Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


5. I'm always gonna be happy now.

*Maddie P.O.V*

"Hey Maddie wanna share a bed with me? I'll understand if you don't wanna because we just met and just randomly made out, it's probably really weird for you now that I think about it!" He is always trying to make me smile, and it works!

I looked over at him, what should I say?

"Um.. sure?" I mean it's not like anything is gonna happen tonight, It's probably gonna be a big bed! He sleeps on one side i'll sleep on the other. 

"Are you sure? You can sleep in the extra bed if you want I don't mind!" Man, he is always so positive! I wonder how.

"Maybe I'll sleep in the extra bed! I'm sorry. I'm just not used to sleeping with other people.. that I don't know." I said with a little disappointment in my voice, I didn't want to sleep with him. It would be weird and plus we just met today. 

"That's alright, but if you change your mind i'll be in the top right corner!" He whispered in my wink, giving me a little wink at the end. 

"Okay! Kam, where are you sleeping?" I asked Kam already knowing the answer.

"Oh, I'm sleeping with Louis.. O-only because I want you to sleep alone and have a good sleep! " She told me trying to convince me that she only wanted to sleep with him so I would be good, but it didn't work!

"Kay, goodnight you two love birds!" I whispered at her sarcastically. 

Then  she stuck out her tongue at me and walked inside then went inside with Louis.  I said goodnight to all of the boys , but when I was about to walk back inside Niall grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"Hey um Maddie, Wanna go for a walk with me for a sec?" Niall said before pulling me onto the dirt and rocks.

"Sure.... I guess" Trying to sound as happy as he always is. He just let out a little chuckle and we started walking.

He brought out his phone and text someone:

To Leeyum:P: Just gonna go for a walk with Maddie okay lad?

From Leeyum:P: Ok have fun you two love birds! ;)

To Leeyum:P: Shut up! Be back in a half hour or so.

From Leeyum:P: Alrigh, be safe and no holding hands, you'll get koodies!

To Leeyum:P: Maybe I wanna get koodies then, just kidding! Bye lad :D And make sure there is food ready for when I get back!

From Leeyum:P: I know, same thing everyday, bye Neil!

To Leeyum:P: Bye Leeyum! :P

"So where you wanna go?" Niall asked after turning his phone off and popping it into his pocket.

I looked at him, I twas about 4am and the sun was just peeking over the little valley  of the farm across the street. It made his hair so shiny and soft looking. 

"Ummm... I don't know, wherever you wanna take me!" I told him still staring at him and his beautiful blond hair.  

"Ok then, this should be fun! Let's go!" He started running and then grabbed my arm dragging me along.

I knew that if we were gonna be really good friends ,me and him, I was always gonna be happy!

*Kamryn P.O.V*

"What are you doing?" I asked Louis as he was making a big plate full of food. It was 4am and he said he was going straight to bed, not baking!

"Well when Niall and Maddie get back they are gonna be starving, well at least Niall will, and i'm cooking the food cause Harry is already asleep!

"Oh, Ok then. So when will they get here?" I ask kinda worried something bad would happen to Maddie and Niall. I mean Maddie is my bestest friend and if I lost her.. I don't know what I would do. And If she lost me, she would be even more distraught than!

I think Louis could tell I was kinda nervous cause he came over to me.

"Come sit over here with me for a sec." He said grabbing  my arm and pulling me over to the couch.

 I followed him over to the couch and sat down next to him.

"Are you okay? You look a little big , nervous or sad." He asked me, turning his face into a sad pose as well. 

"Well, I'm just a but scared that something bad will happen to Maddie and Niall." I say kinda being shy, why was I getting shy now? I'm never shy! Then it hit me, the butterflies. Oh no!

"Oh, I'm sorry! But I'm sure they're gonna be alright! I mean what's the worst that could happen? And if something does happen, I'll be here for you! I promise love." He said in his cute accent, he looked up at  me face. I knew he was looking at me, I was just to scared to look back at him. Of course, making me look even more sad and more worried.

"Hey, love! Don't worry. I know what it's like to loose someone you care for, and loved with all your heart. Just wanting to hold them again, cuddle with them, making sure they're alright ever now and then. When you have someone so close to you then they just slip away. Don't worry if you loose someone too, we can be here for each other. I promise , babe!" He looked like he was gonna cry, I couldn't let that happen.

"Lou, if you wanna talk about anything, anything at all you just tell me. Cause I'll be here for you too!

I promise, gorgeous!" I said trying to make him feel better about what happened to him and Eleanor, I know that's why he's sad. I could tell.

I caught him staring at me, then he just fell over and gave me a hug. I hugged him back hoping it would make him feel better. Then he pulled away about half way then looked into my eyes. I tried to look at the ground but he lifted up my chin, making me stare into his beautiful sea green eyes which had a hint of blue. I fell in love at that moment. I fell in love with everything about him! Mostly his cute personality , hot body and his gorgeous eyes. Then he raised his hand up to my face.

"May I? love?" He asked in his irresistible British accent.

I just nodded slowly. Then he smashed his lips into mine, they were warm and so, so comforting!

Then I kissed back, sliding my hands thru his perfect hair. Well I guess it wasn't so perfect anymore! I wasn't new at this like Maddie was, I had waaay more boyfriends than her in high school. But I guess that just made her more ... unique! And I defiantly knew Louis wasn't new at this  so I wasn't that scared of what could go wrong.

" You're so beautiful!" Louis whispered into my ear sending tingles down my spine. Then he went back to kissing me.

***30 MINS LATER!***

It was just me and Louis on the couch, making out! He had taken off his shirt and let me tell you, he had abs! Anyways, we were in a big make out session and I was getting more and more worried about Maddie and Niall because it's been what, a half hour. They still aren't here!

" Okay love, that's good! What do you think?" He said as he pulled away.

"Yeah, I'm kind of tired anyways. I'm going to bed. Where do I sleep again?" I asked knowing where I was sleeping, I just wanted to hear him say it! It was funny when he said it , well to me it was!

"You're sleeping with me, remember? Silly!" He whispered careful not to wake anyone.


"What was that?" I asked kinda scared to death at this point!

Then we both saw Harry, just standing there.

"That was .. Hot! Can you do it again?" Harry asked as a smirk grew across his face.

"What the bloody hell?! How long have you been standing there you perv? Louis whisper screamed at him picking up his shirt from the floor and putting it on.

"Umm.. probably about ten minuets." Harry started chuckling.

"Wow, you little pedo! I thought we had talked about this mate!" Louis grabbed my arm and started walking over to the little bunk.

"Well I was gonna say something but I didn't want to interupt anything!" He said still chuckling at himself for watching us, make out. 

"Good night love!" Louis said as he pulled the blankets over us and then turned so he could face me. He pulled me closer so that my head was right up against his bare chest. Then he wrapped his arm around me and started to draw circles on my back. How could Eleanor dump him? He is so perfect, in so many ways! If i was with him, I would be happy, forever!



Hey guys,

So I'm sorry but Liam and Harry are taken to... Hannah and Samantha! YAY!! But don't ba mad or anything cause maybe something will happen so Zayne becomes free! -_- . . .

But if you wanna be in the story just tell me and I'll put you in it! (e.g I would like to be a starbucks worker im emily and Im 15.) Thanks

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