Heartbeat Away {Luke Hemmings}

Luke broke her heart so many years ago. However, he's never fully gotten over her. He's tried everything to get her back, but with her changed email, Twitter, deleted Facebook and number, there was no way for him to contact her. When he finally thinks he's over her, she spots her in the streets with him. She gives signs that she might like him again, except she has a boyfriend. Will she dump her current boyfriend of 4 years for Luke, or will she be the one time break Luke's heart this time?


16. Party

Luke's POV

I swallowed my saliva as I tied my bow tie. The classic black and white suit with teal trimmings and tie accompanied the dress Rosie had chosen really well. 

I don't really understand why I'm going though. I'll probably just mess something up. I should've said something yesterday, I don't know why I'm going to Michael's bash anyways. Especially when Rosie seems to hate my guts. 

I didn't mean to ignore her for a week. I didn't mean to almost stand her up. It was just the idea of her and me together that made me distance myself. I missed the times we shared and spending time with her felt like forever, but forever wasn't long enough. I wanted her to be mine but she was Dalton's and there was no changing that. I screwed up. That's what I had to keep reminding myself.


I checked my phone again, unlocking it when I saw a missed call from  Michael and Ashton. I called him back. 

"Hey man. How ya doin?" Ashton spoke. 

"I'm alright. What's up?" 

"You're late." 

"Thanks. I'm fine too," my sarcasm got a hold of me. Never a hi or how was your day going with this one.  

"Dude. Like 30 minutes late. Rose got here an hour ago. Hurry up your ass! I thought you were suppose to pick her up!" 

I grunted, telling him I'd be there in less than an hour. I picked up Michael's gift from the kitchen counter, my keys and ran to my car. 


I had barely made it in time. They had just finished singing happy birthday, but the party was barely over. Even at slightly old ages, we could pull an all nighter. I slyly sneaked into the back, dropping my gift at the table and was greeted by Michael's girlfriend, Kat. 

"Lucas!" Her arms opened for a hug. 

"Hey Kat," I smiled, pulling away. 

"How's the Hemmo doing on this fine night?" 

"I'm well. I'm sorry for being late, I got carried away with time." 

"No problem dearie. Michael's in the next room cutting the cake, but if you'd like to see Rose, she's outside with Ash, Lanna, AJ, Cal and Xena." 

"Great, the whole gang is here." My smile fades a bit as I make my way to the next room where Kat had directed, attempting to avoid Rosie.

"Luke!" I hear as I open the door. I'm tackled by the birthday boy himself before I can enter the room. 

"Long time no see ya doof." 

"Same to you Clifford." 

He hands me a piece and cake and walks me to where he was standing earlier, getting me to help him hand out the rest of the cake.

"Rose! Do you want a piece or not?" 

I see her whisper softly to a little kid who I assume is AJ before walking in. 

"AJ would like a slice." She giggles as he jumps around behind her and I can't help but stare and remember how great a wife she would make. Just not mine. 

Everyone greets her, and she greets them back. Michael hands her the slice as my eyes meet with hers and I give her a smile that's returned with a glare. 

"It's nice to see you too." I whisper to myself before heading out in her direction.

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