The Daughters Of One Direction...

Meet Naomi Horan, Ruby Malik, Scarlett Tomilnson, Megan Payne, and Darcy Styles are the daughters of one direction. There all cousins/friends. There all 13 years old. There very popular at school because the daughters of 1D. There in middle school in 8th grade. The parents are only 30 years old. The parents our still very popular.
I can't say it all so READ THE DAUGHTERS OF ONE DIRECTION......


3. Chapter 3:

Darcy's POV:

I was watching tv in the living room when my dad storms in with my mom. "Darcy get youre little booty down here " my dad joked yelled. " I'm coming I'm coming " I said laughing. " so you know that you're in a band and well with the rest of you're cousins " he said. I nodded. " we'll the single you guys wrote I turned it in to our manager and he liked it Nd he said he will promote you guys to be singers " my dad yelled happily. I yelled and yelled. I was so happy. " do my cousins know?" I asked. My dad shook his head. " no not yet thier parents will tell them in another way " he said. I nodded. " just because my manager doesn't know you they only saw you in ffront of A paper I showed all od you guys In it, we'll he told me who was the lead singer and back ups." He said. " and well I don't know who it is so I told him I don't know I have to aske my daughter so could you please tell me" he said. I nodded and stared to talk. " so ruby is the lead singer I'm the second lead singer and then it's Megan, and then Naomi,and then Scarlett all come in together to sing. " I said. " ok I didn't get a si how word you said sweetheart only a few words " he said jokingly. Then he stood up and left a peck on my moms lips. I called Scarlett, ruby, Naomi, and Megan over to go for a swim in my back hard pool, because I was so eexited I had to celebrate with my band members.

" hey ruby could you come over? Lets go for a swim. " I said over the phone. " OF COURSE MY PARENTS TOLD ME WHAT HAPPENED IM COMING OVER TO PARTY and also Naomi is here and her boyfriend could they come over? " she asked. " yeah sure I'm calling Megan and Scarlett over also " I said. " ok I'm going to get ready bye " she said and we hanged up. I called four boys over to party just four boys I know I didn't get a fifth boy because of Naomi. The four boys I only know the, the girls don't. There so hot I bet the girls would fall in love with one of them and mabye me also. I'm really close to my cousin ruby we always have sleepovers she is sweet, adorable, nice, mean when she wants to when they piss her off when they bring up her ex-boyfriend. And she is girly. The boys arrived first. " hey riley, hey Blake, hey Jason, and hey Damien " I said while opening the door for them. I was about to close the door when I saw the girls walk and turn in my street well of course walking were 13 we don't know how to drive. I stayed there the girls had a bag with them. They came talking to each other. " hey guys what's up?" I said. "Just exited " everyone yelled. We went inside when suddenly ruby stops in her tracks. " ruby what's wrong? " I asked. " you invited my ex-boyfriend. " she said. " who is it?" I asked again. " Damien " she said pointing. Damien looked up. " Ruby !"he said in Whisper. Ruby turned From nervous to red in the face, she was about to explode. I grabbed her hand and took her upstairs. " what happened you looked like you were about to pounce on him or something " Naomi asked. "Well sorry I hate that guy " she said. "We'll you have to move on " Scarlett says. " do you lie, somebody else? " I asked. " kinda "she said." We'll its the guy with the blonde hair and Mohawk and piercings in his ear " she said. " oh you like Jason" I said. " his names jason " she said. I nodded. " also I still kinda like Damien a little bit or mabye allot I like two guys but Damien cheated in me I still shouldn't like him but he is so cute " ruby said. " we'll flirt around with Jason mabye he will ask you out " I said. " let's get dressed up in our swim wear. I to,d the, they boys name including how they look like cause they don't know which one is wich. " we'll I like Blake " Scarlett says. " we'll I like my boyfriend " says Megan. " you're boyfriend " everyone asked. " yeah Riley " she said. " Riley is you're boyfriend" I asked. She nodded. " he never told me Nd I've been friends with him for along time " I said. " we'll I kinda like Damien " I said. Ruby turned and looked at me. " you like my ex boyfriend. " she said. I nodded. EVRYONE had thier bikinis on and went downstairs. The boys were wearing shorts. " Megan you're looking smoking hot as usual " Riley said. " thanks babe " she said back. Ruby passed through Damien. Damien kept looking at her. 

Damien's POV :

Damn ruby is so hot. I should've never cheated on her. Se passed through me giving me a disgusted look. I kept looking at her ass. Well I have to admit she has a good ass body. She has nice boobs, and ass. I can be a real pervert at times but when it comes to ruby I'm a big pervert to look. I was talking to Jason when ruby passes. She had a drink in her ahmd and well she was perfect. " so she youre ex " Jason asked. I nodded. Ruby looked at Jason and Jason looked at her. " Darcy could you PLEASSE come " I said. She nodded and came. I took my chances, and landed on her lips. She kissed back wich surprised me. Ruby was in tears now. " Ok dude I think that's enough with you're ex, " Jason said. He ran over to her. God I got to get rid of Jason somehow. And by the way were 13 what am I supposed to d?. " Darcy will you be my girlfriend " I said. " yes a million times yes " she said and hugged me. Me and her went inside the pool. I turned around if ruby was looking but she Wasint. She was so fucking busy kissing Jason she didn't have time to look. " ill be back and don't think wen I do this I still don't love you cause I do love you " I said. " you little hoe you move on TO A GUY AND THEN MOVE TO ANOTHER " I screamed.  she started to cry. I hate when she cries she so cute when she cries. " DUDE STOP NOW CAN'T YOU SEE YOURE HURTING HER FEELINGS AND BY THE WAY I ASKED HER OUT SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND " Jason screamed at me. " Watch the mouth and don't scream at my boyfriend that way " Darcy said. " ALSO DAMIEN HAS A POINT RUBY YOURE A HOE A FUCKING HOE YOU MOVE ON TO GUY AFTER GUY " Darcy screamed defending me and trust me her and ruby were very close. Ruby stood up. " CALLING MANAGER FIVE STARS IS BREAKING UP NOW, AND DON'T WORRY YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN BECAUSE AFTER I CALL THE MANAGER I WILL HANG MYSELF I BET YOU WILL BE HAPPY AND DON'T INVITE ME EVER AGAIN TO YOURE HOUSE " ruby screamed. " she called thier manager. Se hung up thier band was breaking up. Darcy was crying. " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON I. HERE " Darcy said while walking in. " uncle tell youre daughter who is calling me a hoe and she is dating my ex boyfriend and so they called me a hoe because I'm dating his friend. " ruby said hugging Jason. That's it. I went and hit Jason right in the stomach. He fell. He or up and hit me right in the jaw and face. We kept fighting until Darcy's dad broke us up. I looked up and I saw ruby in the water DROWING. " she IS DROWING " I yelled. Jason went in and picked her up. " she needs mouth to mouth " said Harry. Japs. Game mouth to mouth and ruby came to life. She got up and ran I think to her house to think about all of this. Now I fell bad.

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