Isamary is thrown into a world filled with evil creatures called Requital when her best friends, Adam is kidnapped. She has dreams that always seem to somewhat come true. When she meets the gorgeous boy from her dreams, Vince, can she be friends with him or is there something more? Will she ever get to see Adam again? Can she ever be normal?


1. Adam

     She stirred, the sound of running water was drumming in her ears. Slowly she opened her eyes, finding herself on a hammock made of thick rope. She was swinging gently between two huge weeping willow trees. The air was warm and the skies were blue, without a single cloud in sight. Birds were singing their sweet melodies from high above in the trees. Turning her head to the side she saw a waterfall. Sun glistening off the crystal-like water as it fell to a pool below. 
    Slowly she sat up, pushing back the fact that her head was pounding for some reason unknown to her. She got up and stiffly walked over to the pool and bent down to look at her reflection. Her long, dark hair was braided neatly and falling over her shoulder. Her face was filthy and there was a cut on her cheek. Her blues eyes, reflected by the pool, looked foreign and wild.
    Suddenly she heard a noise. A horrid neighing sound that pierced through the air and sent her skin crawling. She looked up to the rocks where the waterfall started. There, she saw a magnificent white unicorn. It's gorgeous mane glistening in the breeze. Then just as quickly as the unicorn had appeared, so did a boy. He looked to be around seventeen years old. His hair was just above his shoulders and he held a blade in his hand. She just caught a glimpse of his blonde hair before the sky darkened. 
    Wind started howling through the trees, slowly increasing in strength. The hammock she was on flung off the willow trees and into the woods. One of the two willow trees snapped with a forceful crackling sound and fell toward her. Quickly she scrambled to her feet and got out of the way just in time, with the top if the tree just brushing her bare feet. A bolt of lightning flashed behind her with a loud clap of thunder following in hot pursuit. The noise was so loud that it made the ground beneath her feet tremble.
    She looked back at the boy and the unicorn who stood there as if nothing had changed. He plunged his blade into the chest of the unicorn who reared and howled in response before falling to the ground in a lifeless lump. They boy turned and looked at her as if noticing her for the first time. His eyes were a magnificent blue with golden specks. His hand covered in dripping liquid she knew was unicorn blood. He smiled at her before falling off the rocks and into the waterfall which was turning to blood and disappearing from her sight…
    She felt like her heart was being ripped out of her chest and she screamed. A tear slid down her cheek as she fell to her knees and tried to call out his name-

