secret twist

Bridget is the top spy who used to be bullied by niall horan what happens if they. Meet again will he apolagize or will they hate


1. new assignment

I was punching the punching bag like they were one of my bullies. Hi im bridget im and im a spy i have pitch black hair and i love music and my job. Anyway back to reality as i threw another punch i was called into major ruck's office. I put in the code 3546899 and walked to his office hoping it was a new assignment. " i was called to your office sir". "Ah yes i have a new assignment for you i need you. To protect a british / irish boyband although this may be below your statis but they have been getting unusual hate latley their names consists of liam payne also known as the responsible. One in the group harry styles the flirt of the group zayn malik down to earth in the. Group louis tommlinson also known as the crazy and wild one and lastly sorry butn iall horan your high school bully also known as...". " the mother fucker who made my life a god danm hell are you seriouse!!!" I yelled cutting major ruck. "Ues but u gott a do this though if not it can turn to black mail which leads to death.". "Fine. But do they know im a spy?". " afirmative but your ganna carry less fireworks then usual got it ?" He asked. "Yes sir". "Alright go off to they live on macin berry ave ." Alright ill head off." I walked out of his office and got in to my red range rover and was off.
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