secret twist

Bridget is the top spy who used to be bullied by niall horan what happens if they. Meet again will he apolagize or will they hate


3. meeting the boys

as i pulled up infront of their mansion i was greeted by a large man hmm must be a security guard for the boys. "hello love im paul higgens the boys security guard do you happen to be agent bridget or another directioner' paul smirked yo is this nigga talkin to me cause he just about to make me punch him so hard hell scream out "jesus help me". "yes i am and i dont plan on being  a directioner for a while so i would take that smirk off before an newjersey thug gonna help you take it off" i said meaning every word of it. as soon as my  words sank into his head his smirk was gone knowing i was seriuos. "are you gonna stand there looking like a lost puppy or are you gonna let me in" i smirked. as we walked we were greeted by chaos harry was jumping on the couch yelling out the lyrics to im sexy and i know it zayn was chilling watching soccor or as the so called  boujie from another country say it futbal liam was cooking food and niall was chasing louis for his bag of chips

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