     Jolting upright she sat in her bed with her sheets tightly clenched in her fists, sweat beading her forehead. Breathing heavily she forced herself to calm down. Telling herself it was just a dream. The same weird dream that she’d been having for a month now. Always waking up without ever calling out the boy’s name. Her breathing slowed and her hands slowly unclenched around her sheets. Feeling less shaky and more like herself she got up and wandered downstairs to the refrigerator, and grabbed a carton of milk. She poured herself a glass and put the carton back in the refrigerator. Closing the door, she noticed the note from her dad saying:
    “Isamary, I've gone out for a while, be back by noon tomorrow. Will get you more milk. No worries.     ~Jim”
    She was used to getting notes like this from her dad. She hated calling him that. Dad. He was never a dad and acted more like a babysitter who was well aware that he wasn't being paid enough for his troubles. Not that Isamary ever gave him any trouble. She tended to stay away from him, even going out of her way most of the time so she didn't have to deal with him. She also knew that he wasn't just out to get milk for her and that he wouldn't be back by noon. He was probably at the bar again drinking all his feelings away, if he has any, she thought. He’d probably end up in a fight and she’d have to drive him home again.
    Isamary drained the glass of milk and put it in the sink. Then walked over to the fridge and took off the note, tearing it into a dozen pieces before throwing it into the trash can. She rolled her eyes knowing that she was sixteen and that that was childish of her. She yawned and walked up the stairs back to her bed where she sat down and began to draw in her sketchbook. She began to draw images of her dream...
    Waking up to the feeling of a cramped neck wasn't Isamary’s favourite way to wake up in the mornings, but as it was, she almost always awoke with that pain. A slight reminder of how she usually never got sleep and almost always ended drawing and falling asleep in many uncomfortable positions at odd hours of night. She looked over at the clock and cursed under her breath. She would to have to hurry if she was going to be on time for school in just 25 minutes. She jumped out of bed and ran to the shower knowing that she had only five minutes to let the water wake her up.
    After the shower she bolted to her closet and threw on her usual attire of dark, tight jeans and a black T-Shirt. She yanked her black hoodie over her head and slipped on her sneakers. Then grabbed her backpack and ran out the door, happy to have the slightly chilly weather of the last few weeks of winter to wake her up even more. She was headed to the coffee shop to meet her best friend, Adam, like she always did.
    It was only a ten minute walk and she knew she would be cutting it close but if she was late to school, Adam would be too, and for some reason that thought comforted her. On her way there a few Jocks in a sports car slowed down next to her and whistled. “Ohhh, looks like you’re a little lost there Kitten. Need any help?.” Asked one of the Jocks.
    “Nice car. Where’d your Daddy get it? He really trusts a perv like you with it?” Isamary replied cooly.
    “Hey. I’m just being a gentleman. It looks like you could use some pleasure. Just offering my services. No need to get defensive Kitt-”
    “Call me Kitten one more time and I will bash your face in with my fist. Clear?” she said, surprising herself at how easily pissed off she was today.
    “Woah! Chill! No need to resort to violence Kitt-”
    “Screw off!” she cut him off again. She really was about to punch him. Luckily he got the idea and drove off. She sighed and was glad that she was at the coffee shop finally. Spotting Adam she took off running and hugged him from behind. He was easy to spot in a crowd. His dark brown hair was spiked up in the front and his jeaned jacket hugged his slim form well. His jeans were loose, as always, and he stood like he didn't belong. He didn't really like talking to people unless he had to. He only talked to people who he knew and could be himself around. He only talked to strangers when they talked to him first.
    “Hey! There you are! You keep getting later and later you know?” he said to her laughing as he took his arm around her shoulders.
    “Yeah. Sorry. It’s not my fault Jocks see a lone girl walking and think she’s a prostitute right away!”
    Adam took his arm off of her, “Ugh! I hate them. They really irk me. They are just a big balloon of high testosterone waiting to be popped by anyone and anything!”
    “Tell me about it. I swear they would do a dog if it was pretty enough.”
    “Ew! Not an image I need burned into my brain before school Ama!” Isamary had long stopped correcting him that her name was Isamary and her nickname was not Ama. He had been calling her Ama since kindergarten and the name had stuck. So she just simply rolled her eyes at him. Which in turn made him wink.
    “So where are we sitting Jerk?” Isamary asked him.
    “Wherever your little heart desires my friend.”
    “You’re such an oddball.”
    “Says the one using words such as ‘oddball’.”
    “Ugh. I’ll find us a seat. Get me the reg.”
    “Will do!” he replied as she walked away.
    The coffee shop was so familiar to her it was like she’d been living here her entire life. Heck, she practically had been living here her whole life! She was here more than she was at her own house. The colourful green and pink booths were set up along every wall and where there weren't booths there were tables. Some with four and some with two chairs. Some chairs were tall while others were short. However, they all had the same green and pink colouring as the booths. People talked and laughed and argued here and there and she desperately wanted a seat away from all of them. She looked around until she spotted a corner table away from all the fuss of people problems. 
    She took her seat quietly and took out her sketch pad while she waited for Adam to appear with her Double Mocha French Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino. Such a long name for such a simple drink really. She only had about six minutes to draw before Adam returned with her drink. Putting away her drawing of the mysterious boy in her dreams she looked up as Adam placed her drink in front of her.
    “As you ordered.” he said.
    “Gee thanks.” she said with a sarcastic smile.
    “What I fail to understand is why you always choose the tallest tables to sit at. It’s like you are waiting for me fall and spill hot coffee on myself one day!” Adam said as he almost effortlessly hoisted himself up onto the tall chair.
    Isamary took a sip of her cappuccino regarding him with an amused look. “That’ll be the day.” she mumbled 
    “Hey I heard that! You’re gonna owe me twice as much money now for being a jerk!”
    Isamary was barely listening to him now though. She was taking sips of her cappuccino and thinking about her dream. How it was always the same. How it felt so real. How she never got to say the boy’s name. But most of all, how when he fell, she screamed and felt like her whole world was falling apart. Like an old house crumbling to the ground as its foundation gave way.
    “Are you okay? Ama? Ama!” She came back to real world and her vision focused on Adam’s face, contorted with worry.
    “Huh? Oh. Yeah. I’m fine, Adam. Sorry. I was just thinking.” she replied trying to calm him down. She was rewarded when his face returned to normal and he gave her a weak smile.
    “You look like you haven’t slept in years,” he stated, “Are you still having that dream?”
    “Yeah. But it’s fine, really. It just gives me more time to draw.”
    “Mhm. I think you should get some help. Seriously. I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to not-”
    “You know what’s not healthy?” she cut him off, “The fact that it takes you three gulps to finish your coffee and I take an hour and a half.”
    “Speaking of an hour and a half, Ama, we are going to be late to school if you don’t take that with you.”
    “At least we’ll be late together…” she replied as she took another sip of her cappuccino.
    “Alright!” she laughed as she took her last sip, “There. Happy?”
    “Very.” Adam said dryly.
    They grabbed their backpacks and threw out their cups on the way out the door. The bell ringing as they stepped out onto the streets. The cool air made Isamary suck in a sharp breath. The streets of her small hometown were littered with children hustling to get to school on time. Hunching over trying to keep body heat in like it was freezing outside. Even though it wasn't. It was just a little cool outside. She couldn't help but think of how her father hadn't returned last night and that he must be asleep outside in this cool weather somewhere. She knew it was horrible of her but, she didn't care. She hoped he was. Maybe it would teach him a lesson. Again, not that she cared.


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