Heartbeat Away {Luke Hemmings}

Luke broke her heart so many years ago. However, he's never fully gotten over her. He's tried everything to get her back, but with her changed email, Twitter, deleted Facebook and number, there was no way for him to contact her. When he finally thinks he's over her, she spots her in the streets with him. She gives signs that she might like him again, except she has a boyfriend. Will she dump her current boyfriend of 4 years for Luke, or will she be the one time break Luke's heart this time?


6. The Letter

Luke’s POV

Every time I walk past my kitchen bench, Michael’s invitation catches my eye and I shudder but then I think Rosie’s letter is in the pile with it. I’ve been so tempted to open it I’ve made a habit of walking through the kitchen staring at the letter not daring to touch it. I want to know why she sent it. We haven’t spoken in 15 years why does she want to contact me now?



I sighed as I opened my empty fridge, I needed to go shopping. I walked past the bench for the third time in the last 15 minutes. My hands began to shake my breathing became heavy and I unconsciously reached for the letter. I held it in my hands and repeatedly turned it over. I took a deep breath to calm myself as I ripped my way into the envelope.



Dear Luke,

I know you must be wondering why I’m contacting you. It’s like I said in the voicemail if you listened to it. You’ve gone off the radar and I’m wondering if you’re okay. I’m sorry you and the boys broke up I never thought it would happen. You boys were living the dream, bigger than One Direction even. I can remember when you were opening for them but for them to opening for you must have been crazy. I was at all your Sydney shows on that tour. Seeing you perform, seeing you so happy up on stage, I miss that smiley guy I fell in love with. According to the boys you’ve been AWOL for a while now.


I’m sorry I’ve been distant after everything. How long has it been? 15 years?  The boys told me that you kept trying to contact me after what happened. I’m sorry I never replied to the letters you sent me and yes Luke I got every single one of them. It broke my heart reading about how I broke yours. I never replied because every time I tried I couldn’t find the right words. I’m having trouble writing this letter now reminiscing about the good old days. I miss those days, I miss you Luke. I get it if you don’t you’re probably sitting there reading this thinking;


“Oh my god what? Who is this chick again?” or maybe “Uh I hate her so much she ruined my life.”


But I don’t care I’m telling you anyway. I’m going to Michael’s party and maybe we could catch up, make fun of Ash for old times’ sake. I miss you Hemmo.

Yours sincerely,

Rosie x


P.S. My phone number and address should be in the envelope. Don’t be a stranger, call me whenever. ;)



I sat there in shock; I couldn’t believe what I just read. I upended the envelope and a small piece of paper fell out with her phone number and address on it. I found the first piece of paper I could find and began writing.



Dear Rosie,

I’m fine really. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you at all. The voicemail came as a huge surprise; I couldn’t believe it was you. It’s been 15 years. Wow. You’re not the only one having trouble writing, I’m in shock.


I could never forget you Rosie. Apart from the boys and the band you were the best part of my life. I miss the good old days as well and you have no idea how much I’ve missed you. I haven’t really been AWOL I just seem to live a bit farther away from the other boys. Calum came and saw me the other day talking about Mikey’s party. I have no idea what to get him.


We should definitely catch up at the party and you have no idea how much I’ve missed making fun of Ash. I was going to call you but I was nervous so this letter is the product of my fear. Don’t be stranger, call me whenever huh? I can’t believe you remembered that. Wow I feel old but not as old as Ashton.


See you at the party I guess. Honestly I’m really nervous; I haven’t seen the boys in ages and then seeing you again. Your handwriting is the same so is the perfume you wear. Don’t think I’m creepy I smelt it when I opened your letter.


Michael’s invite said to bring a date and I don’t have one, Michael also told me that you don’t have a date. I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me to his shindig. As friends of course because well penguins…


Still awkward as always,

Luke x


P.S. You obviously know where I live and have my number so my phone number and address shouldn’t be in the envelope.


P.P.S. Don’t be a stranger, please reply I don’t want to look like a fool.


P.P.S. I sound clingy, I’m sorry



Once I was finished my letter I folded it up and stuck it into an envelope. I put on a stamp, grabbed my wallet and keys and headed out the door feeling elated. I headed downtown to the grocery store stopping by a mailbox putting my letter in hoping Rosie will get it before the party.


My first chappie in the wonderful Heartbeat Away. Let me know what you think.

- Kat x

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