My Broken Family {Autobiography}

This is my story to share. Its for anybody to read, partly for the competition but mostly so people know what i've been through. So if they need help, questions, or answers I'm here.


1. The beginning of my journey

    I was in the ending of my Kindergarten year and i was excited! My teacher decided that we should try to start adding double digit numbers to get ahead in the 1st grade. She gave us an assignment and sent us home with it. She wanted to see if we could figure it out before she taught it. I was having trouble and asked my daddy for help. he showed me what i did wrong and i finished my homework. I showed him and there was only one i got wrong. I was sad but went back to the kitchen table and tried really hard to get the answer. It was the same answer i had! I ran back to my dad and he yelled

"I ALREADY TOLD YOU IT WAS WRONG S WHY DIDNT YOU DO ANYTHING!" i said sorry quietly and ran back. I sat at that table for around 25 minutes counting over and over again on my hands, on paper, and even on a calculator. It was still the same answer. Thats when my dad came into the kitchen and looked over my shoulder. I told him that this has to be the right answer because the calculator said so and I've been getting he same answer for the past 25 minutes. His face contorted and grew red. Everything went slow-mo. he tuned to me and threw me against the wall. he broke the chair i was sitting in and yelled


I looked at him and i was deathly scared. I nodded and choked on my tears. He pulled me up and told me to get my stuff and go to my room i share with my little brother. I ran to my room and jumped on the bunk bed, i had the top, and i just cried. I fell asleep and woke up the next day and got ready for school. Ate breakfast and acted like the events from yesterday never happened. I thought it was just a one time thing. I remember thinking, 

"this won't happen again, it was an accident and he regrets it, he didn't say sorry but i know he does." 

I was truly unprepared for the next 5 years of my life.

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