Runaway Love

~Niall fanfic~There was only one way out and it was to runaway. She couldn't wait there any longer or her dad would eventually kill her. When she got there she met Niall, but it wasn't in her plan to find a boy especially after what happened. What will happen to her in her new life?


5. Hurry home before its to late...

                                                                    *bad language*

                                   Just as Kiah opened her mouth to speak my phone ran and everyone looked at me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,let it out and looked. I cursed under my breath. Fuck it was my dad.


"Were the fuck have you been slut"

"I...I, um got detention and am on my way home"

"Don't fucking lie to me whore. If your not home in 5 minutes you'll regret it. Hurry times ticking bitch."

"Oh,um okay i will be there soon" *ends call*


"Run, I got it from here" she whispered. I nodded and ran to my car. I went straight home.I barley made it. I ran 3 stop signs and a red light.

                         I walked in the door and saw my dad. He had a cigarette in one had and vodka in the other. He looked at me in disgust. He put the bottle down and walked up to me.

"Surprised a slut like you would wear a jacket. Take it the fuck off NOW." 

Adrenalin was running through my body but i wouldn't show fear because that only makes it worse. No crying either. I took it off slowly but not to slow. He took my arm in his hand and clenched it as hard as he could. We both new it would leave a mark.

"Why didn't you come home right away its fucking 3:45 already" 

"I told you i was in detention"

"And i said don't fucking lie to me"

I know him all to well, if i tell him the truth now i'm admitting to lying and if i told him earlier i wouldn't have an excuse for not coming home, but even having an excuse isn't good enough but better than nothing. When i took my jacket off you could see the scars, bruises, and burns. some from him and others from me. These marks are the only thing he likes about me is being able to see my pain.

" I'm not lying, I promise"

" To fucking late bitch"

            He pulled my arm out and took his cigarette out of his mouth. He let it dance around my arm not burning me yet but building my suspense.

"You know i don't understand why your such a bad daughter. What did i deserve to have you as my daughter. A fat, slutty, bitch, who is an attention seeking whore that no one wants and should die." 

He enforced the word die while he hit my arm with the cigarette burning it and holding it there for 10 seconds and hitting another spot. I was working so hard not to cry and almost did but then he punched me in the face 

"you stupid bitch"

He pulled me up half way then slammed my head into the table and the rest of my body followed.I cringed and felt a little blood. just enough for me to feel but not enough for him to see. He spit on me and as he walked away he said "stupid fuckin' cunt"

I waited till he left to get up i went back to my room and sat on my bed. I stared blankly at the floor then turned my head to look at my little box full of 'school supplies' and got up and walked to it. I opened it up and grabbed one of my many razors. I grabbed my favorite one i named this one Marilyn. I closed the box and sat back on my bed.i made 10 little cuts down my wrist and a long deeper one tracing next to my vain. I let a tear fall. I looked at my phone and decided to call Kiah and see if Trent was still there.


"Hey Kiah... um is Trent with you?"

"Yeah you wanna talk to him?"

"Yes please"

"Hello darling"

i broke down crying hysterically and had trouble breathing

"Calm down love, it will be fine do you want me to come over darling"

*in between cried* "Yes. please. hurry."

" I'm on my way darling give me five minutes and try to come down before he hears you okay love goodbye"





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