Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


14. What?!

*Kamryn P.O.V*

I woke up to a silent house. Usually you would hear the t.v or something cooking. But there was nothing! It was kinda creepy, I looked around at just fell back.

Last night Louis and had a good time but I just wish I got more sleep! I saw Louis was asleep and decided to go look around for a sec then hop back into bed.

I threw off the blankets and found my pj's, I put them on and tiptoed to the door.

I creaked open the door and started looking around. I went to every room except for one... Maddie's! I saw the door was open an inch, so I peeked in and looked around. Everything was normal except that Maddie was just laying there on her phone. She was never on her phone, in her bed, in the morning. She was always the early bird to go and make breakfast then get ready for the day. I just shrugged and ran back to my room and into Louis' arms.

I loved him so much! I hope he liked me the same back because the last couple boyfriends I had cheated, abused me or locked me up. To think about it the only good and real boyfriend I've ever had was In grade 7-9, his name was Toby and we were perfect together, until he had got into an accident. The worst part was I was part of it! We were walking home together when some car pulled up and two big men stepped out. I was starting to panic then he grabbed my hand and reassured me everything was gonna be ok. Just then the two men started running at us, they had knifes. I really started to panic! One of them grabbed me by the wrist and the other one took Toby. I took my hand out of the guys grip and then fought back a little. Then when he was getting up I ran, before I turned the corner I looked back and saw Toby's face. It was horrible! That is a face that would make anyone drop to the ground and cry! When they drove away I sat down and cried, and cried , and cried.

How could I be so stupid? I just ran! I didn't even try to help! I hated myself for a while from that.

Eventually the police found me and I told them everything. They said they would help, but they lied! Ever since then I haven't seen him since!


The pressure was too much I started to cry remembering him.

His green/blue ish eyes, his brown flip hair, his perfect smile, like the one when I said yes to him. His soft lips I would kiss when I had to go home.

I started to cry more and more. Before I knew it Louis sat up in a panic.

"Love what's the matter?!" He was giving me a comforting hug.

I looked up into his green/blue ish eyes , his brown over hair, his lips I kissed last night.

Then I saw Toby and started to cry even harder. Louis was just like him! How?! I never wanted to see Toby again because of all the memories. Why him? Why Toby? Why everything?

"Louis I want him back! I can't take this anymore! I CANT LOOK AT YOU, GET OUT!" I was suddenly angry.

Louis sat there shocked as I cried again. He got up, put on his boxers and raced out of the room.

He came back with Maddie and Niall. I never told Maddie about it, and I ever wanted to.

"Boys go downstairs please." She said in a soothed tone.

She closed the door and rushed to me.

"What happened?!" She asked me obviously concerned. I still didn't want to tell her but I had to.

"Maddie I have to tell you a secret...." So I told her everything, even how I couldn't look at Louis.

She started to tear up, then she walked out. She brought back Niall.

"He could help..." Then she left again. I started to cry again.

"What's the matter?" He asked me eating a cookie.

"Well....." I told him everything just like I did with Maddie.

He suddenly looked like he was gonna cry. I was really confused now, why would he cry?

"oh, well a while back that happened to me and Natalie. Except I didn't see her get taken away, I saw her get stabbed then throw on the street. I held her hand as she took her last breath. It's ok though, you will get over him soon." I ran over and gave him the biggest hug ever, then we just went to the bed and hugged, comforting each other. We just stayed silent the entire time though.

And all I could think was .... What?






Hey guys sorry for all the drama! It was a personal suggestion and .... yeah!

Go check out Kamryn's book! Its suuuuuuppppeeerrr good!

Thanks for the support I love you all!

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