Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)

Jason McCann,19 was a known criminal in Las Vegas,Nevada.He was only 16 when he was killed in a standoff with the LVPD. Or at least the LVPD thinks,they killed him...Now,3 years later he's now living in Rockhedge,California.Where he meets a friendly girl named,Samantha Emerson,18.Everything between them seems so normal.Jason's dark side seems to be behind him,but what happens when he becomes obsessed?

Find out in....Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)


16. Goodbye,Rockhedge...Hello London

~Sammie's P.O.V~

"Fine..You can come",Jason responded."When are we leaving?",I asked."Tomorrow...But where could we possibly go?",he responded."We could go to London",I responded.He nodded at me."That's perfect",he said."Do you have a passport?",I asked."Yup.Do you have one?",he responded."Yeah",I said."Good.We're leaving tomorrow.So you might wanna start packing",he said."Alright",I responded,before running upstairs and grabbing a suitcase and packing my clothes and things that I will need.I smiled as I finally finished packing and zipped up my suitcase and laid in my bed.My eyes closed as I started to slowly drift off to sleep...

~The Next Morning~

My eyes fluttered open as I sat up.I looked over to the spot next to me,to see that Jason was already up.I got up out of bed and groggily trudged to the bathroom.I brushed my teeth,showered and threw on a shirt,a pair of jeans and some black converses.I slid a jacket on before,grabbing my suitcase and walking downstairs.Jason was already sitting on my couch,in the living room.I'm assuming that he was waiting for me."Ready?",Jason asked me as he stood up."Yup",I responded."Good",he said as he walked out the door with his suitcases in his hand.I closed the door,holding my suitcase in my other hand."Goodbye,Rockhedge...Hello London",I mumbled to myself as I looked back at the house that will now only be apart of my memory.A very wonderful part of my memory...


~The End~

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