Remember Me


This story contains many different things that I don't want to give away. But please, please, please, read it. I know you'll love it!!!
Luv ya


7. Chapter 5

Harry and I went up to our room. We quickly setled in and got bored really fast. I went to the kitchen to look for something to eat and what I found in the ccabinets made me go crazy.

Omg Harry look what I found!  I yelled.

What is it love?

I found cake mix and icing and food coloring and

So what im hearing is that we are gonna bake something?

Totally! Now lets get started.

Harry's pov.

I watched her carefully as she took out all the ingredients and layed them gently in the table. She was so delicate with everything. She's like an angel.  A cute small angel.

Ok lets get started. We have everything set. She said.

Ok sure.

You know how to bake right?

Actually funny story

You don't know how to bake.

But I know how to cook.

Ok so ill teach you how to bake and you'll teach me how to cook. 


Ok so it's easy. Just put every ingredient into the mixing bowl. 

Ok. Easy. I said as I watched her demonstrate the proper technique for cracking an egg open. She was so concentrated it kinda scared me. I wanted to have a better view so I got closer behind her. Well apparently instead of getting a better view I scared the living daylights out of her petite body. In return I got an egg smushed into my shirt.

Oh my gosh im so sorry I didn't mean to do that. I just

Oh so that's how you want it. Ok. I replied.  With that I took the bag of flour and got a handful.

You wouldn't. She said.

Oh I would. With that I threw the flour at her face.

Ok Harold.  I see how it is. She said while rolling up her sleeves. She took the carton of eggs and started to throw them at me.

Not my Hair! I screamed.

Shut up you sound like Zayn. She said inbetween giggles. Goodness. The way her laugh is like music to my ears. Her beauty like a perfect picture. How could I get so distracted in all that, that I didn't realize that she had gotten the chocolate cake batter and started to pour it on top of me.

No you did not just do that. I said horrified.

Oh I just did styles. Watcha gonna do about it. She responded all sassy like.

Oh nothing just this. I said as I grabbed her from behing and hugged her so all the chocolate got on her now.

Noo! She squeeled. She couldn't stop laughing. I turned her around so my hands were on the small of her back and my eyes were on hers. I studied her every feature. 

You're really pretty. I told her. The worss just came out naturally. 

Um, thanks. She said looking into my eyes. I could feel myself melt. I wanted her to be mine. But something held me back. I don't know what evil force did, but I felt like I had to know her better before trying anything with her.

Um, sorry. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. I said while removing my body from hers.

Oh. Um, it's ok. But I think we should clean up quickly before this chocolate gets sticky. She said.

Yeah we should. Was all I could say because for the first time in my life I felt so speechless. For the fist time in my life I felt true love towards someone like her. So simple, but so marvelous. I Harry Styles was in love.

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