Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


12. That night!

*Niall P.O.V*

When Louis asked if we wanted to go to the apartment then I freaked out inside. I was so excited to be in a n actually private place fore a little with my .... girlfriend! I totally forgot that she was my mot! She was so precious how could I? Anyways I got all my sstuff packed up and told Amber to meet me at the car. I was just going to talk to Louis really quick and then head off. 

"Ay Lou?" I yelled at him while picking up my bag.

"Yeah?" He shot his head over to look at me.

"Can I talk to you for a second? " I asked him as he started to wa;lover to me.

"Sure mate" He said as he rushed over to me .

"What is it?" He asked as he picked up his bag as well 

"Well see, do you think it's stupid that Maddie had to ask me out before I could cause I was a little bit too nervous?" I asked him, since he was the most experienced with girls and knows more about them.

"Well, kind of but that means she likes you that much more! " He told me as he patted my back and sihed.

|Sometimes you can never find the right girl until they bite first!" Then he just walked away.

But maybe he was right, maybe she did like me more than I liked her. Pffft that wasn't possible! I loved her and she probably only "likes me lots" But still, We did like each other lots!

*30 mins of driving later*

*Niall P.O.V*

  When we got to the flat it looked massive! I think it was bigger than mine, but that doesn't matter.  We parked the truck in the garage and closed the door behind us. I looked over at Maddie  and she looked beautiful! She looked over at me then grabbed my hand and looked back out the window. I couldn't believe she was all mine! She was my absolutely my dream girl.My thoughts were interupted when Louis shouted.

"We're here!!" He was really excited that we were going to be there, and i was too! 

I hopped out of the car and ran to the other side to help Maddie out. 

Maddie went and grabbed the keys under the mat (so secretive!) and slammed them in the lock. 

"Here we are, M and K residents!" Maddie threw her arms up like she was presenting a prize we won.

"YAY! NO MORE BORING BUSSES!!" Louis screamed as he grabbed kam's hand and ran in. 

I looked down and grabbed Maddie's hand and walked in closing the door behind us. 

Maddie and Kam said we could either sleep on the pull out couch or on the couch, but Louis said he didn't like that idea and asked if he could sleep with Kam and of course, she said yes!I chose the pull out bed but Maddie said she was gonna sleep there and I would have to sleep upstairs on her bed. I wanted to but I couldn't have her take the worst option just for me. 

"Nope I'm sleeping here and there is nothing you can do to stop me!" I said in a playful tone even though I meant it. 

"Ok mister I will go get your blankets, go get changed and i will be right back. " She told me as she walked away giggling. 

I went to the bathroom and took my bag, got my pj's out and got changed. I looked in the mirror and fixed my  hair, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I walked out and saw her in her pj's with the blankets on the couch, but she was in it! 

"M&M how could you?!" I asked her trying not to laugh. 

"I told you you're sleeping upstairs on a bed so you are!" She was also trying not to laugh. 

I gave a big sigh and walked upstairs to her bed and layed down facing the clock. It was already 12? Wow! That went quick. 

I started to doze off , until I heard someone walking up towards me. I opened my eyes and saw Maddie standing there. I sat up and looked at the clock, It was only 2am. I was asleep for only 2 hours. Huh! 

"Niall, I changed my mind! I'm sleeping up here." She whispered trying not wake anyone up. 

"Ok, well goodnight then." I started dragging myself out of bed and down the stairs when I was stopped by an arm on my shoulder. 

"Where do you think you're going?" It was Maddie.

"To the couch..." I was exhausted and  just wanted sleep! 

"I meant I wanted to sleep in there with you, unless you wanna sleep by yourself." Her face started to get a little sad. 

"Oh! Ok lets go then!" I was suddenly awaken with the excitement that she actually wanted me to sleep with her! 

I guess Louis was right, she does like me that much more! 


When we got to the bed I crawled in next to her and pulled up the blankets to our chin. 

She got closer to me and started hugging me. I hugged her back and fell asleep like that. In each others arms! <3

I loved her, and she loved me,i hope that will never change!.






Hey guys! I'm back on schedule and my computer wasn't working but i am getting a new one for Christmas (Tomorrow! :D) then i will update LOTS! Anyway check out Kam's book Perfect but to find it just type in "Kammyjoe" In the search thing to find it. Anyways what do you think will happen in the morning?? :O Anyway thanks for all the support and stuff! Remember just ell me if i need to do something different don't be shy! Thanks


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