Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


9. Back at the bus.....

*Maddie P.O.V*

Well it was my lazy day and it probably was for Niall too. We were just hanging out back at the bus while everyone else was out. I wonder what we were gonna do because they said they would be back in the morning because they found this bar they wanted to try out. I wasn't allowed to go to bars anyway (I was underage) but I didn't care that much. Kamryn is 2 years older than me because she started school late, then failed a grade! But I'm glad that happened because now we have been together ever since.

I looked over at Niall who was looking at the tele.

"Hey Nacho?" I said saying his 'nickname'.

"Yeah M&M?" He said still looking at the tele.

"Watcha wanna do today? Kam texted me sayig they would be back by morning cause they wanted to have some fun there then go try out this bar, then buy everything and come back here." I told him what Kam had texted me.

"What time is it?" He asked, I pulled out my phone.

"It is only 11am! We have more than an entire day!" I said sounding kind of happy but inside, I was screaming with joy and excitement!

"Well what do you wanna do?" He asked finally looking at me, I sneaked a peak at the tele and the credits were rolling.

"This!" I told him, but then he put on a confused look on his face.

Then I smacked his with a pillow and stole the chocolate chip cookie he was eating and ran.

"NO ONE STEALS NIALLER'S FOOD!" He screamed in his adorable Irish accent.

"Well I do!" I yelled back slamming the door and running to the living room. I hid behind the couch looking over the side, but I didn't see anything... except for the opened bedroom door!

Where did he go? I was getting scared when I heard a boom, I turned around to see a big angry Niall standing there behind me.

"I WANT MY COOKIE!" He yelled jokefully at me. 

"NEVER!" I yelled at him and then he just tackled me onto the couch.

I leaned in to kiss him and then when he leaned too I backed away, pushed him off and ran for the bedroom.

"I .. got .. away!" I whispered panting in between each word.

Don't judge me! He is really heavy and it's really hard to push him off then run and lock a door all in like 4o seconds!


I heard on the door then it slid open and Niall was standing there.

"Um... we can talk!" I said backing away slowly.

"NO!" He yelled and tackled me again but this time on the bed, so I wouldn't smash my head onto the ground!

" How about we spit it?" I told him fighting for it.

"Fine! But i'll break off the pieces!" He said and I let go of the cookie.


He snapped it, but it was so he could get 3/4 and I would get 1/4! 

He handed me a piece and I snatched it away from his hand.

"Hey! Why do you get a bigger piece?" I asked punching his in the arm playfully.

"Cause I'm more hungry!" He said shoving the whole part of the cookie in his mouth.

I giggle a little then ate my piece of cookie and swallowed it. It was good!

"So watcha wanna talk about?" He asked me turning his body towards me and smiling.

"Um, can we play truth or truth?" I asked him, I love that game, especially with new or best friends.

"Okay, but I wanna go first!" He demanded, then he put on a puppy dog face and I giggled

"Ok fine!" I gave in and let him go first.

"So, truth or truth?" He asked me.

"Um.... truth!" I answered like he was kinda dumb.

"Okay, I wanna try and have a conversation with you that makes everyone laugh, but then see who can not smile last. Deal?" He asked me, but that actually sounded fun!

"Okay, but you start it!" I told him, trying to think of what he would say.

"Um ... nope .... yeah, no .... um, oh yeah!" He said finally done thinking.

"What about sex!" He said already trying not to smile.

Then I started laughing and smashed my head into the pillow. When I brought my head up it was probably all red!
"Woooh! Ok then you talk first." I said quickly putting on a serious face.

"What do you think about this , sex thing?" He said professionally trying to sound like a professor.

"Um, I don't know but me and Kam had this deal to wait until we were married. But she forgot it and , you know and I'm the only one that stayed on the deal!" I said confidently, still trying not to smile.

Then he grew a sadder expression on his face, but I thought it was an act until he sighed and then said "ok, ur turn" And then smiled, but I new it was fake!

"Truth or truth?" I asked him.

"Truth!" He was trying to be excited, but it didn't work.

"Will you, Niall Horan go out with me?" I asked him, I knew my face was turning red! But I didn't really care.

" Um..... Sure?!" He asked a little confused.

"Niall I'm serious! I knew you were going to but I don't need the perfect place for it! I just wanted it to be were we are having fun and being ourselves!" I told him, smiling and being all happy.

"Sure!" He exclaimed and I crawled over and gave him a hug.

"I love you, M&M!" He whispered in my ear.

"I love you too, Nialler!" I told him, then he smashed his lips against mine.

It was hard to keep myself up so I crashed down on him and started making out with him.

After about 10 minutes of making out, I got bored so I started to try and take off his shirt.

"Love? What are you doing?" He asked me breaking our kiss.

"Well, I got bored so why don't you take off your shirt?" I asked him, he pushed me off him and pulled of his shirt.

"Here get under." He said  lifting up the covers.

I crawled over to the pillows and slid my legs under the blankets. Then Niall hopped in and started making out. After 10 more minutes I had taken off my shirt, (But I had an undershirt on! ;D)

and he had taken off his jeans (but he had big undershorts on!) and then he pulled away and looked at the clock.  It was 2pm!

"I'M STARVING! HAVE TO EAT LUNCH NOW!" he screamed running out of the room and into the kitchen. And when I walked out, he was already half-way done eating 2 big sandwiches!



Hey guys! I would just  like to thank you all for the support! It means so much to me! I would just like to state that Kamryn DID NOT fail a grade or start late either! Btw she might even be smarter than me! Anyway, I promise the new character will be in next chapter! I'm sorry but I'm tired and only had time for 1 chapter so i'll try and do 2 tomorrow. Thanks again!


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