Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


7. Lazy day!

*Niall P.O.V*

I woke up to some quiet laughter. I peeked thru the curtain and gushed at what I saw in the mini kitchen. I saw Louis trying to contain his laughter while Kamryn was too, her face was red and i could tell that they were having fun. (No, not in a dirty way either! :P) Then I saw Louis take her to the couch. They were just cuddling on the couch talking still trying not to laugh. Louis has been distraught since Eleanor and him broke up. But i always thought she was a little 'Brat/Diva'. I try not to swear that much, i don't like to and it hurts everyone around me. So I don't anymore. But that's what she was! I'm really glad to see that Louis is happy now!

I was gonna turn around to get some more sleep, when all of the sudden I saw my beautiful princess. Maddie! I know we only met a few days ago but I love her! It might even be love at first sight , which is really cheesy I know but it's true!

I was gonna wake her up but i didn't want her to be grumpy like Hazza is in the mornings.But he usually shows it easily so i guess she will be fine. .... i hope!

"Maddie? Love wanna wake up?" I asked being as loving and careful as ever.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at me.

"Hey, What's for breakfast?? I'm starving!" She said slowly sitting up, I loved her!

"Well we'll see if there is any left after I eat first!" I said starting a competition between us. 

"See this?" She said pointing to her belly.

"This is what needs food more than that!" She started pointing at my belly and talking in a kindergarten voice.

"Helllllllll NO!!" I yelled at her hopping out of bed, then looking back to see her sitting there staring at me.

"Oh hellllllllll yes!!" She yelled back hopping on my back and trying to bring me to the ground.

When she finally did bring me to the ground, she tried to get back up and run towards the kitchen but then I grabbed her legs and pulled her over to me.

"Where do you think you're going?" I asked her while I pulled her right beside me.

"To eat something!" She told me, then just kissed me! Randomly but then when she pulled back I was really confused. I was facing the wall and when I turned around I saw Maddie reaching for a pancake i'm guessing Louis made. She was sneaky!

But I wasn't gonna let it end this was! So I got up and ran for her, then I tackled her onto the couch where Kamryn and Louis where watching us with an entertained look in their face.

"I'll leave you two to it!" Lou said taking Kam's hand and going out the door, i'm guessing for a walk.

No on knows this about us but we actually love going on walks on our own but when we bring someone we love it makes it better!

Then I looked down at Maddie, who had a ... pancake in her hand! But how?

'I'll do it! I'm gonna eat it!" She threatened pulling it closer to her mouth.

"You wouldn't dare!" I told her but then she stuffed it in her mouth, how could she??

"Nooooooooooo!" I screamed dramatically, then looking back at her who had an other one in her hand.

"Calm yourself! I have one for you!" She pulled out a spare pancake.

"Okay! Thanks love!" I grabbed it and got off her.

" What you wanna do today? We're gonna be stuck here for a couple more days." I'm really bored when I was alone and wanted to spend time with her, with Maddie.

I loved her and I don't know how she felt about me, but I hope it's good!

"Um, can we just stay here? Like in the bus. I don't really feel like going anywhere today. Unless you wanna go then I guess I could tag along." She told me looking into my eyes, but I think her's were more beautiful!

"Sure, the boys were gonna go to the city in the truck but we could stay here." I didn't feel like going anywhere today either.

I think today is a lazy day for the both of us. We fixed Maddie's truck and the boys are using it to go to the city and get some groceries and get some help to get us back to wherever we were going.

"Okay, I'm going to bed, I'm tired cause i barely got any sleep!" She started walking away, but then she turned back around.

"But first, I'll have this!" She walked over to me and grabbed 2 pieces of bacon and a pancake.

Oh! She's in a BIG amount of trouble!

"Ohhhhh, HELL NO!!" I got up to go get my food back when Larry walked out of his room.

"What's going on in here? I hear fighting!" Larry asked probably scaring Maddie cause she jumped!

"She took my food!" i yelled pointing at Maddie

"I'm hungry!" She yelled almost starting a play fight between us.

"Niall give the girl some food! Plus me and Paul are meeting up in town and getting you some Nandos on the way back! But be good, We are dropping off Roger at the office because he is gonna be retired, today is a long day and I want you to behave while me and the boys and everyone are gone! Noooo messes! Understand?" I just nodded.

By the way , if you didn't know Larry and Roger are our bodyguards bu Roger is retiring and Paul is our Manager.

"Okay, thanks for the food Niall!" Maddie yelled as she ran to the extra room giggling.

She was so cute! I just wanted her to be mine! 

When I was done eating I went to the extra room door and knocked.

"Hello?" She asked, I could tell she had food in her mouth.

"It's Niall, can I come in love?" I asked her standing really close to the door so I could hear what was going on.

"Sure Nialler." She said as she had an other bite of bacon.

"I'm gonna call you M&M from now on! Okay?" I asked, I just thought of it. Or I could call her Mad Hatter. But I like M&M better!

"I'm gonna call you Nacho!" She called out at me hugging the rest of her food.

She made up a nickname for me, that was a type of food! Best Thing Ever!

"Actually , I love that!" I said walking over to the bed.

"That's why I call you it!" She looked over at me and smiled.

"Watcha watching?" I asked looking over to the tele.

"This Is Us!" She told me looking back at the tele, I was gonna ask her out. I needed the right time though!




Sorry I haven't updated a lot this week! It's because school and stuff but I'm getting a new touchscreen laptop for Christmas and I will write WAY more when I get that! I will try and do a little every day after school and homework and dance and all that stuff. But on weekends I can update a lot! Sorry about that! And I still need people for the story so, try and enter!




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