Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


3. Guess who I'm With?

*Maddie P.O.V*

"You look frozen! Why don't you come inside babe? He said, looking right in the eye, smiling.

"Uhh,sure.." I said unsure of what was gonna happen next.

When I got inside I looked around to see a big bald man, a big bearded man , 4 boys and what looked like a mini house.

"Wow!" I whispered to myself

It was so big on the inside but so small on the outside! It was actually kinda weird!

"Lou? Who is she?" One of the boys asked , staring at me.

"Um.. I'm Maddie, Maddie Jordan." I answered first, they kept staring.

"Why are you here?" The other one asked, but not in a rude way.. I think

"Well I came to help you, I brought you this..." I said lifting up the carton of gas.

"Oh..ok" Another one said, they were still staring. It was kind of awkward, for me anyways.

"Oh, yeah! I need help with my car, it is smoking and stuff. Anyone good with cars?" I asked, after a sec of them still staring at me they all looked at each other, then the blond one stood up.

"I'm good with cars... kinda!" He spoke proudly, but in a joking matter.

"Ok then , come on!" I said trying to sound excited.

He smiled at me and chuckled.

"Ok!" He said looking into my eyes.

He was pretty cute! But I still didn't know who they were. I bet it was kinda awkward for them too! But I wonder why they are in a big bus, maybe they live in that cause they don't have very good money.. nah, probably not.

"So, how are ya?" The blond one asked while we were walking over to my car, he had an accent but i couldn't make out what it was, but it was actually really cute!

I think he was trying to spark up a conversation and I wanted to have one so it was perfect!

"Well actually I'm hungry! I think I'm always hungry actually!" I said just as my tummy started rumbling, loud!

"Wow! I'm starving too! And I can tell you're hungry by the noises you're making!" He joked, As he looked over and smiled at me. I smiled back.

When we reached the car I opened the trunk and let the blond one do his work, I was watching him and surprisingly he is actually really good at it! I took a break to check on Kamryn. When I looked thru the window i saw her sleeping. I was  gonna trick her and scare her but I didn't want to, I wanted to actually spend time with the blond guy. I wanted to learn more about him. Then a big rush of wind came and nearly knocked me off my feet, and i was just getting colder and colder. I walked over to the blond guy and started watching him again. My teeth wouldn't stop chattering. It was kind of annoying! 

"You cold?" He asked, his accent still in my mind. What is his accent?

"Yu-yeah! Really r-really cold!" I said trying not to sound that cold, but I don't it worked!

"Come here then, love" He said signaling for me to go closer to him.

I was kinda scared , but then I got closer slowly and then when I was close enough he swung his arm around me and pulled me closer.

"I'm sorry but I'm freezing too!" His breath on my neck sent tingles down my spine. I loved it!

"If you wanna stand over there it's fin-" He couldn't finish, because I knew what he was gonna say and I didn't want him to let me go.

"No, no! It's fine! I'll stay!" I quickly said, trying not to sound to desperate, but I don't think it worked. Cause after I said that he looked at me and smiled. Then gave out a little chuckle.

" I hope you know this doll, but you're really beautiful!" He said as he went back down to fixing the car.

"Um.. Thanks! I think you're really cute!" I said without knowing what I was doing at all.

He looked at me again and laughed. Then he turned around and sat on the ground.

"Come, sit with me" As he indicated for me to sit down right next to him. As I sat down he took off his jacket and rapped it around both of us. Then he pulled me closer to him, and them he cuddle with me. The he looked up at the sky, then I looked up too and saw a beautiful pool of stars swimming around in the night sky. It was so clear tonight! It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

"Can I ask you something?" The blond guy says, his accent sounding so cool.

I look down at him, he's already staring at me.

" If I can ask you one first!" I ask giving a smile, he gave one back

"Okay then , ask away love" He said giving a little chuckle.

"What's your name? And all the other people in the bus?" I ask being a little shy now.

" Well I'm Niall, Niall Horan! The other boy's names are Zayne Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and  Louis Tomlinson." He says looking back at the stars for a sec, then back down to me.

Did he say.. Louis Tomlinson?!

"So are you from like One Direction?" I asked, but not sounding like a creepy fan girl.

"Yeah, But I don't like to make a big a big deal about it." He said trying to signal he doesn't want to talk about that anymore.

"Okay, What's your question?" I ask, my blood pumping but i don't know why. Why am I feeling like this?

"Well this might be weird and stuff but , do you have a boyfriend?" He asked as his cheeks turning pink while mine probably turning red.

"Um..." What should I say?


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