Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)

Jason McCann,19 was a known criminal in Las Vegas,Nevada.He was only 16 when he was killed in a standoff with the LVPD. Or at least the LVPD thinks,they killed him...Now,3 years later he's now living in Rockhedge,California.Where he meets a friendly girl named,Samantha Emerson,18.Everything between them seems so normal.Jason's dark side seems to be behind him,but what happens when he becomes obsessed?

Find out in....Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)


4. Months later

~Jason's P.O.V~

Sure,I teased Samantha...But,I guess that's my way of getting back at her for pushing me into the lake.I smirked as I pulled from Sammie's neck,getting out of the water.Pulling her out of the water with me,she playfully glared at me.Sammie slid her feet back into her sandals and I let my feet dry before sliding my supras back on my feet.Me and her walked toward my house,just talking and laughing.I enjoyed her company and I could tell that she enjoyed mine.She had mentioned that she didn't really have that many friends because she chose not to speak to too many people.That sounded like me at one point.To be honest,Sammie and me had so much in common that she had became my best friend.Sometimes,the way things turned out we acted like more than friends but,we were friends.




These past few months with Sammie have been nothing but amazing.I've been teaching her how to play basketball and we've played video games together,play wrestled,cracked jokes.She's the coolest friend I've ever had and I know I can trust her and of course,she can trust me.When I was "Jason,the bad boy" I couldn't trust anyone accept my brother,but now I can trust Sammie and I'm grateful for that.

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