Runaway Love

~Niall fanfic~There was only one way out and it was to runaway. She couldn't wait there any longer or her dad would eventually kill her. When she got there she met Niall, but it wasn't in her plan to find a boy especially after what happened. What will happen to her in her new life?


4. Oakly high

                             I got to Oakley high and saw Kiah. she ran up to me and hugged me and whispered "we need to get all of us together and talk TODAY".I nodded my head and she told me that Trent was in detention for smoking weed in the boys bathroom and Caitlin and scarlet were finishing up in the locker they shared. We went to there locker and i hugged scarlet and she looked normal but was wearing a long sleeve shirt. I asked if i could talk to her alone and she agreed.

"Why are you wearing a long sleeve skar"

"because... i wanted to, why?"

"give me your left arm."


"please" i said in a soft tone

                                  She nodded her head and gave me her arm. I slowly lifted the sleeve just an inch and looked at what she did. It was really deep and went down her arm. Some were lines and some were words. She engraved "slut" "attention" and "gone". She only cut on her left arm because she cuts so deep she cant write with her hand the next day. I looked her in the eyes and she just looked at her feet. I kissed her arm and said "lets go".

                                   we all went to the detention room and Trent got dismissed. He came out and laughed. 

"last time i wait to get to school to get high"

his sister Caitlin looked disappointed 

"what i was just kidding Lynn"

"well it wasn't very funny"

                  I looked at Kiah and she said "skate park" i just nodded and said "lets go"

                                                                        *in car*

              I was driving and kiah sat next to me and in the back was Catiline,scarlet in the middle then Trent. We arrived at the skate park and everyone got out of the car

"everyone bring something" i told them opening the trunk. Only me and Trent had our penny boards so we agreed not to skate because nobody else could. We put down the blankets and put the snacks down. I looked at kiah and said "so why are we here?"



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