Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)

Jason McCann,19 was a known criminal in Las Vegas,Nevada.He was only 16 when he was killed in a standoff with the LVPD. Or at least the LVPD thinks,they killed him...Now,3 years later he's now living in Rockhedge,California.Where he meets a friendly girl named,Samantha Emerson,18.Everything between them seems so normal.Jason's dark side seems to be behind him,but what happens when he becomes obsessed?

Find out in....Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)


10. Addicted

~Jason's P.O.V~

I ran my hand along Sammie's legs.Her skin was soft like velvet.I became hooked on her.I loved the way her soft skin felt,the way she tasted.I couldn't stop myself..I slid my head down to Sammie's neck,licking and sucking on her sweet spot...The familiar sweetness I had tasted before,was getting re-acquainted with my taste buds.A soft moan escaped her lips as I sucked.I smirked as I pulled away from her neck,my eyes then falling to the hickey that I left on her neck."Like your new gift?",I asked with a smirk.She got up and looked at her neck in the mirror,she then turned around and smirked at me."It's proof that you're mine",I said,my smirk still on my face.I bit my lip as I stared at her body,I wanted more of her...She's like a drug to me...Once I get a taste of her,I don't wanna stop...I'm addicted...


(Author's note:Another short chapter...Super sorry,but I think Chapter 11 will have a lot more drama to make up for the shortness of this chapter.Get ready for it!)


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