and may I ask who are you? " my uncle said to Jason. " I'm Jason I'm rubys new boyfriend" he said. " rubys new boyfriend " he said shocked. " yeah I fell In love with you're daughter since I saw her and I love her now please let me date her " Jason begged. My uncle let out a sigh. " you seem like a nice boy not like Damien yes you can date her." He said. Jason started to scream and jump and then hugged my uncle. " could we see ruby " I asked. He nodded. " mabye you can get her to open the door" he said. We went upstairs and knocked on the door. " get away " I heard her scream. " come on babe it's me Jason " Jason yelled. " I don't care just leave me alone I don't want to see no one " she yelled. I looked at Jason he seemed like he wanted to cry. He is a bad boy he is popular and cool but I think he got a soft spot just for ruby and I think it hurt him. " fine ruby I don't want to see you either " he said trying to yell but it was in bettween sobs. We heard ruby cry harder when Jason said that. " I don't want to see nobody just leave me the hell alone " she kept screaming. Jason rally cares about her by now Damien would be mad and leave but jason wants to comfort her. A little while later she opened the door with her bag. She fixed her makeup and she had a hair band on her long hair. Se didn't even talk to us she just left. We followed her. We were walking behind her we were infront of a house when Jason took hold of rubys arm. " ruby stop " he said. " stop you're hurting me " ruby said wit tears forming in her eyes. " I'm not letting go do you still have feelings for Damien " he asked. She didn't answer and got out of his grip. She ran. Jason ran after her. The clouds were forming and thunder was coming. Then the storm hit water came pouring but none of care we had to keep on following ruby. Ruby was still running and we ran after her. Jason was faster to keep up with her. Jason got hold of her arm again. " PLEASSE ruby " he said when we finally catched over. The rain was pouring hard now. " listen I care about you and I don't want you to do stupid things ok " Jason said. He leaned in for a kiss. Ruby backed away. " I can't I'm sorry Jason I can't go throu I'm sorry but I have to break up with you " she said and ran. " Jason I'm sorry but-" I started to say but got caught off by Jason. " no you know what fuck ruby I should've picked team Darcy instead " Jason yelled. " Jason ill try to talk to her she is just going in a heartbreaking stage PLEASSE she still loves you it is hard she lost her cousin or beat friend now because of Damien " I said. " you're right I'm sorry what I said about ruby " he said. " I just have to wait " he said. We all walked back home and thought about everything that happened today.

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