Have you ever felt like nothing and i mean NOTHING is going your way? That you go with what everyone else says? Well that is exactly how Angela Graves felt. Ever since she could remember, she has always had the last say in a conversation. Even when talking to a complete stranger. When she finally decides to do what she has always wanted with her life, it takes a turn. She then finds herself as a designer with a world famous boyband called "One Direction", and sees the boy she never thought she would see again....Would he remember her? Will there be love? Read "Designer" to find out..


1. Prolouge

       "Are you fucking kidding me!?!?!" I screamed at him."No i'm not! 'Im just protecting you dammit! He's bad news Angela!" I crossed my arms, infuriated "You don't even know him" i said through gritted teeth. "Angela! He's famous! He probably thinks he can get what he want when he wants it! He will just break your heart!" he boomed. "I  FUCKING LOVE HIM JACOB!" i screamed at him, tears streaming down my face. "Love? You don't know what the hell love is Angela.....". That was it. I exploded. I ran at my brother with full force at shoved my as hard as I could. He caught my arms just as I pulled away from him. He then took my hand in one of his and punched me in my jaw. I cried out and fell to the floor.


I couldn't believe my own brother would do this to me. 

I got up and tried to run, he caught me and I kicked him in the balls with the heel of my boot. He groaned and I took my chance to run. I quickly grabbed my keys and went to my car, started it, and sped off down the road.


I needed to see Zayn.

  I don't care what people say about him. I don't care if he was halfway across the world right now.

I couldn't just text him...i NEEDED to see him.


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